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September 11th - A Culture of Perpetual Fear - What Year is This?
09-22-2010, 05:52 PM,
September 11th - A Culture of Perpetual Fear - What Year is This?
Lenon Honor exposes the tactics used for media mind control. Lenon has set up a 911 Fear-based Mind Control Re-Installation Program Tracker on his website so people can clearly see how media is attempting to manipulate us to affirm death, horror, destruction and carnage from nine years ago. They are not life affirming. It's a straight up collection of all the stories being puppeted to keep the public reliving fear, sadness, vigilance and putting people in a morbid and depressed state.

How long do we do this? Are we still going to be commemorating this 20 years from now? What would those who perished say? Can we not seek joy on that day? Why do we do this to ourselves and our children? Is this not insane behaviour? How long do we retain this morbid and depressed and fearful state? What year is this?

Is your life in the past or the future?

Ask yourself - Is this morbid sick ritual your idea or were you told to 'celebrate' this? What is an anniversary?

a) A Birthday to celebrate life?
b) A Celebration of a union or relationship
c) A Commemoration of Death and Destruction?

Remembering? Is this the honourable thing to do?

Quote:A Culture of Perpetual Fear - What year is this?
Soul Visions Radio - Lenon Honor
Original Air Date: September 11, 2010

The 9th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 is now here. It is important that we recognize and expose the high level of media propaganda being employed to insight perpetual fear, religious tensions, conflict, and the general degradation of our interactions as human beings.

[Image: tm5kj.jpg]

As part of my continued attempt to expose the tactics used for media mind control, I have set up a "911 Fear-based Mind Control Re-Installation Program Tracker" on my website ( ).

[Image: cnn911scrn.jpg]

During this show we will discuss some of the topics and events listed on that tracker. We will also conduct an open forum where we can share our perspectives about these various levels of media mind control and how such manipulation is impacting the quality of our lives and those around us.

[Image: islamand911.gif]

A Culture of Perpetual Fear - What year is this?
Download MP3:

Also see the other Soul Visions broadcasts by Lenon Honour in the Series.

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Lenon Honor does some other shows in the A Culture of Perpetual Fear on the BP oil spill and Hurricanine Katrina and some other things on Soul Visions Radio.

We here, for the most part do a lot of going down the rabbit hole is that being unplugged truth seekers or just subject to more lies and digging in the shit. Many times our entire mindset has become cynical, untrusting and sceptical of others and information. Critical thinking isn't necessarily digging in the shit for answers, yeah I suppose someone has to do it but it skews our perspective of reality if we become too immersed in it. And a lot of us are looking into this via a detached medium controlled by government and it is getting more sanitized every day.

The radio was great for getting truth out and communicating events and ideas that had a motive to share and express (instead of to manipulate) at first but it was regulated, and ownership was concentrating. The internet is becoming a tool like television but much more sophisticated in it's means. Is unplugging and "going down the rabbit hole" just trading one deceptive negative reality for a much more immersive and sophisticated one? It sure the fuck can be but you get some sites every now and then that really make you think.

They (we) do this with a lot of other crap too. And us puppeting fear based propaganda as information (MSM, fake alt media or otherwise) is part of the machine too, where a decent portion of them are frauds. (Predictive) Programming or Reality? Love or Fear?

Perhaps we reconsider the emotion of empathy and our approach to it as it has been manipulated us to do all sorts of things with the best of intentions in mind. Or just to put us in a negative hateful or aggressive state. Things like UNICEF, PETA, The Global Village, War Reenactments, The Holocaust, Columbine and Remembrance Day. Even 911 Truth is largely a program constantly reinforcing the meme (fight the evil US government they want to kill you) with some division and (woken up VS sheeple), an ego thing (you're asleep zombie wake up VS stupid conspiracy theorist) and politics (down with the government VS we need the government to protect us). Fear is a big reason people huddle in cities. Or we may go the route of despair or depression.

Socialism and Charity is based on empathy but why have a middle man taking a cut and making a sharing intention to feed a system of theft and control while taking out the entire face to face human component of the act you did out of the equation entirely?

If people keep constantly thinking about and living in 911 truth or 911 lies either we'll be reinforcing thinking about the tragic event. If enough people keep being so focused on a negative the next event won't have to be a false flag.

If people keep feeding fear, hate and sorrow we'll give up what's left of our freedoms (which are different than rights btw) and dedicate lot more of our power (via taxes / labour) to have the government or some other entity. Terrorism is drummed up to manufacture a scared public. To assure our security we must legislate, in other words hand over control to someone else, in this case the government.

Engineered to be pitted polar to them are those that go about hating the government or opposing something else like Zionists, Jews, Jesuits, The Vatican, Sheeple, Corporations, The Bilderbegers, Bankers, Demons, Aliens, Obama, Bush, An Ideology, a system or blaming God. This manu-faction takes this energy and preaches truth, points fingers, signs petitions, make movies, hold protests and tell people to spread the truth. Now this perpetuates a reliving of the event much more regularly. It may give rise to more direct violent action since US federal government is generally unresponsive to demands to re-open the case by combining the blend of fear, hate, activism, vengeance, altruism, promoting gun and ammo stockpiling and pressurizing with police state. Some way to bring down government might present itself. And then what ..


Bait car, or Bait Whitehouse same thing.

Then they either clamp down on freedom with the police state or go the way of world socialist government.

It isn't just fear either. All emotion and thought are engineered in such a way to control action and reaction. We do allow ourselves to be manipulated by outside forces that tell us what to think? Can we not think for ourselves? Own your thoughts and own your reaction and reaction.

We can choose though, nobodies forcing you to wallow in the shit. The fact nobody bit on the burn the Koran predictive programming is very encouraging.

Lucky for me September 11th is my Dad's birthday, so we always got a good family gathering going on during that day.

Anyone need a cause? Own your thoughts through your own experience. Any time you're thinking about chanting 9/11 was an inside job tell the kid you run into to live their life in the here and now, not 9 years ago, not some potential future event (see Cold War -> Y2K -> 2012 -> Asteroids -> Niburu -> Alien Invasion), hell we've been programmed WWIII fears since 1945, because it's all an open book we are assembling as we go with our thoughts and the actions that are founded upon them combined with our reaction to other events.

Good game, this perpetual 9/11 meme. All the other ones too. Lenon does a good job ranting on them all taking our creative energies away from anything constructive by toying with our emotions.
There are no others, there is only us.

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