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The Three Greatest Pranks of 2010 - Grand Prize Hoax: Climategate?
09-06-2010, 11:07 AM,
The Three Greatest Pranks of 2010 - Grand Prize Hoax: Climategate?
So Climategate was a hoax - I suppose there was not a single shred of truth in the 1000s of emails and reams of source code that showed a clear plan of collusion to shape opinion, science and thus policy around the preconceived AGW theory.

IPCC CRU and collusion with Greenpeace, NASA, NOAA, GISS, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Exxon, Nature Magazine, National Geographic, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, the FDA, The UK Freedom of Information commission and way too many banks, corporations and government agencies to begin to list. Somehow Koch's involvement is forefront in the article though since they fund climate denial and the purported climate consensus. Here's a figure for you IPCC funding: $??? .??

That's right. No one really knows it's funded by tax dollars, corporations, NGOs and charities. Estimates have put it up and around $50B dollars though. How's that for transparency.

The worst part of this is that it is being presented as fact and graded on the regurgitation of these facts in schools to our kids. An Inconvenient Truth was force fed to my kids just like Schindler's List was part of my mandatory viewing when I grew up.

Here's more details on the curriculum itself in Canada (written by one guy from Queens University. Provinces have final say on Education though, not that they are doing a better job of being objective since they spout the same rhetoric as the spun AR4 pamphlet for policy makers.

Quote:Energy in Canada

Students will use text information, data and graphs to learn about energy in Canada. Emphasis is placed on energy resources, energy production and the environmental effects of energy production. Students will answer questions based on sections from the Human Activity and the Environment 2004, "Energy in Canada" article.

No doubt there is lies and omissions on both sides but the interests on the pro-AGW side are far beyond anything that comes out of the climategate / deniers camp.

But they were exonerated by British parliament so that makes them right and just now, doesn't it?

Excerpt from the Huffington Post.

Quote:The Best Pranks of 2010

Grand Prize: Climategate

No, not that Climategate, the one where the emails of a few peeved and defensive scientists, later exonerated by the British parliament, were stolen and used to discredit decades' worth of peer-reviewed science on the seriousness of man-made climate change.

While that hoax was hugely effective -- leading to a precipitous drop in Americans' belief that climate change has manmade causes -- we're talking here about a much bigger Climategate, the mother of all hoaxes, pulled on the entire planet by a single American company, Koch Industries.

Over the last decade, Koch -- a $100 billion-a-year conglomerate dominated by petroleum and chemical interests, with investments in coal, oil exploration and pipelines, and owned by the 19th richest man on the planet -- has poured over $70 million into climate-denying think tanks, into TV and print advertisements, and into the political campaigns of Congressional representatives and Senators who oppose any and all legislation that would mandate even modest cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions.

A recent report in the Guardian lays out how the company has for many years now outspent even ExxonMobil in the crusade. While this hoax has been perpetrated for over a decade, the fact that we're only now just hearing about it (from those Debbie Downers at GreenPeace) wins these guys the prize.
Full article:

Not to mention the hoax was in November 2009.
There are no others, there is only us.

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