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What next…kill the poor?
08-25-2010, 10:29 PM,
What next…kill the poor?
Quote:This caught my attention that gave me the chills and made me very angry. Here’s the blurb advertising Iconoclasts for broadcasting tomorrow on Radio 4:

Edward Stourton chairs a live debate in which Professor David Marsland defends his view that the mentally and morally unfit should be sterilised. Professor David Marsland is Emeritus Scholar of Sociology and Health Sciences at Brunel University, London and Professorial Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Buckingham. He argues that the only way to prevent the abuse and neglect of children whose parents are incapable of looking after them is to stop them from being born in the first place. It should be open to police and social workers to recommend that drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally disabled should be irreversibly sterilised – and the courts should be able to enforce this. Challenging his views will be three expert witnesses including a senior social worker, a drugs charity lawyer and a moral philosopher.

“Mentally and morally unfit should be sterilised”… the language of eugenics is raising its distinctly ugly head. Reading the blurb instantly made me think of Nazis eugenics, sterilisation of the so-called “mentally and morally undesirables”. The compulsory sterilisation laws in the US during the early 20th century were aimed at “genetically inferior degenerates”. Furthermore, psychologist Cyril Burt once wrote in 1903, “The problem of the very poor – chronic poverty: Little prospect of the solution of the problem without the forcible detention of the wreckage of society or other preventing them from propagating their species”…

These expose the establishment’s views on the working class and anyone who doesn’t fit the mould of what is “moral”, racism and prejudices based on flawed science and methodology which shows more of an ideological axe to grind. Does Marsland subscribe this?

Some of these ideas have been diluted (immigration laws etc.) down since the 1940′s. However since the development of the ideology of “culture of dependency” the scapegoating of the poor has accelerated and seems set to accelerate further. All right wing political movements need scapegoats sooner or later to distract from the crimes of the powerful. Sometimes it is based on race, sometimes on class. Here no doubt it will be based on a bit of both with some sexist blaming of lone parents. In other circumstances working women might have the finger pointed at them. It does not really matter to the right wing who is the target so long as it is not the rich and powerful. If you do point the finger of blame where it should be pointed the voices now shrill in condemnation of the powerless will respond that you should not be “simplistic” or indulge in the “politics of envy”.

Although the views expressed by Marsland are bog standard right wing orthodoxy as peddled for many a year they do seem to be upping the ante in terms of an ideological attack on the welfare state. If taken up by policy makers their will be a return slum housing, starvation, denial of healthcare and so on. The poor will be punished and physically violated in ways that that the right wingers’ pals who rule Saudi Arabia will approve of completely. Welcome to class war neo-liberal style.

I will be definitely be tuning in tomorrow….

UPDATE: I am listening to this reactionary, David Marsland (Thatcher’s favourite sociologist btw) and he says that he believes in sterilisation in the context of child protection for people with mental distress, disabilities, drug and alcohol addiction…. He’s says this isn’t Nazis eugenics but what the hell is it?

It stigmatises and labels people makes assumptions about people.I mean, he mentions “depressive illnesses”…. well in that context then he would have me up for sterilisation as he would assume that I would make a “bad parent”. Where are Marsland statistics? Where’s his methodology what brings him to this spurious and reactionary conclusion?

What about parents who neglect and abuse their children who don’t “fit” into the above categories? Abuse and neglect transcends social class, it doesn’t just happen in one social class, you can’t label and categorise people. Marsland is bashing working class people.
“Everything Popular Is Wrong” - Oscar Wilde
08-26-2010, 05:28 PM,
RE: What next…kill the poor?
Now that is very disturbing. I have seen on other forums people attacking the poor, disabled, and anyone else who doesn't fit what TPTB are teaching them. Funniest thing though, most there are in the class they attack and it is a "Christian" based forum. There are some good people there but a whole lot better people here.

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