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Obama's Presidential Seal: Subliminal Symbolism
10-19-2010, 12:05 PM,
Obama's Presidential Seal: Subliminal Symbolism
Came across this one. Torn flags are all over the place. I was looking to make a post on it citing several of them but this illustrates the point all too well.

Quote:B.Hussein Obama's Logo New Look of Presidential Seal?
April 23, 2008

Here it is on his site:

Close up

Presidential Seal

We have the flag pin issue with B. Hussein Obama, he won’t cover his heart during the National Anthem, and he thinks the God-fearing are “bitter.”

It seems Barak Obama has some explaining to do about a revised presidential seal on his website that shows an American flag being pierced by an arrow. The logo also shows what appears to be an American Eagle in retreat and a rising moon.

Looking at it there is an arrow or spear through the stars and stripes of the USA, the flag is depicted torn, an eagle is turned away from and is departing from over the flag symbol, a moon is rising over the USA stripes in a dark night, and above the frame, top right, the curve of the wings of an eagle are depicted from the rear, as it is seen lifting, to fly away.

The arrow can be seen piercing the flag on the lower right with the point coming thru just behind the Eagle.

The moon represents all sorts of things notably the female energy which seems to be pushed with UN empowerment of women, the cultural feminisation of men and all the estrogen in the water from birth control candies .. but it could also be a sun which would fit too.
There are no others, there is only us.

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