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08-16-2010, 09:31 PM,

Parts of a transcript from a speech

recorded in the Vatican by author

and journalist William engdaul

The same powerful families who have brought us such things as the Kinsey report on American male sexuality in the 1950s. Who brought us the
Indra uterine device(the coil) in the sexual revolution of the sixty's. who brought us UN population control programs. who brought us an epidemic of
homosexuality which they called" genetically caused" and who also funded Nazi eugenics. These same people have now created an artificial new pseudo science called
genetics and genetic manipulation of plants and animals. the patenting of life and their new forms. this organization has a name "the Rockefeller foundation".
GMO today is a danger to human life on this planet of ours. in my estimation more dangerous then a nuclear Holocaust. its perpetrator's intend nothing less
then genocide against enlarged portions of life on this planet over the coming decades using GMO as a major weapon.

To give an example, just recently completed near the Arctic circle of all places Svalbard on Norwegian territory is whats called the Svalbard
global seed vault. this is a vault that has been dug out from the side of a mountain in a forsaking region near Antarctica, this vault has blast proof
doors, double air locks, and one metre thick steel reinforced concrete, its supposed to be resistant to a nuclear bomb attack or any national
catastrophe and inside the vault are supposed to be three million different variety's of seed from the entire world and the purpose of this
vault, officially so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future. The people who have been investing millions into this Arctic seed
vault which the

press have called "the doomsday seed vault" are such institutions as the Rockefeller foundation, the Monsanto corporation, the Syngenta
foundation, Du-point, the Norwegian government, also joining these distinguished people are the Bill and Belinda gates foundation,
the united nations food and agriculture organization which is anything but neutral when it comes to the health and safety and the food quality of
this planet, So in short, a nuclear proof seed vault with all the seed varieties in the world has been established by the very companies who have created and are guiding the
transformation into patent seeds which will require Farmer's in India, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, the farmers in the Philippines, China and so on, must
go every year to three or four private giant GMO corporations to pay a license fee to get new seeds due to the new terminator technology or GURT, its this
transformation that has virtually destroyed American agriculture in the united states and large parts of Canada, if this is allowed to perforate to the main food
growing countries in the developing world, the future of the human race is in grave danger, if you believe i am exaggerating, that i am reporting some conspiracy
theory of wild ideas,i urge you to check independently for yourself and follow the documentation in the book that i have written "seeds of destruction".

The product of creating a seed bank would allow all seed verities of the world, the results of thousands of years or human evolution and plant evolution and crop
diversity to be put in control of the Rockefeller foundation and the private GMO seed multinationals who then would patent all these life forms, that
in its self would potently see the total control of all the seed verities on this planet. The united states government financed research of a private company
called delta pine land. delta pine land was involved in the patenting of GMO Cotton seeds back in the 1990s ,delta pine together with the us government and the dept of
agriculture research agency who provided the money created something called "terminator" OR GURT(Genetic use restriction technology).which are specially
engineered to abort after one harvest so that traditional farmers that save seed and replant in the next season is no longer possible. terminator was so
controversial back in 1999 that when Monsanto was about to buy out delta pine the president of the Rockefeller foundation went to Monsanto and said
"the whole project is in danger", do not take over this GMO terminator patent yet", we urge you to make a tactual retreat", they held a press
conference and told the world because of the public out cry "we will not commercialise terminator technology". the take over of delta pine was put on ice until 2007 ten
years later.

Monsanto announced that it wanted to acquire the the cotton patents of delta and pine and did not say a word about terminator technology and most of
the protesters about terminator were caught sleeping and there was hardly a peep out of the media. so today Monsanto own terminator technology
in 1997 there was a test carried out in the Rowett institute in Scotland by one of the worlds leading and respected researchers at that time Dr Pusztai. he got a
mandate to do a wide research study for the British government on the effects of feeding a diet of GMO potato's to mice, after a number of months Dr
Pusztai became more then alarmed. he started the experiment believing the propaganda that GMO was the answer to the worlds hunger problem and that this was a
contribution of science to solve human problems, but his research forced him to rethink his believe and he told his director of his research results, the director was also
alarmed and agreed that they should give an interview to the worlds press and he appeared on a program on channel 4(British television). Dr Pusztai reported his research
results and told the public that the organs of the mice feed on a GMO diet compared with the mice feed on a controlled diet of non GMO were a lot smaller and he also
found something which was even more alarming which he did not report on the program as not to terrorise the public, the brains of the mice feed on GMO diet were also a lot
smaller, the worlds press picked up the story for 72 hours and after 72 hours the director called Dr Pusztai into his office and said "as from this
minute you are no longer permitted to talk to any of your collages about your research and you are forbidden to talk to the media and you will go into early retirement and if you
want to keep your pension you will follow these instructions", what had happened in those 72 hours, Dr Pusztai had only learned years later from a retired
colleague from the institute, the director received a phone call from the prime minister Tony Blair saying "shut this man up, this guy is damaging the whole future
of British bio-technology", and later on he found out from another retired colleague that the call from Tony Blair came from president Clinton in Washington and president
Clinton received a call from Monsanto saying "this guy needs to be silenced because the whole GMO project is in danger if the press continues to discuss and debate
this", Dr Pusztai was blacklisted he was attacked by the royal academy of sciences. fraudly and falsely other scientists prostituted themselves under the
influence and money, research money from the argi-business lobby to protect the reputation of GMO seeds Back in the 1920s before anyone in the world had heard of genetic
manipulation of plants the Rockefeller foundation was the largest financier of something called eugenics, another name for eugenics is "purity of race" or "race
science", but not only did they finance eugenics in America and support programs in state after state from California to the east coast of mandatory sterilization of people who they
deemed unfit. lower races of people, immigrants, women who were forced into prostitution to feed there children because they had no husband, sisters and
mothers of known criminals they all had to be sterilized due to bad gene pools and all this was done in America tens of thousands of times over, but the Rockefeller's were not satisfied with promoting
the idea of a master race in America, theyfinanced and brought into being at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin in the 1920s German eugenics research and they continued financing at a time when the
German economy was in a deep economic crises, up to 1939 six years into the 3rd Reich of Adolf Hitler the Rockefeller foundation concussed and willingly financed Nazi eugenics research, forced sterilization and race experiments of the unfit.

Reported back then the Rockefeller's were quoted saying "what the Germans are doing is what we here in America with the eugenics society can only dream of, the Nazis are putting there money were there mouth is, its a shame that the word Nazi has such bad press because they are doing it the right way". after world war 2 and the horrors of Auschwitz became public to the world the Rockefeller family and the
eugenics society realized they had a public relations problem, "the word eugenics has now a bad reputation people think of the gas ovens of Auschwitz" so they
decided 'the new name for eugenics is genetics'. The Rockefeller family from the end of the 1930s and well into 1980s was by far the
most important family in terms of American political policy, four brothers divided the world at the end of world war 2, Nelson Rockefeller went to
Washington to work for Eisenhower and became the first Secretary of health, education and welfare department were he secretly funded CIA Mk ultra mind altering drug
research using LSD and other illegal substances. David Rockefeller went into the families bank The Chase Manhattan Bank. Laurence Rockefeller was involved in business promotion
especially in Porto Rico and Latin America were the family had oil interest. John d Rockefeller the 3rd focused on population control, he was obsessed with controlling
world population. John d with help from the eugenics society created the population control council in the 1950s. he then went on to Porto Rico which was
regarded at the time as a Rockefeller family plantation. John d financed programs of forced sterilization of child Bering woman through out Porto Rico to the point that by the
end of the 1950s 35% of the child Bering woman had been forcibly sterilized after the birth of their first or second child without knowing it in the hospitals and
clinics which Rockefeller money helped to create in villages and rural areas around Porto Rico. Porto Rico was the test laboratory for the ideas of mass global
sterilization which they called "population control" The US department of agriculture in 2000 and 2001 financed field
studies for a bio- tech company in San Diego California called epicyite. the US government found that the research of this company was significant enough to spend tax
payers money for field tests of a corn a verity of maize that had been genetically modified to produce what they called "spermicidal corn" the president of epicyite
Douglas hyne gave a press conference in 2001 and said "i am proud to say that we here at epicyite have developed a potential solution to the worlds human population
problem, we have a spermicidal corn that kills male sperm from the man that consumes it and prevents contraception". well not only has the world health
organization financed by the Rockefeller foundation being found by profeada cattolica in Mexico and Nicaragua, guilty of injecting child Bering
woman of child Bering age through out Latin America with a tetanus vaccine and only in women and that's how they became suspicious, this tetanus vaccine after 30 years
financed by the Rockefeller foundation and the world health organisation, were giving this vaccine to woman aged 14 to 45, the vaccine contained a chemical that
would create an abortion of any fetus that the women might develop.

Well this is the proud record of the Rockefeller foundation, the foundation which created the false science of GMO. There life long dream is to creak the genetic
code of the human genome and enable them to create a master race to there liking and eliminate the rest of us who are not, this is a conspiracy, a
project so vast and so inconceivable that its even hard for me to believe and i have been doing such research for the last 35 years, when i wrote the book 'seeds of
destruction' i told my wife that i think this is the most dangerous story i have ever researched and written about, but its a story that must be told cause nobody has
understood the political agenda behind GMO.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son
08-17-2010, 05:01 AM,
Interesting post and has quite a few seeds of truth, but not all eugenics is bad and is performed in some cases in the wild. What is the purpose to keeping a human alive who is allergic to sunlight, or can't move due to incurable sores, i have seen some fuct up mutations born and the illnesses they have are rare (Discovery channel and TLC LOL), but how rare if we keep them alive to breeding age to carry the negative gene on?

Until the 50's no mater what culture you were most families abandoned severely deformed or sickly children Or/and they died before carrying on there genetic code (having kids of there own) Personally I'm fussy about the genetics of my dog let alone who I'd breed with and knocking on wood each of my kids turned out ok allergic to nothing. But Evolution is supposed to be about survive of the strongest... I'm not saying Execute but to prevent them from creating offspring, is Not Evil, if anything it's more noble then those who claim to be on the "GOOD SIDE" of this argument. To be sick it's not fun for the life form either it helps the moral righteousness of some to say that all humans should live but we had a farmer who euthanasia'ed his severely disabled always in pain daughter and now the poor bugger is in the klink (actually maybe out now damn i'm getting old it's been a while) I even have a living will if i'm a veg, to pull the plug, or if i'll come back next to a veg and n pain same deal.

For a world filled with spiritual folks we sure fear death and it's more sin to prolong suffering then to end it for those not meant to survive, Personally i see the culling of so many medicated alive humans perishing as being a silver lining to the disasters to fall the world in 2012-2013, With attitudes like the one so against eugenicist it ensures the big Pharm always rules as we have more diabetics, and Chronically ill born and living 80+ year institutionalized lives all at Tax dollars none the less. Not sure who I'd rather pay for the con or the Walking cancer on humanity? Headbash

Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
08-17-2010, 05:17 AM,
I am not for Eugenetics. I have a deaf daughter which they would put down as well as her siblings... just in case. Now this was a birth defect but diabetes, cancer, and so many more diseases are due to the chemicals and bastardized foods they have created. We were never intended on eating this crap or this way. BTW, if you are reading this your odds of contracting cancer is now 1 in 1. That isn't natural and it is mathematically impossible in 100 years for a disease to be so rare it is seldom seen and marveled at 100 years ago. People just do not reproduce that fast. It has been proved that GMO foods can and do alter DNA and genes. Nothing natural about that.

As for dieing, yep, we have been trained from birth it is a bad thing and I think it only natural to fight for just one more breathe, I know I did in 05 and will again. We fear the unknown the first time and the second time we still want to stay with our loved ones. We know that the uniting after death is nothing like what is preached. Everybody is the same.

You only have one thing that the evil ones do not have and they desire it badly... your soul. You have a beating heart that cares... they can't afford that. If you give them that, you become them... and you are better than that. Also, there is always a Living Will. I have one. With 2 cancers and heart muscle damage, I want to wipe my own butt or bury it one. Whatever you do though, please don't lose your chance to be a human being, different than human.

Excellent find Mexika. The movie is good too. Icon_biggrin
08-17-2010, 05:55 AM,
Agreed diet is to blame for most cancer and diabetes , i was using the term as a metaphor for those who have these wild illnesses and r life long burdens born natural who are now kept alive and who in some cases get to reproduce, i know one girl who is a 3rd generation carrier of a genetic defect and two past gens have had the chance to reproduce she is living proof and carries the illness, now she is remarkably small so not sure if she could carry a child to term, but even if not say a premie we'd do what we could to keep that child alive and use the machines of Pharma to make sure that child lives as long as possible... to what cause?

To those with just a loss of one of the 5 senses, or who is just a bleeder (hemo, a pardon to the Windsors) I'm not talking. But like i mentioned some of the freak shows they showcase on some of the so called educational channels, and sure some of the mutations may have come from one too many processed cheese Bigmac during incubation. But either / or, does it matter if the kid born is doomed to a less then full life of pain and or government isolation in old age as most who are cared for by there loving parents are forced into gov care upon there deaths. Often at much younger ages due to the stress and focus required, often at the cost of a successful offspring that may have been! And if by chance the mutant does get a little Boom chacha Boom and ends up passing on the gene to another ... some of these carriers may be mentally fine enough to do well enough in society to have multiple kids, each being a possible carrier of the defective gene. But the point of eugenics is the purity of the human evolutionary process in some circles not just world population control. And some times it is the humane as well as Logical Option.
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
08-17-2010, 06:26 AM,
One such case comes to mind with the Eugenicists, Alexander Graham Bell. Now there was a real Eugenicists. His wife was deaf and one of his worse fears was that deaf people would breed and produce a deaf society. He was terrified of deaf getting an education. Yet his wife was deaf. A slave he owned loved his wife (not in weird way) perhaps I should say, had great respect for her. It was he that invented the telephone in hopes that Mrs Bell could communicate. Of course we don't hear that a black man had anything to do with this marvel.

All life is precious. I know with my dad, mom saw that he could last for days, maybe even months... but he was in pain and misery. After 7 days she had him tagged DNR. My heart broke, my mom's heart broke and dad and I stared that night forever in each others eyes, he and I both knew without words he was scared and dieing. The next day he died. I could not have made that decision but thank God mom did, for he would have never wanted to lay there. But I believe that a life, no matter how big or small, if a chance is stood, should always be saved. That is the part of me that TPTB cannot have.

But I do see your point. If there is no end in sight of the pain and suffering, it is a mercy, but it isn't Eugenetics.
08-17-2010, 04:48 PM,
eugenics is to prevent such births and to sterilize those with defective gene pools by my understanding. So they can't reproduce.

Was the inventor named Alishia Gray? it's a well known fact he made the phone but failed to patent it, and bell took the credit. i don't know much about the true inventor but for him to be a slave of bells would put a much different spin on that tale.Confused
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
08-17-2010, 05:16 PM,
I don't recall the name right off bat. Eugenetics, when it was practiced, was performed on people with even slight physical differences. It was also used on those which they determined were unfit for reproduction, like those who have committed a crime. Hitler looked at the USA where it was being practiced and attempted it on a grander scale. Who determines what is a bad trait? Probably under their plan you, I, and most on here would not be suitable for reproduction due to our lack of respect of authority, lol.
08-17-2010, 06:47 PM,
(08-17-2010, 05:16 PM)hilly7 Wrote: Eugenetics, when it was practiced, was performed on people with even slight physical differences. It was also used on those which they determined were unfit for reproduction, like those who have committed a crime. Hitler looked at the USA where it was being practiced and attempted it on a grander scale. Who determines what is a bad trait? Probably under their plan you, I, and most on here would not be suitable for reproduction due to our lack of respect of authority, lol.
Very true that the science has had some moral corruption 4 sure, I'd not make criminals or dissenters of gov on that list or like i mentioned just single generation defects, ie womb ones. I'm not suggesting anything more then sterilization, so if these folks who do not carry good enough genes to pass on want a kid they can always adopt as there are thousands of babies aborted every day in America!

Eugenetics without moral and societal input would be the only kind that works. Or a group taking it upon themselves to exclude defective children from there communities as per the world pre 1940's. Part of the take over from the NWo types discussed in original arrangement has been to dilute the races, and to ensure defective's continue to breed and weaken the populations, the funds kept keeping 1 corky alive could give university degrees to 25 "normal" citizens who then would go on to be a benefit to society where the other option just gives us another shitter who can't take care of them self!
Part of what cripples current NA society is out Reluctance to do the "Right thing" when it comes to our severely disabled or genetic mutants who if they were animals would be abandoned by the pack to the elements, if it survived so be it it is natural law, but if not... All were doing now is handi capping ourselves.

I understand the drive to live i had it in barrels b4 i had kids now I'm not as worried having done my part, now that doesn't mean i'll go quietly into the night when chaos comes, but it means as part of my love for my family were i to be super ill, me and my 303 with scope (browning) will be sure to bring some NWO folks with me Icon_biggrin Rather then living rot and be a burden to those who care enough to keep me alive.
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
08-17-2010, 09:26 PM,
But who would be to say who is fit and who is not? Look at the FDA, USDA, the government. Even the organic board is full of big business non organic corporations like Heinz.

The thing is, that we are human, and animal by all rights but not the same animal. Even then, I've been around animals all of my life and they care for their sick and nurture the weak. Media would have people believe otherwise but I have always witnessed it, except in adult poultry, and then they do care for the weakest young. Are we not better than they are? I've watched llamas mourn over a loss for many months. There are 2 levels IMHO, we are born human but attain to become human beings. Compassion, something they possess and we should have even more of.

A friend years ago told me when I said the very words you spoke about dieing. He was a Master Sargent in Nam. He said that when we are dieing that we will fight for the very last breath. He had seen grown men that were battle hardened call out for their momma. I didn't believe him, well I did but I thought I was different. I was wrong. An old Indian Chief once stated that, "It is easy to be a distance", and so he was right. It doesn't matter your beliefs or if you were a saint or a sinner, you will fight and fight with all you possess for that last breathe.

Who am I to say if a person is fit or not? Who is anybody? The one thing you must keep pure is your heart. I hardened mine years ago and I use to say the hate kept me warm at night. I've seen my last breath, watched other peoples, and even worse. My heart breaks from time to time but then again, it is better to have a broken heart than not have one. I learned that the hard way.

To everything there is a purpose, though we may not see it. To everybody there is a purpose, though it may be hard to see, if one only looks, you will eventually see it. We had a cow once, born without eyeballs. I tried to shoot it, couldn't do it, it was so pitiful. So, I took a pistol and 20.00 and went to some of the guys I ran with. For that, they would have shot a person. They couldn't do it either. We named her Baby, and she lived for about 15 years. She had calves, no problems, perfect calves. She was self sufficient and not only that, guarded the other calves from coyotes. That taught me a lot.

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