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John Mckay thinks marijuana laws should changed.
09-06-2010, 11:11 PM,
John Mckay thinks marijuana laws should changed.
I was just reading over at Cannabis Colture about John Mckay former US attorney who says marijuana should be changed so we can be controlled and taxed since we are all abunch of idiots anyway.

John figures we should be controlled and it should all be taxed lol that is so funny folks because in my world of legalizing marijuana the people are gonna get the life taxed out of them too lol.
In Johns world he wants to still make us feel bad about ourselves even when it is legal but the way I see it there is no taxing on anything that is smoked or injested/eaten.
However when you go buy that new dishwasher or boat or new car and it is made out of mostly hemp you pay big bucks on taxes,in some cases as high as 50% or more depends on what it is.
The taxing all lays in the hemp not the cannabis/marijuana,we have to remember us getting high is not going to save the world(well ok maybe alittle)it is the hemp that will actually save the world.
The medical and the food side of it should not be taxed this is the stuff that is suppost to be good for us so why wreck it be throwing a bunch of taxes on it.

I have a quarter acre of empty land and I should be able to grow a crop or two of hemp and then chop it down and bring it to the people who are the main growers and harvesters(I know a group of people who whould be perfectfor the job) of the hemp in the country and they take it and they let the government know how much money they can take off of my taxes at years end.

People who use cannabis are much smarter than those who don't and when I read statements from people Like John Mckay who say we are a bunch of idiots must not have read "The emporer wears no clothes".
Maybe someone should let John know that when he sits back and publicly tells more than half of his fellow American that they are idiots it does not say much about the validaty and worth of of his career and shows he is very unpatriotic to say the least.

And as you can see by the story, he goes on to lie and bullshit us by telling us it will still take years to deal with the criminals that use it.
The fact is John, those criminal eliments are going to disappear over night as long as weed do the same with legalizing it.

Just do it,legalize it and the criminal element will have to go feed off the rich elites who caused all the prohibition in the first place.

09-07-2010, 11:42 PM,
RE: John Mckay thinks marijuana laws should changed.
I was just reading another one of Marc's letters to Jodie over at cannabis culture and I was reading how Ian mulgrew did an interview with Marc and all I can say is I sure hope Marc is aware Ian only cares about himself and his image and doesn't really care about anything that is the truth.

Marc should ask Ian if it was his fat ass that hovered over my home so low I could have spit on him and ask him if it was him that invaded my privacy with his camera and helicopter.
Ask him if he is aware I don't solve murders of children or lead police to remains when fat bitches like that hover over my home and take away my privacy.
Then when I call the RCMP and a member of parliment and ask who was the fattub of shit in the helicopter they all act stupid and simple say it ain't them.
I am told the police allways show their police logal on it and it would say RCMP on it.
I explain it was a dark blue almost black with a lighter blue strip running along it's side and again they just tell me it ain't them.
Like I say if you cannot explain who was in the helicopter flying very low and hovering above my home hanging out the side of it with his camera and you do not go find out then you sure are not the ones in charge of this country.

Maybe Marc should ask him why he would treat me like shit when I called and told my story about me meeting Clifford,is it because my book is gonna be way better than the one he wrote about Clifford.

I read it Ian and I don't recall much about devil worshipping and John Robin sharpe so I guess he knew my story completly made his book look like crap.
Like i have said many times before and even you my reader can testify to it that I ain't a writer of jounalist and so I would have had no problem letting someone else write it all they need is info only I can provide for them.

So all I am saying is if Ian wasn't such a dick head he would have written a new book by now and plus he would be the hero and people would be talking about how Ian solved some murders and even showed cops where to look for remains after he put his big brain to work,and you would never have known who the hell I am.

I called Ian after I called the RCMP and the government because these people didn't give me any answers.
Once again like I say folks it all started after I made those calls then suddenly I got people screwing me over and I am looking at very weak minded people who are known as gangstalkers.
Someone should ask Ian if he is aware that untill I expose the fat man in the helicopter I refuse to solve crimes the law cannot untill the world knows who the helicopter man is ,let alone just me knowing.

It allways comes back to the fact of why I am here on the net,the media will not carry my story because they too are all corrupt.
Because this gangstalking and police harrassment all started right after I made a few calls to people I just mentioned about information on a serious crime I was a witness to years earlier then I feel I must warn the public never call authorities about any crime you were a witness to.
Like when I see a reward for 30grand for info on that brian guy that went missing and they just found his abandonded red car and they advertise it in the news and I automaticaly say forget it,don't ever do it.
They will come and do to you what they did to me and this why I am going to make up videos and explain it all so the people in the community can see who these child molesting freaks are that do this to me.



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