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Marc Emery punished(again) for breaking unwritten rule
09-23-2010, 09:40 PM,
Marc Emery punished(again) for breaking unwritten rule
Marc was punished with two months of no commissary(food,shampoo, stamps,envelopes,etc)and his cellmate for one month without it because Marcs wife Jodie gave Marcs cellmate money.

Apperently it is not in the rule book but it is still what they call an "unwritten rule".
Jodie had given books and money to other inmates in the past and there was no problem but apperently as I have read it sounds like Marc was actually punished for something else.

It is actually punishment for the things he is writting about and the things he was saying that will be in Barry coopers upcoming book.
Someone in charge is taking his job alittle bit to personal from what I have read and it is bullshit.

Prison food is crap and there is a way for inmates to stay alittle healthier but it cost them money because they can buy a few extra food items that is an extra way of gaining protein from such things as tuna and turkey aswell as nuts and trail mix.
This is where Marc buys his stamps and envelopes so perhaps this is a very sick way to stop him from writting back to people who are writting letters to Marc aswell.

I know he just received another one of my letters within a day of two of this happening and so I wonder is it going to effect the amount of time his supporters have to wait for a reply from Marc.
Marc is very good at writting back to all those who write to him and many do and so how many of us will be waiting for two or three months for a reply?.
Let's hope that isn't the case,either way it is clear the DEA are the ones running the country and mr Obama is just the puppet under the orders of the DEA.
Let's face it if Obama was in charge of things he would make sure it is not left unchecked allowing prison gaurds to make it their own personal war on Marc and cannabis.
It is not the duty of any prison gaurd to take it personal about things that don't have anything to do with the prison or prison gaurds.

To me it is clear the DEA must have told the prison staff to find a reason to cause Marc more unneccesary punishment because apperently no one seems to be correcting the prison staff that take the job personal and feel they need to play god on people because they can.
Once again America it amazes me how any one people could allow such a system to be set up to imprison good people for selling and or using a plant that was obviously a gift from our creator.
All of us, America and Canada we are so sick and evil all of society is to allow thousands of good people to be treated insuch a matter.

We spend billions on creating jobs for evil people to have controll over others and tortute them yet there seems to be a shortage of money put into social issues like education and homelessness.

Remember America you are free but only if you believe it.


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