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Promoting Humans as Stewards of Nature through Loving and Respectful Utilization
09-15-2010, 04:44 AM,
Promoting Humans as Stewards of Nature through Loving and Respectful Utilization
Absolutely Beautiful Nature Photos

Promoting Humans as Stewards of Nature through Loving and Respectful Utilization

Nature never ceases to amaze me with its stunning beauty, graceful serenity, boundless diversity and interwoven complexity. This cannot be centrally managed and controlled with taxation schemes, destruction caps (real or imagined) and crony subsidies that allow the purchase of exploitation credits to be gamed by and issued only to a select few. True change needs come from the informed individual by what they devote their time, attention, 'money', love, respect, empathy, charity, talent and labour to. That is the basis that defines humanity. We can develop and innovate with it as part of the ecosystem.

There is a fine line between utilization and gang rape exploitation. That decision needs to come from within each individual and community, not via a corrupted control structure. We have a choice, a free choice that reflects and extends onto all humanity and how we treat eachother, we can either have a parasitic or symbiotic relationship with ecology in consideration of the entire spectrum on humans as part of that ecological relationship.

There is a inherent human tendency to do this (look at children) but is being construed by green guilt, subversive indoctrination bolstered by the perversion of science, fear and a programmed need to reward and punish through control mechanisms. These are being coaxed and driven by agendas to tax and control your use of the land, energy control, dictated production / innovation, a eugenics component and a that all seek to consolidate control of this under an unelected covert web of power dictatorship.

Nature, inclusive of all of us, do not want or demand legislation, it needs, and deep down wants, to love and respect in a give (stewardship) and take (resources) mutual relationship for coexistent life to prosper. It's a free choice - symbiote or parasite?
There are no others, there is only us.
09-15-2010, 05:36 AM,
RE: Promoting Humans as Stewards of Nature through Loving and Respectful Utilization
True. I was taught and have taught my kids to never take what you don't need. Then if you take you must give back something in return.

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