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Stop spraying the Gulf with Corexit now
07-31-2010, 03:30 AM,
Brick  Stop spraying the Gulf with Corexit now
YES! I call on BP to stop spraying the Gulf with Corexit and I demand that US government stop this spraying now by whatever means necessary.
08-01-2010, 02:59 AM,
RE: Stop spraying the Gulf with Corexit now
I don't trust anything I hear from Fox or CNN. It is hard to get a handle on what is happening around the gulf.
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08-01-2010, 07:01 AM,
RE: Stop spraying the Gulf with Corexit now
Demanding anything, signing petitions and lobbying government will get you nowhere and only validates their authority. Sure it makes people feel nice warm and fuzzy inside that they put their name down on a piece of paper or registered on an internet form. But the slacktivists simply go back to watching Family Guy thinking that they have had their voice heard and actually done something. A false sense of accomplishment, no better than levelling your Paladin up to level 85 in World of Warcraft.

A petition can serve a purpose in getting people together but most of the progressive effective action happens within a community face to face IMO. Not saying there are not any actionable alternatives in cyberspace but they are usually dead ends or elaborate government funded polls. If you get a petition get the numbers or emails on the contact list or make sure they have an active forum and start communicating via these mediums.

No matter how noble the cause is. Better to concentrate on coming up with solutions to problems that you can deal with and actually acting upon them.

As for this particular action, I can't say yet.

Here's what I found so far.

Affiliated with Amacord, Inc via WHOIS as registrant that runs strategic marketing services. The domain It's registered to an PO BOX address in New York. Created On:08-Jul-2010 13:26:37

Quote:Welcome to Amarcord, a Florida based marketing communications company. Our specialties include strategic planning, business communications, event management, sales tactics and brand development. We have experience serving the aerospace, transportation, financial, technology marketing, manufacturing, wireless communications and retail industries.

Registrant Name: Michael Barile
Registrant Organization: Amarcord, Inc.
Registrant Address1: 1570 Anglers Dr. NE
Registrant City: Palm Bay
Registrant State/Province: Florida
Registrant Postal Code: 32905
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +1.9047161112
Registered in 2008

There is an address in the video that points to they seems to have access to schools and are driven to promote the green agenda more than cleaning anything up but they not letting a good crisis go to waste. They were created on Created On:25-Jun-2010 and use a high profile marketing company as well also very active in promoting global warming and also connected with the education system ni the form of Green Heals (Chicago), they are loosely connecting to an Oprah campaign. Oprah (Also Chicago) is part of the eugenicist billionaire club that tried to meet secretly to discuss their plans. This company has some decent Chicago connections for a California marketing company. The Carbon Credit Exchange and Obama are also firmly planted there.

Watch Green Heals indoctrinate School Children

Other Affiliates
# Coffee Party USA
# Clean the Gulf Now
# Dark Politricks
# New York Sky Watch
# Raw Story
# Sott.Net Kindra Arnesen
# The Examiner
# The Intel Hub

Pretty good for a 20 day old company.

I've sent messages out to see what they are actually doing. I sent one to this guy Goodman Green (photo of old hippy) who set up his YouTube account on 18 June 2010. Nice marketing guys :/

I'll see what I hear from them but they simply accept donations. No doubt any one that signs up to the email list on the PO BOX hosted site that is one of many tentacles directing attention to's green propaganda funding machine and recruitment centre.

I'll update you on the responses later. I'm sure they'll have inbound link referral checking so they may be reading this or posting soon. I welcome them to answer a few questions.
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