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The Handbook of Paid Zionist Shills
08-11-2010, 05:16 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-11-2010, 05:26 AM by joeblow.)
Question  The Handbook of Paid Zionist Shills
The Handbook of Paid Zionist Shills

When faced with undeniable proof of the diabolical nature of Israel, zionism and Talmudic Jewry follow these tactics:

1. Deny, deny, deny and keep denying to see if you can wear down the offending goyim.

2. Always have backup shills to support you and hope the goyim go into herd mentality. In the rare instance you do not have backup then make sure you have many nickname-switches to back yourself More..up.

3. Remember the facts are on the goyim's side so never get involved too deeply in arguing the main points of the thread. Try to stick to the prepared talking points we provide for you. A lie repeated many times over and over no matter how silly will become mainstream.

4. Try your best to divert, deflect and focus attention on other things. Engage in pointless attacks, forgeries from selective postings from zionist blogs and links to mainstream zionst owned news articles. Question all links that do not come from zionist sources. Ask many question about other matters...flood the thread with pointless, off topic questions that will keep the goy busy for days trying to answer them and keep them off the main topic of discussion.

5, Use many graphics....cartoons for the purpose of humiliation, demonization and ‘evidence’ to support the tenets of zionism and to keep you from having to prove your arguments.

6. If you cannot sway the masses into supporting you then ignore all the good arguments from the goyim and only answer the few points you can identify in the grey area,

7. If all else fails then try to bait your enemy into losing his cool and cussing you out. You may have to get the ball rolling by throwing out a few disgusting demented, perverted insults yourself but always justify them because of the pain you and your fellow Jews went through in the Holocaust and the goy arguing with you are anti-semite rascists.

8. If this last tactics does not work then its time to abandon the thread and bump other threads above this one with your nic-switches until the thread is buried and out of the mind and sight of the goyim.

9. Keep in mind that while you are doing steps 1-8 you need to also be complaining to the owners of the forum to see if you can pressure them into deleting the offending hateful thread. You will be surprised how many goyim have been brainwashed successfully into feeling white guilt and will do exactly as you request and many time the moron will even ban the person giving you difficulty. .

Note: These guidelines are good working models for the zionist shill Megaphonies but there are always some goyim who are well versed into what we do, so just remember that it is best to avoid these few because no matter how well we mask ourselves the smart sub-human filthy goy will always see the true mind behind the keyboard. It is impossible to hide from these people the reactionary psychopathic venom and rabid hate of our beloved zionism.
08-16-2010, 10:16 AM,
RE: The Handbook of Paid Zionist Shills
Good info.

Also other tactics they use. Be prepared know thy enemy.

How To Destroy a 9/11 Truther

COINTELPRO Techniques effective against this forum...

Based on my limited experience..

I'd have to add that they own the net, if you notice that there is a sudden (or gradual for the more clever) change in rhetoric from someone their username / alias may have been jacked or they were threatened in some way, thus changed their tune. I wouldn't rule out body doubles either.

There is also the possibility that one leads with his/her best foot in repeating the consensus thinking builds respect then works in the propaganda later.

In terms of a forum they may quote sources of people that were sucked in by all the disinfo bait out there not necessarily a thread starter but one that latches onto these threads and keeps them at the forefront. One only has to steer the current.

They often work in teams. Good cop bad cop, sometimes more. Positive reinforcement in PMs or bumps fuels an argument and makes it an ego thing.

To counter this. Look at the facts you can prove, numbers, physics and chemistry are good for this. Consider the source data, gather your own raw data if you can. Investigate the history of a source, talk to them if you can, try to find a common theme or agenda among the data. Search for embedded commands / NLP in the writing, speech and body language if they are common in the material relevant to the agenda they disseminate they are more likely well trained in deception.

See what they are willing to lend their name to investigating projects or lectures and how they approach it, what they omit and gloss over and what is highlighted during execution. Anyone can talk a good game. Sortero wanted to end the war, Paul wanted to end the Fed. Progress report. Actions speak volumes.

Take everything on a fact by fact basis. Many of us repeat what supports or fits into our reality, it is impossible not to have any bias.

Just because someone repeats disinfo doesn't mean they are an agent. People can be misled.
There are no others, there is only us.

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