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ICLEI: Invasive UN Treaty in 600 American Cities
08-08-2010, 11:24 PM,
ICLEI: Invasive UN Treaty in 600 American Cities
CLEI: Invasive UN Treaty in 600 American Cities

By Cassandra Anderson
August 9, 2010

anti-united-nationsThere are over 600 US cities that are members of ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, now known as Local Governments for Sustainability. ICLEI institutes the UN Convention on Biological Diversity treaty that was withdrawn from a vote on the Senate floor in 1994, so the treaty, designed for UN control, is being implemented in cities.

Here's the description of the program from ICLEI's own website:
International Goals
Our programs, and projects promote participatory, long-term, strategic planning process that address local sustainability while protecting global common goods. This approach links local action to internationally agreed-upon goals and targets such as:

Agenda 21,
the Rio Conventions:
The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,
The UN Convention on Biological Diversity,
ICLEI has many carbon reduction schemes that seem harmless, but ICLEI uses small steps to accomplish its goals. Last week Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes warned that ICLEI is a UN plot for control at a rally in Denver, which is an ICLEI city. It made international headlines and some people scoffed because Maes used the bicycling program as an example. ICLEI does have programs to limit transportation. Maes' opponent in the Governor's race is John Hickenlooper, the Mayor of Denver and he is a 'Cool Mayor', which is a facet of an ICLEI program used to execute CO2 reduction. Hickenlooper is a supporter of CO2 reduction. CO2 reduction encourages depopulation.

Watch this short video from a Climate Change rally in Denver less than a year ago where NOAA scientist advocates "doing whatever we can to reduce population". The crowd responded by cheering!

To watch and read more Click on link

To see if your city is on the list here is a link:
08-09-2010, 09:46 AM,
RE: ICLEI: Invasive UN Treaty in 600 American Cities
Good to see you posting and engaged on this critical subject hilly7.

The Agenda 21 Land grab is about the most important theft that is taking place. It confiscates the means of production and concentrates them in the eventual world corporation or government once all is consolidated. Personal property, and thus liberties, will no longer be part of the vocabulary if this is allowed to continue.

The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab

ICLEI Primer: Your Town and Freedom Threatened (Agenda 21)

Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

Websites that get people together to take local action against this global threat to liberty running in lockstep around the world in collusion with other agendas, even the one world religion based on gaia worship (links to other threads on this here).

I posted here on these proactive sites and a few recent radio broadcasts on the topic of Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and Biodiversity and how they are using real issues like GMOs, factory farming and pollution to garner support for their agenda. Look for something in your region when you realize this is important to you.

Ocean Water Pollution: Not Just for the BP and Other Oil Companies (Infographic)
There are no others, there is only us.
08-09-2010, 07:51 PM,
RE: ICLEI: Invasive UN Treaty in 600 American Cities
I attempted to get on a website for the governor's race, but I think my past may have caught up with me. Icon_biggrin I kind of got black balled since I went on a few news tv sites locally and placed a lot of info about Preston who was the president at UT. He did finally resign after people started questioning him on several things. The sites kicked me off but not in time to get out several things he was doing. There were more involved but they didn't do anything to them. Angry But at least I got one. Icon_biggrin

Gonna have to figure out a way around it. Suspicious
08-10-2010, 08:45 PM,
RE: ICLEI: Invasive UN Treaty in 600 American Cities
And this is 1 response I get back : WTF. I really don't care if gays marry or people are jumping the border as much as I do they are surrendering our power. I didn't even read the rest of it.

Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman

Date: 8/9/2010

On Oct. 30, 2008, Barack Obama announced that upon winning the presidency, he would immediately begin, "fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Over the past 20 months, Obama and his accomplices in the ultraliberal 111th Congress have been hard at work pushing statist "change." But now their plan has been exposed and the tide is turning against them! See my vitally important message below. - Mat.


To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This message may be one of the most important I have yet sent to you.

The events of last week, on the surface, were deflating to many pro-marriage, pro-life Americans. As you know, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was confirmed as 63 senators decided to ignore her far-left political activism and pattern of manipulating the legal process.

Of course, having Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court will make the battle for our culture more difficult.

The recent California same-sex marriage ruling
emphasizes that point. There, an activist
federal judge legislated from the bench and
overturned the will of a clear majority of
California voters by declaring Proposition
8 unconstitutional. That case will likely
end up being heard by the Supreme Court...
with Elena Kagan seated as a justice.

But the final Kagan vote does not even begin to tell what happened in the Senate during the confirmation process.

The real story is what citizens like you did to oppose her nomination... against all odds... against overwhelming bias from the liberal media... and against senators who refused to do their basic duty and actually investigate Kagan.

Many Liberty Counsel team members answered the
call to flood Senate offices with faxes, hand
delivered letters, and phone calls exposing
Elena Kagan's radical political activism. In
all, Liberty Counsel team members made an
astounding 261,695 verified citizen contacts
with the Senate on this issue!

++Americans are pushing back at the Obama agenda.

Last Tuesday, the citizens of Missouri trumpeted a message of discontent to the Obama administration - and to the ultraliberal 111th Congress.

Nearly three-quarters of voters there approved a measure that would prohibit the government from requiring their citizens to have health insurance or from penalizing them for not having it!

According to Fox News, legislatures in Arizona,
Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana and Virginia have
passed similar statutes, and voters in Arizona
and Oklahoma will vote on such measures as
state constitutional amendments in November.

Also just days ago, a federal judge ruled against Kathleen Sebelius in her capacity as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, denying the administration's attempt to have Virginia's lawsuit against "healthcare reform" dismissed.

In responding to the State of Virginia, the Obama administration provided important clues about how they will defend the indefensible "mandate" contained in ObamaCare.
We believe they have chosen a very deceptive and highly vulnerable strategy.

++Liberty Counsel's lawsuit against ObamaCare.

On the day ObamaCare was signed into law, Liberty Counsel filed the first private-sector lawsuit against the unconstitutional mandates contained in the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," better known as ObamaCare.

I believe our lawsuit is ultimately headed to the Supreme Court. We are more confident than ever that we can win this battle. Although the government has asked for an extension of time to answer our specific lawsuit, they have pretty much tipped their hand concerning their defense strategy by their response to Virginia's suit.

++Obama's lawyers have begun a strange song and dance.

When the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of power was selling ObamaCare to the American people, they were adamant that the individual mandate to buy government approved health insurance was NOT a tax.

You probably remember at least one of the President's many strong denials that healthcare "reform" would involve ANY adverse tax consequences.

But now that we have challenged the individual mandate as being unconstitutional, the administration has changed their tune by declaring that, in fact, the individual mandate IS a tax!

Why? Because the Constitution gives Congress the power to enact taxes but NOT to mandate insurance purchases! The "facts" they presented in their response to Virginia have suddenly changed to suit their latest convenience!

This is yet another Obama tactic to bypass our
constitutional form of government and to FORCE
an unwanted mandate upon the American people.

++Obama's plan to "fundamentally transform" America.

As brilliantly explained in Ken Blackwell's and Ken Klukowski's important new book, "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency," we are facing a true constitutional crisis brought on by this administration.

I want you to have this book. You can read an excellent overview of "The Blueprint" and see its cover by clicking here:

Here's how the writers describe our mounting crisis:

President Obama's blueprint is to remake this country, taking us from a free-market economy to a government-controlled economy, from a family-centered society to a government-centered society, and from a national philosophy founded upon the primacy of the individual to one founded upon the primacy of society's "collective good."

President Obama's biggest obstacle in this outrageous plan is the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is a wall blocking the road to government expansion, designed to stop any president from fundamentally transforming this country.

Within the realm of federal power, the Constitution
defines the role of each of the three branches of
government legislative, executive, and judicial-
and strictly limits the powers of each.

Blackwell and Klukowski persuasively argue that many key parts of the Obama agenda are totally unconstitutional. For instance, the federal government CANNOT require you to buy health insurance without doing violence to the Constitution!

In short, "The Blueprint" conclusively proves that
Barack Obama is intentionally subverting the U.S.
Constitution. He's building an imperial presidency,
seizing powers far beyond those granted to him
by the Constitution.

++Liberty Counsel is working to derail the President's plan.

President Obama must be stopped. ObamaCare must be stopped.
Thankfully, Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski show us how to derail this outrageous assault on the Constitution in their new,
No.1 best-selling book.

"The Blueprint" pulls back the curtain and shines a light on President Obama's game plan to destroy our constitutional safeguards. Further, the book suggests insightful, practical strategies to stop this calculated overthrow of our government - and put a stop to this overt war on our founding documents.

Here is this vital book's clarion challenge:

"We the People of the United States must choose
whether we will allow our Constitution to be
subverted. We need to choose whether President
Obama's blueprint to reject and rewrite our
Constitution will stand. We need to choose
whether we will allow a permanent liberal
government to emerge in this country, led
by an imperial president of unprecedented power."

Join Liberty Counsel in boldly proclaiming that the Constitution is on the side of the American people! It's time to resolutely stand up to this outrageous assault on our freedom!

++Support our lawsuit and receive this No. 1 bestseller.

"The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency," is available from Liberty Counsel for a gift of $30 or more to support our crucial lawsuit against ObamaCare. This book is an invaluable resource in shining a light on Obama's dangerous plans. It quickly catapulted to No. 1 bestseller status and we are pleased to be able to make it available to you when you join us to fight ObamaCare in court!

Click here to make your donation and to order your free book with a gift of $30 or more. You can also see this high quality, hardback book's cover and read more about its compelling content:

++Finally, the tide is turning.

Americans are justifiably alarmed about the Obama administration's unwillingness to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.

The most recent USA Today/Gallup poll reports that only 41% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. That's the lowest level of approval so far for Barack Obama in such polls!

These growing concerns arise from the damage
the Obama administration has ALREADY inflicted
on our Constitution.

Time and time again, we have watched legislative processes being short-circuited by the radical congressional leadership working in concert with Obama administration arm-twisters.

They have employed unconstitutional power-grabs,
legislative trickery, backroom deals and Chicago-
style politics in burdening us with plagues like

And as you know, the President has surrounded himself with extremist, agenda-driven "czars" and other unelected, unvetted officials. He is blatantly manipulating federal agencies to sidestep the constitutionally prescribed checks and balances of our federal government.

When President Obama and the majority party in the 111th Congress were swept into power on a platform of "change,"
they managed to mask an underlying socialist agenda that aims to vastly increase government power.

But, thank God, Obama and his plan have now been EXPOSED!

For a gift of $30 or more to support our lawsuit against ObamaCare, Liberty Counsel will send you Blackwell's and Klukowski's amazing book that totally exposes the Obama agenda and offers a practical path to recovery from the damage already done.

Liberty Counsel plans to continue playing a key role in getting on the path to recovery, but our lawsuit against ObamaCare is proving to be very expensive. We need your ongoing help to sustain our efforts.

Please join us in turning back the onslaught on our Constitution and receive Ken Blackwell's and Ken Klukowski's powerful new book! Please click here:

Anthony, take heart! We have all experienced the pain of watching our nation and our precious liberties being betrayed, subordinated to foreign interests, and forced to conform to the demands of shrill special interest groups like the pro-homosexual lobby. But now, the tide has finally begun to turn!

We depend on friends who give $30, $50, $100, $500 - whatever the Lord leads - so we can stay involved in this crucial battle.

Will you help?

Please click here to make a tax-deductible gift to support Liberty Counsel's lawsuit against ObamaCare - and to receive your copy of "The Blueprint" when you give $30 or more:

THANK YOU for all you do as a key member of the Liberty Counsel team. May God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. President Obama's goal to fundamentally transform America has been exposed. Thank God, the tide is beginning to turn!

For a gift of $30 or more, please order the No. 1 bestseller, "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency." Again, thank you!

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Note: Please do not "reply" directly to this e-mail message.
This e-mail address is not designed to receive your personal messages. To contact Liberty Counsel with comments, questions or to change your status, see the link at the end of this e-mail.)
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Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.
Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776

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