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Every day, 90% of Americans carry around a personal tracking device
08-18-2010, 04:19 PM,
Every day, 90% of Americans carry around a personal tracking device
Dear ACLU Supporter,

How exposed are you? Take the quiz to find out!
Every day, 90% of Americans carry around a personal tracking device. Chances are, you have one on you right now—your cell phone.

Thanks to the ACLU's Digital Privacy Quiz, tens of thousands of people are finding out alarming facts just like this. If you haven't done so, take our quick quiz now, and get your risk assessment.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) was established to protect our personal rights and our digital privacy. But ECPA hasn't been updated since 1986. That's before the internet as we know it even existed, before smart phones, before Facebook and before all of the other ways we stay in touch today.

The longer these laws remain outdated, the more your privacy is at risk. If you've already taken the quiz or are just fed up and ready to take action, sign our petition right now to demand that Congress protect our digital privacy.

Thanks for all you do,

The ACLU Online Team

P.S. It's critical that we get as many people informed about the dangers of outdated digital privacy laws. Share this quiz with your friends and family today, and ask them to join with you in updating ECPA.

© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
08-18-2010, 05:31 PM,
RE: Every day, 90% of Americans carry around a personal tracking device
Not a very thorough questionnaire. They missed posting on conspiracy forums.

Got a chuckle at the end when a petition (with no SSL) came up at the end asking for your full name and email addy. Well the ACLU and any packet sniffers know I don't have a cell phone now.

Here's the first thing I ever wrote up online (non business related):

Quote:10 Reasons NOT to Cave in and get a Cell Phone

For those of you considering getting a cell phone, allow me to sway you back from that slippery slope on a cliff that is bound to suck you in. You may be thinking "I'll only use it after hours or on weekends" or "Just for Emergencies" but hear me out first, then decide if it's worth it.

[01] Interruptions
Nothing bothers people more than having a conversation with someone that is derailed due to a cell phone call, other than a perhaps a good shagg interrupted by a cell phone ringing. Unless, of course the ring tone is the the theme song from Shaft.

[02] The Government is Watching You
If you are a criminal or terrorist you should probably stick to face 2 face meetings with fellow collaborators. If you have watched "The Wire" you know exactly what I am talking about. The Patriot Act passed in the US has allowed an unprecedented number of phone taps and they even know where you are in real time if you have GPS equipped phone. Not the most comforting thought that someone may be listening in to and recording every call I make, or at the very least who I call IMO.

[03] Extended Use May Cause Tumors
The multi-trillion dollar cell phone industry has been suppressing studies that low level radiation (such as the kind emitted from a cell phone right next to your brain) can actually contribute to fucking up your DNA helix which, in turn, can cause cancer. Does this remind anyone of some other mega-corporate industry that was proven to be harmful to health after decades of profit taking -- or is it just me?

[04] It Fucks Up The Environment
IMO a giant electromagnetic cloud over every major city in NA and Europe could not be good for bird migratory patterns. These clouds may also effect weather and cause mental illness.

[05] It's an Electronic Leash
"I was out" used to be a perfectly valid excuse for not being able to answer the phone. Not anymore. A lot of the time "I left it at home" or "The battery was dead" or "I had the ringer off" gets to sound like a BS excuse and leads to pointed round "why?¿" questioning. I sometimes like to be free and not have to worry about that pending emergency @ work, home or school or have that obnoxious friend call all day every day whereever you are.

[06] It is Redundant Technology
You can use a pay phone (use phone card for 2-5 cents/min) in most parts of the galaxy. You can check your email and browse the web from any computer. And for folk concerts you can be a traditionalist and and wave around your lighter. And for those that use your cellphone as a flashlight -- get a flashlight.

[07] Can Be More Addictive than Crack
Type "cell phone addicted" and see the groups that come up, then type in "crack AND addicted NOT like" [on Facebook Search today 470 group /page results]-- point and case,

[08] It can Cost a Fuckload of Coin
The charges add up, web, batteries, replacements, activation, breaking contract, ridiculous late fees, txting -- heck some companies are going to charge to RECEIVE a txt very soon. Find me one person that has not complained about their cellphone bill or at the very least did not have their eyes pop out and their jaw drop in a WTF manner upon seeing some of those unexpected charges and I'll find you 1,000 that have.

[09] You'll Lose it Anyway
More people lose cell phones than credit cards. By the time they are discovered missing a nice chunk of change has been rung up on the bill as well.

[10] Get a Vibrator
There are specialized devices out there to get you off. So they need to remove that cellphone from their jock or stop sitting on the thing, which I might add puts you at risk for certain parasitic infestation, and go get a fuck machine, pocket pussy or, better yet a fuck buddy or significant other.!/topic.php?uid=2310629451&topic=4642
There are no others, there is only us.

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