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Nicolov-World Conspiracy-What Historians Don't Tell You(1990)
08-09-2010, 10:23 AM,
Nicolov-World Conspiracy-What Historians Don't Tell You(1990)
This is Nicola M. Nicolov's shocking book The World Conspiracy - What the Historians Don't Tell You (1990) which exposes the secret history and true goals behind all these revolutions and world wars. Happiness is the most desired thing in the world. Everyone strives for happiness, pursuing its many forms. Since it is the most precious and sought-after thing, why are there so many unhappy people all over the world? Perhaps the greatest happiness is peace. Almost everyone speaks of peace, and sincerely desires it. Why is it then, that countries fight and people kill each other? Why do we continue committing actions which are undesirable and against our own interests? What is the reason for all of man's unspeakable and unheard-of atrocities? Why have we built these vast and varied arsenals of poisonous gasses, napalm, and atomic bombs? As the author found out during his life the simple truth is that ninety-nine percent of all historical literature is either written or edited by an invisible power. History should be a true and precise account of the past, yet many of the historical accounts widely read today twist the facts and can no longer be considered histories. Every country writes its own history, and beautifies it in various ways in order to please itself. Wars have existed since the beginning of time, but no one can explain their true causes. For this reason scientists often put wars in the category of unexplainable phenomena. The facts in these pages will convince you that wars - which are nothing more than mass murders - are organized and planned by a special group of people - an invisible power which is against world peace and the interests of the people. For the powers behind the scenes, profits from the First World War exceeded one hundred billion dollars. The riches of the royal Romanoff family, which ended up in foreign banks after the revolution, brought them an additional fifty billion. And while the wounds of the First World War were still healing, they began planning the Second World War. Not too many people understood what was happening. Only the most perspicacious became aware that they had fallen prey to one of the most despicable games in the history of mankind. The same forces which planned the First and Second World Wars also planned the Civil War in the United States. History proves that nations can be subjugated in many ways. For various pragmatic reasons, war is the easiest but the most undesirable method of subjugation. Institutionalized religion is another method of subjugation. Under this kind of insidious slavery, people become convinced that they have to support the church financially as a sign of their submission to God. The third and most essential method is economic subjugation, which is achieved by psychological means, economic oppression, intellectual coercion and a host of other seemingly harmless tactics. Whole peoples and states are economically enslaved by heavy taxation but never see the invisible hand which pulls the economic strings. Thus the victims are often unaware of their slavery. The taxes are exacted by perfectly legal means, and the law-abiding people obediently pay them. They faithfully believe that this is for their own good and the benefit of all. The tyrants who have invented this system successfully pretend to be the benefactors, so that, although people may feel oppressed, they have no specific power to blame. Often the slaves are given the right to free speech and elections. They see neither their own slavery nor the fact that the structure of their government is actually being manipulated to transfer, in a perfectly legal way, their rightful property to the conquerors. The whole world suffers because the truth is hidden. This has catastrophic physical, intellectual and financial consequences for our society. The World Conspiracy will assist you to understand who exactly pulls the strings and how they have been able to do so for so long. 280 pages, some pictures. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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