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New Research Challenges Marijuana Gateway Theory
09-03-2010, 09:09 AM,
New Research Challenges Marijuana Gateway Theory
New Research Challenges Marijuana Gateway Theory

The widespread belief that marijuana users will eventually and inevitably move on to harder drugs has yet more evidence against it with the release of a new study from the University of New Hampshire.

Whether teenagers who smoked pot will use other illegal drugs as young adults has a lot more to do with factors such as employment status and stress, according to the new research, reports Science News. In fact, the strongest predictor of whether someone will use hard drugs is their race/ethnicity, not whether they ever used marijuana.

"In light of these findings, we urge U.S. drug control policymakers to consider stress and life-course approaches in their pursuit of solutions to the 'drug problem,' " wrote UNH associate professors of sociology Karen Van Gundy and Cesar Rebellon.

Photo: momlogic

​Young adults who didn't graduate from high school or attend college were more likely to have used marijuana as teenagers and other illicit substances in young adulthood. Additionally, those who used marijuana as teenagers and were unemployed following high school were more likely to use other illicit drugs.

But the association between teenage marijuana use and other illicit drug use by young adults fades once stresses such as unemployment diminish.

"Employment in young adulthood can protect people by 'closing' the marijuana gateway, so over-criminalizing youth marijuana use might create more serious problems if it interferes with later employment opportunities," Van Gundy said.

Once adults reach age 21, the gateway effect goes away entirely.

"While marijuana use may serve as a gateway to other illicit drug use in adolescence, our results indicate that the effect may be short-lived, subsiding by age 21," the researchers said. "Interestingly, age emerges as a protective status above and beyond the other life statuses and conditions considered here. We find that respondents 'age out' of marijuana's gateway effect regardless of of early teen stress exposure or education, work, or family statuses."

The strongest predictor of other illicit drug use appears to be race/ethnicity, not prior use of marijuana, according to the research.

Non-Hispanic whites show the greatest odds of using hard drugs, followed by Hispanics. Least likely to use hard drugs are African-Americans, the research indicated.

The research appears in the September 2010 issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior in the article, "A Life-Course Perspective on the 'Gateway Hypothesis.' "

The scientists used survey data from 1,286 young adults attending Miami-Dade public schools in the 1990s. Within the final sample, 26 percent of the respondents are African-American, 44 percent are Hispanic, and 30 percent are non-Hispanic white.

Past research had already largely invalidated the gateway theory. Most recently, in January a study was released indicating that marijuana use actually discourages hard drug use.

A 2002 RAND study dismissed the gateway theory and raised doubts about the legitimacy of federal drug policies based upon its premise.
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
09-06-2010, 12:07 AM,
RE: New Research Challenges Marijuana Gateway Theory
Cigarettes and alcohol are the gateway drugs.

However, I know many many people that tried weed and then went onto other drugs like lsd, e and cocaine.
debate is the vehicle of truth
09-06-2010, 03:42 AM,
RE: New Research Challenges Marijuana Gateway Theory
Alot of this is true,When I was younger(just after highschool)I did alot of harder drugs and it was all done when I didn't really have a job and then after when I went in search of work and started working I only smoked my weed and stayed away from the harder drugs.
So I can see how the unemployment has alot to do with whether a person will do harder drugs or not.
From what I have seen is that people who drink when youngteenagers are very likely to try hard drugs at least one part of thier life.
So if we were to say marijuana leads to hard drugs well then the same could be said about booze and cigarettes aswell so I don't think this should ever had been an issue.
But that again is all just another lie to make it look bad and not only that as long as people want to believe it leads to hard drugs then I guess that god wanted us to do hard drugs then because god put cannabis on the planet for us to use in all of its forms.
All these haters should remember this when they tell us it makes us gay or lazy,pacifists or make us horny drug crazed rapists is what they tell us, that is what god wanted then because how could any god loving person not see that it is not lucifers weed it is gods weed.
How could any god loving person say they love and know thier god when" Oh OOOPs a daisy" he forgot to tell jesus to tell us it was lucifers weed and not to use it and instead god wanted us to wait untill 1930's for some piece of shit American name ainslinger to remind us god forgot to tell us it was bad.

It was clear god wanted us to be ruled by hitler after all it was he who said

"It is fortunate for the leaders that the masses do not think" and so they allowed lovers of hitler like ainslinger to enslave us all as he carries out hitlers dream of enslaving the masses.

Time to break free of the clutches of lucifer and time to start growing hemp/cannabis again the way god wanted it so we can heal the damage done by this evil that has fooled the masses.

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