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Berlin 'cannibal' restaurant calls for diners to donate body parts for menu
08-30-2010, 02:08 AM,
Thumbs Down  Berlin 'cannibal' restaurant calls for diners to donate body parts for menu

Quote: The restaurant claims to be inspired by the 'compassionate cannibalism' of the Brazilian Waricaca tribe.

The online campaign by Flime in Berlin has called for diners to "donate any part of their body" as well as looking for an "open-minded surgeon".

However, politicians have condemned the restaurant for being a tasteless PR stunt according to Der Spiegel.

So far the location of the restaurant, if there is one, has not been disclosed.

"Members" willing to participate in the cannibal "Wari-culture" of the restaurant are asked to fill out a form.

It includes questions about medical fitness, Body Mass Index, how often one exercises and even if the donor is pregnant.

The restaurant claims to be inspired by the "compassionate cannibalism" of the Brazilian Waricaca tribe.

The website explains: "We see feasting as a spiritual act, in which the spirit and strength of the consumed creature is given to the guests."

Michael Braun, vice chairman of Berlin's Christian Democrats told Bild newspaper that he had received emails complaining about the restaurant.

He said: "I am assuming it is a misguided joke. But it is disgusting.

"In particular because a resident of Berlin was murdered by a cannibal not too long ago."

It is thought that he was referring to self-styled cannibal Armin Meiwes who was sentenced to life in 2006 after killing and eating a fellow Berliner who volunteered for the task.

Bernd Jurgen Brandes, a computer technician, volunteered to be eaten by Meiwes in 2001. The cannibal chopped off Brandes' penis and ate it after cooking it in garlic, salt and pepper.

He continued to eat the corpse over the next few months. By the time he was arrested Meiwes had eaten around 44lb of flesh.

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