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50 Year Old Cartoon Predicts the Future!
08-07-2010, 08:47 AM,
Video  50 Year Old Cartoon Predicts the Future!
Quote:Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This is amazing insight!

LCLREPORT | 29 April 2009
This Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This could have been made yesterday!

Pretty decent defence of limited government powers, and advocates the of freedoms of the free market in a capitalistic system as opposed to rampant socialism. It fails to mention ethics as well as personal, environmental, government, corporate, bank and community responsibility. Government alone cannot be allowed to have free reign over regulation of a republic without the appropriate checks and balances and be accountable, transparent and impeachable by the electorate.

Monopolies and cartels, both private and state run, cannot be allowed to rule either and confiscate ideas (Intellectual Property) and hold the levers of power in issuing and controlling currency and basic human needs.

This should all be considered when a solution is constructed or proposed to dig us out of the current situation.
There are no others, there is only us.

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