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Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
07-26-2010, 08:31 AM,
Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?

The Health Ranger even after being denied a webbie award after being disqualified "for rigging the votes" for best health website has luanched an all new health web site.

I've gotten a lot of good info from the guy. He's a clever marketer too and likes to plug his stuff in a clever non invasive way, I suppose he needs to make a living too. That said, the site has presented good hard facts and research. Ripping apart the vaccine scandals and I even think he borrowed some of my research from the site or there was a weird bit of synchronicity, so I gotta give kudos for that.

I've seen bigger sites, I've seen more accurate research but Natural News presents a pretty good mix of both. I hope the video site lives up to the reputation that the news site has preceded it with and it doesn't turn solely into a commercial venture to 'support bandwidth'. I remain skeptical but very optimistic as to the potential of this baby.

I'll let the video categories serve as a description.


Chinese Medicine
Energy Medicine
Natural Cures
Western Medicine
Heart Disease
Big Pharma
Weight Loss
Green Living
Green Living
Personal Care
Civil Liberties
Health Freedom
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07-26-2010, 02:38 PM,
Exclamation  RE: Natural News TV
FastTadpole, you're the best!!

Icon_arrow Thank you
for posting this! Smile
07-26-2010, 07:07 PM,
RE: Natural News TV
Yeah Tadpole ... wish you had a account .... GREAT LINKS!!!
07-26-2010, 08:59 PM,
RE: Natural News TV
(07-26-2010, 07:07 PM)lockntross Wrote: Yeah Tadpole ... wish you had a account .... GREAT LINKS!!!

I parked this awhile ago, let this be the first entry. I've got listed as my homepage.

Thanks for the reminder lockntross.

I prefer to use an RSS feed aggregator to keep track of my links, favourite sites even the tracker. Currently using Google Reader. It allows sharing and likes and whatnot may as well use their tools. I stopped screaming from the shadows shortly after a delved into the magnitude of collusive forces against us ~ a year ago.

My Links I keep in Digg with the highlighted ones in Twitter but maybe I'll use a bit more later, I've got a bunch of other social things parked too Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, MySpace .... to protect against impersonators, if for no other reason. It's happened before.

FastTadpole's Digg RSS
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If you are a fellow news junkie, feel free to subscribe to my Digg RSS feed I don't post even 5% of what I dig up on there. I highlight the best of them on my Twitter feed.

Google Profile:

There are literally 100s of these social sites now. Anyone know of a good tool to broadcast on a bunch of social networks all at once. I know there are a lot of them out there, but anyone have any favourites?
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05-03-2011, 01:30 PM,
RE: Natural News TV
I've bluntly hinted at Natural News being a festering hub for exaggeration, misinformation, profiteering and spin well before he went in as a regular guest on the Alex Jones network.

This article simply nailed that down for me with it's Day After Tomorrow rhetoric. What's next for the site run by a health expert, in Mike Adams, who is actually more versed in web marketing (and he's a good one).

But it's not about their front man who made a living selling marketing software before leading the charge .

You'll notice a lot of articles using Chinese research to support claims and drum up fears. Noticeably the ones on fluoride.

.. notice the links on the upper left corner of the page header?

First of all they are a subsidiary of a Truth Publishing International, LTD.

A whois search reveals the headquarters is a PO box located in Taiwan situated in the heart of Taipei's Tech district of Songshan.

Truth Publishing International Ltd.
P. O. Box 29-99
Taichung City, 40899

Administrative Contact:
Lin, M.
Truth Publishing International, Ltd.
12F-4, No.171, Sec. 4
Nanjing E. Rd
Taipei, Songshan District 105

Which leads us here:,121.5638&hl=en&cd=1&cad=src:pplink&ei=kKEDTbe6DJzyMM2jpZ0I&sig2=VoIV5oyjE76uYlp7XoL5FQ

That office is located in the same building as a telecom giant simply sharing office space or a subsidiary - whatever the case there is a relationship to Far Eas Tone Telecommunications.

Much of their material is a coordinated attack on American policy on health and its often branches out to the political spectrum. Rightfully so in many cases but the spin is incredibad.

I'm getting more than a bit disenchanted with the Health Ranger.

* Creates polarized debate by not showing both sides
* Consistently leads people to contact government and sign petitions to gather data
* Bumps down more thorough in via using SEO as a hub
* Doesn't allow comments (on the American site)
* Cherry picks information
* Ownership by a $181M** Mike Adams is a front

Assets: $3,599,130,000 NT or ~$181M USD

Here's an example of an article as cleverly spun presented by Natural News. This is a case study to demonstrate a distortion of the facts and rampant sensationalism. But please do your own research on whatever article you wish and see how this is common practice for yourself.

Sensationalized spin and incorrect information marked with italics.

Quote:Missouri government plots undercover sting operations against families selling raw milk
Monday, December 07, 2009
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Imagine being watched by two undercover cops as you engage in an illicit deal in a deserted parking lot. The buyer hesitantly hands you some cash. You flash a look over your shoulder, just to make sure the coast is clear, then you hand over the contraband. Neither of you says a word. You just nod, acknowledging the deal is done, then you head back to your car and buckle up for the drive home.

But before you can even put the car into drive, a screeching formation of police cars, surrounds you, sirens wailing. Armed officers leap from their vehicles, guns drawn and sunglasses glaring. "Come out with your hands up!" they shout.

You slowly open the driver's door of your car and inch out of your seat with both hands raised in surrender, cowering behind the open door. "What did I do, officer? What's my crime?"

Their answer comes back loud and intimidating: "SELLING RAW MILK!"

Springfield Missouri: Where farmers are branded criminals
The above description is a dramatization of real events that happened recently in Springfield, Missouri, where the state has decided to spend considerable taxpayer resources running a sting operating against a family that was caught dealing -- gulp! -- raw milk in a parking lot.

Yes, both the Missouri Dept. of Health and the state Attorney General (Chris Koster) have decided that prosecuting a farm family for illegally "trafficking" raw milk should be at the top of their list of priorities. The family being targeted by state officials is the Bechard family, of Armand and Teddi Bechard, and their children Joseph, Hananiah, Kazia and Katie.

The name of the cow offering the milk is reportedly "Misty."

As the Springfield, Missouri News-Leader paper reports, "Two undercover investigators with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department allegedly caught two of the couple's daughters on two occasions selling a gallon of milk each from a Springfield parking lot. Charges followed in municipal court."

In case you're not yet sure what you're reading here, note carefully that these daughters were not caught selling crack, meth or crank. They weren't dealing second-hand pharmaceuticals to yuppie school kids. They weren't selling e.coli-contaminated hamburger meat, cancer-causing diet sodas (made with aspartame) or canned soups laced with MSG. They weren't even selling broiler chickens contaminated with salmonella -- just as you can find in every grocery store in America. Nope, they were selling raw milk. You know, the bovine mother's milk, unpasteurized, unprocessed, non-homogenized and wholly pure, natural and innocent. The stuff America was raised on. The stuff your parents fed you when you were a kid, if your family was lucky enough to have a cow.

In Missouri today, selling such a natural product is now apparently a criminal act. What's next? A ban on farm-fresh eggs because the Dept. of Health doesn't control their quality? The outlawing of raw broccoli because broccoli contains natural anti-cancer medicine?

Fortunately, the Bechard family is fighting back. As reported by the News-Leader:

"They will not sign a consent order to make the state's complaint go away and they're defending themselves against the city charges, too. They've gotten legal help from the The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization made up of farmers and consumers pooling resources to fight for the rights of family farmers trying to get unprocessed food to consumers who want it."

A view from the Missouri-born Health Ranger

I grew up in Raytown, Missouri, just a few miles from Springfield. I spent more than a few summers on a farm near St. Louis, where we would milk the cows, gather fresh eggs from the chickens, and fish for catfish in the pond. I'm not exactly a farm boy, but I'm familiar enough with living off the land to know the difference between real food and processed food (a distinction the Missouri Dept. of Health still hasn't gleaned...)

When I grew up in Raytown, there were fresh-food farms within driving distance where we could get fresh milk, eggs and vegetables from small family operations. It was a way of life for many families living in the suburbs of Kansas City, and none of us could have imagined then that families selling fresh milk would one day be treated like criminal contraband dealers by overzealous law state officials.

Yet another victimless "crime"

The effort to criminalize sellers of raw milk is misguided on so many levels that it just begs to be called out as perhaps one of the worst uses of taxpayer dollars yet dreamed up by clueless bureaucrats. For starters, raw milk is clearly sold as "raw milk" -- there's no mislabeling here. The people buying the milk know very well they're buying raw milk. In fact, they go to great lengths to seek out raw milk in order to benefit from its numerous health advantages over processed, pasteurized milk.

Secondly, any serious crime worth investigating requires a victim. But there's no victim in the "crime" of selling raw milk. The family farms sell their milk at a fair price, and a knowledgeable consumer purchases the raw milk, knowing exactly what they're buying for their dollar. Where's the victim here? (Misty the cow, perhaps? Probably not, as cows on family farms are treated far better than cows in most dairy factories.)

This raw milk persecution attempt is yet another example of a "victimless crime" being invented, then pursued by overzealous state officials who clearly have nothing useful to pursue (or who have a serious problem setting priorities).

In a world where children are being poisoned by aspartame, senior citizens are being drugged into zombie-like states in nursing homes, where school boys are being dosed with "speed" amphetamine ADHD drugs, bacon is laced with a cancer-causing chemical known as sodium nitrite and two-thirds of the broiler chickens sold in grocery stores are contaminated with salmonella, are you telling me that the friendly selling of raw milk in a parking lot is at the top of the list of "crimes" being investigated by the Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and his overworked staff?


It takes a wild leap across the chasm of wrong vs. right to arrive at the bewildering conclusion that a couple of farm girls selling two gallons of raw milk deserves investigators, a sting operation, a Dept. of Health inquiry and the attention of the state Attorney General. It almost makes me think these bureaucrats are all smoking crack, which can be purchased in the next parking lot over, by the way. But crack dealers aren't their concern, it seems... It's those darned raw milk families that are ruining Middle America!

Take action: Tell the Missouri Attorney General to keep his hands off raw milk

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster may be a good AG, for all I know. He's gone after Medicaid fraud, and that earns him some kudos in my book. This whole raw milk thing, if I had to take a guess, is probably some hare-brained idea handed to him by some nutritionally-ignorant staffer who convinced him this could earn him some points for "getting tough on raw milk." (Is he seriously going to issue a press release announcing a prosecutorial "victory" over two teen girls selling a couple gallons of fresh milk? It's sort of like prosecuting little kids for running a neighborhood lemonade stand without a business license...)

In any case, it's worth letting Koster know you think prosecuting these girls for selling raw milk is a complete waste of time and (taxpayer) money. AGs have an important function in protecting consumers from fraud, but in order to be effective, they've got to get their priorities straight. Wouldn't Koster's time be far better spent suing the drug companies for running fraudulent, misleading television advertisements that exaggerate the benefits of their drugs while glossing over their severe side effects?

Here's how you can file a consumer complaint against the Missouri Attorney General: Go to to get started.

You can then fill out an online form or you can call 1-800-392-8222 for more information about filing a complaint.

Remember, this AG office is paid by your taxpayer dollars (if you live in Missouri, anyway, and I did for almost 20 years). You have every right to let them know when you think their investigation efforts have gone awry.

Be polite in filing your complaint, but also be firm. Don't let this Missouri AG get away with prosecuting a small family farm operation for selling fresh milk to willing customers.

The industry assault on raw milk

Actually, reading this last sentence, I can't even believe America has devolved to the point where such a statement is necessary. Of course raw milk should be legal to sell. After all, grocery stores are full of raw food items such as raw chicken, raw beef and raw fruits and vegetables. Why are state health authorities selectively up in arms over raw milk?

I'll give you the answer in three words: The Dairy Industry. The dairy industry sees raw milk as competition to its pasteurized, homogenized, standardized, factory-produced "junk" milk product, which promotes heart disease. Raw milk is healthier, more natural and more local than processed milk, and the more consumers learn about raw milk, the less they'll buy processed milk.

Raw milk is a financial threat to the dairy industry in much the same way that industrial hemp is a threat to the cotton industry (or stevia is a threat to the manufacturer of aspartame). So the dairy industry pressures state and federal bureaucrats to outlaw raw milk and criminalize individuals who dare try to sell it.

This is a protection racket, pure and simple, and it has been conjured up by the dairy industry to protect their profits at the expense of consumer freedom.

Don't you find it amazing that in the Land of the Free (and the Home of the Brave), that anyone caught buying or selling fresh raw milk is prosecuted as a common criminal? What has America come to if we're going to start locking up the very same local farmers who provide food security for situations where the long supply chains of just-in-time food delivery break down? If the Missouri lawmakers had any sense at all, they'd be encouraging local production of fresh milk, eggs, grains and other foods to help keep Missouri more self-reliant. But no, fresh milk sellers get arrested and charged with crimes, even while most Missourians drink milk imported from other states!

Missouri's stance on milk seems a lot like America's stance on hemp: Criminalize American farmers while importing all the industrial hemp from Canada, where it's grown legally (and profitably). It is at times like this that you realize agricultural policy in America often seems specifically designed to punish farmers.

I grew up around farmers. I have a tremendous amount of respect for them: For their sweat equity, their hard-won agricultural victories and their seemingly endless financial enslavement to a system of distorted agricultural policies that allows them no escape. Farmers invest their lives in the production of food that most consumers carelessly take for granted. Today, just two percent of the population produces all the food for the other 98 percent -- most of whom haven't a clue where real food comes from.

Real food, it turns out, comes from real farms run by real people. People like the Bechards. And it is these people -- these un-celebrated, hard-working, honest American farmers -- who should be recognized as the backbone of American prosperity, for without them, we would all go hungry, and even the most specialized, highly-educated scientist would be reduced to a drooling, blabbering infant if all the food disappeared for a mere 96 hours.

And yet, instead of being celebrated, these small family farmers are now being labeled criminals and prosecuted for the "crime" of providing real food to real people. That this is taking place in my home country -- indeed, near my home town in Missouri -- just breaks my heart.

Never pick a fight with the people who grow your food

It is a sad day indeed for America when tyrant bureaucrats are allowed to run rampant over the family-run farms upon which this great country was originally founded. How quickly America forgets its history... How quickly it abandons those who delivered abundance to us and asked for nothing in return other than a day of sunshine, an occasional rejuvenating rain shower, and a fair price at the market for their hard-won goods.

To the Missouri AG, Chris Koster, you should be ashamed of yourself as both a Missourian and an American for pursuing this prosecution against the Bechard family. It is people like you who are destroying this nation, even as you claim to be saving it.

When you were a young boy in school, and you studied American history and the Civil War, you probably asked yourself, "How could Americans fight each other and kill each other? Who could have started such a conflict?"

The answer, sadly, is people just like you. People who trample the God-given rights of American farmers. People who deny consumers their freedom to buy a nourishing beverage harvested straight off the farm. It is people like you who create the anger and resentment that far too often results in people picking up arms to protect their natural rights that tyrants like you try to steal away from them (under the false pretense of "authority," no less).

As a Missourian myself, I can tell you that Missouri farmers will not put up with this kind of tyranny for very long. When their livelihoods and their freedoms are clearly threatened by outlandish laws enforced by bureaucratic tyrants who have abandoned all common sense, they will rise up against you, and you will find yourself in a spitting match with a tireless band of rugged Missourians who wrestle with John Deere tractor hydraulics each morning before you even get out of bed.

To you, it's just a gallon of milk. But to these farmers, it's their livelihood. Think about that for a minute before you go slapping handcuffs on the very same people who put food on your mama's table.

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Alumni of Raytown High School, Raytown, Missouri, where I was taught how to think for myself by my English composition teacher Mrs. Wagner

P.S. Help support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund by making a tax-deductible contribution to:

(This is one of the key legal defense organizations protecting farmers' rights to sell raw milk.)

Sources for this story include:

Missouri AG:

Quote:Going after family sends wrong message

Can you believe the government's doing undercover milk stings?

Did the state really have to sue over this?

Is this a wise use of thinly stretched, taxpayer-funded resources?

Those kinds of questions spring from a News-Leader story last Sunday about a crackdown over the way a Laclede County couple distributes raw milk.

Two undercover investigators with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department allegedly caught two of the couple's daughters on two occasions selling a gallon of milk each from a Springfield parking lot. Charges followed in municipal court.

Piling on, the state Attorney General's Office used the health department's information to file a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Armand and Teddi Bechard of Conway.

Wasn't the health department complaining just the other week about a lack of manpower?

Doesn't Attorney General Chris Koster have a whole raft of complaints sitting on his desk about tainted lake water?
Why is the government crying so loudly over a little sold milk?
In this kind of case?

Of course we're being a bit facetious. But, sometimes, absurd situations cry out for a response in-kind. And this raw milk roundup certainly seems ridiculous.

For one, the city has raised the possibility of actual jail time in this case. This, despite the fact that at least a couple lawmakers have taken up the Bechards' cause and the law on the raw milk issue is murky.

For their part, the Bechards are not exactly, well, cowed.

They're fighting back. They will not sign a consent order to make the state's complaint go away and they're defending themselves against the city charges, too. They've gotten legal help from the The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization made up of farmers and consumers pooling resources to fight for the rights of family farmers trying to get unprocessed food to consumers who want it.

So, are we as taxpayers ready for a long, potentially costly legal battle over two gallons of milk? Does this problem warrant such a government response?

The Bechards obviously do not think so. We do not either.
Armand told us the sales of the two gallons were an anomaly, caused by entrapment. He also says his family now delivers only milk that has been paid for in advance, which no one disagrees he has the right to do.

The Bechards contend that the daughters, age 17 and 21, sold the two gallons only because a buyer failed to show for the pre-ordered milk in the parking lot where the Bechards meet customers to deliver various kinds of home-grown or homemade products from their family farm. Officials, though, contend that the selling constituted violations of both city and state law.

Obviously, we're not supporting willful violation of the law. But with state statutes allowing consumers to order raw milk and buy it from a family farm, the Bechards' minor screwup seems better handled through a conversation than a courtroom.

This case has the feel of government targeting a specific family operation to try to make an over-arching point, and that seems unfair.

A better route to try to clear up concerns about the danger of raw milk would be through the state legislature.

If health officials or the Missouri State Milk Board want to establish broader rules for licensing, inspection and delivery of this product, they should make their case to supportive lawmakers. If they can't, then operations like the Bechards need to be left alone.

It's not like this family is forcing their products on anyone. They're simply trying to meet a demand, like a good business is wont to do. Now that they've agreed to use a Springfield parking lot to deliver milk already bought -- they're guaranteeing no money will change hands at that lot -- we urge the government to back off.

The Bechards are part of a growing movement of farmers, gardeners and fresh-food advocates who believe the government hurts the small farmer by overstepping its role in keeping food safe. The defense league coming to the Bechards' aid has handled similar cases nationwide.

There's an element of buyer beware in all this that seems to have been overlooked by officials.

We hope they take a step back and realize that attacking this couple known for agricultural expertise and for raising seven children in a hard-work homestead is no way to win points with the public.

Drop these petty accusations in Greene County's courts.

Make your bigger case for food safety, if you can, in the Jefferson City court of public opinion.

Our Voice
This editorial is the view of the News-Leader Editorial Board.

Additional Facts

The law: as clear as cottage cheese
Here is the state attorney general's interpretation of Missouri law regarding three types of milk:

First, Grade A Fluid Milk is regulated by the Missouri Dairy Law at 196.931-196.959. Grade A Fluid Milk is milk of such a high quality that it can eventually become drinkable, store-bought fluid milk (the kind we buy in gallon jugs or order at restaurants). Grade A Fluid Milk has been pasteurized, cooled, and placed in a final container in a milk plant conforming to the sanitation and bacteriological standards set forth in the Missouri Dairy Law and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. The various definitions for Grade A Fluid Milk are located at 196.931(1),(2), and (3).

Second, Manufactured Grade Raw Milk is milk that does not meet the requirements for Grade A Raw Milk for Pasteurization, so it must be used for manufactured dairy products, such as cheese, ice cream, butter, etc. This milk is not suitable for store-bought fluid milk and is therefore exempt from 196.931 through 196.953 because this is the Grade A Fluid Milk Law.

This is where it is a little confusing, because Manufactured Grade Raw Milk is defined as "Manufacturing Raw Milk," at 196.931. Manufacturing Raw Milk and Manufactured Dairy Products are regulated in the Manufacturing Milk and Dairy Market Testing Law, 196.520-196.610.

Third, true Raw Milk is milk that has been milked straight from the cow and bottled immediately with little to no treatment (pasteurization or sterilization) from the farmer. This milk can be delivered directly to the consumer or picked up by the consumer at the farm under the exemption provided in 196.935 to the Missouri Dairy Law (for Grade A Fluid Milk... the drinkable kind). If a farmer wants to sell the raw milk in a grocery store or at a distribution point like a farmer's market, then the farmer needs to obtain a Grade A Retail Raw Milk permit, pursuant to 2 CSR 80-3.030.

..and for the record I'm a proponent of RAW Milk but this is a distortion of the real events and poor journalism if nothing else, and manufacturing dissent in America if you read without that bias towards enforcement (perhaps rightfully so to a point) and the FDA. I am not defending everything they do by a long shot.

Often Natural News gives health advice and they protect themsleves like anyone else in their right mind would.

Quote:The information on this site is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind. Truth Publishing assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this material.
~displayed on every footer of the site

Now when it gets to the details .. here's a nice second look at one instance and prompts the reader not to swallow this health advice without at least triple checking what is being recommended.

Quote:.. Mike Adams, Truth Publishing - So I go check out his site a little
He recommends ...

"Daily breakfast with supergreens shake: 2 cups soymilk + 1 scoop supergreens powder + 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + coral calcium powder + stevia + chocolate rice protein + natural peanut butter"

Everything there sounds like a winner - but, 2 cups of soy milk a day!!! I won't touch the stuff - not a drop!

The rest is a quote from:

* High levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking. High phytate diets have caused growth problems in children.

* Trypsin inhibitors in soy interfere with protein digestion and may cause pancreatic orders. In test animals soy containing trypsin inhibitors caused stunted growth.

* Soy phytoestrogens disrupt endocrine function and have the potential to cause infertility and to promote breast cancer in adult women.

* Soy phytoestrogens are potent antithyroid agents that cause hypothyroidism and may cause thyroid cancer. In infants, consumption of soy formula has been linked to autoimmune thyroid disease.

* Vitamin B12 analogs in soy are not absorbed and actually increase the body’s requirement for B12.

* Soy foods increase the body’s requirement for vitamin D.

* Fragile proteins are denatured during high temperature processing to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein.

* Processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.

* Free glutamic acid or MSG, a potent neurotoxin, is formed during soy food processing and added to many soy foods.

* Soy foods contain high levels of aluminum which is toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys.


* Babies fed soy-based formula have 13,000 to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula.

* Infants exclusively fed soy formula receive the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day.

* Male infants undergo a “testosterone surge” during the first few months of life, when testosterone levels may be as high as those of an adult male. During this period, baby boys are programmed to express male characteristics after puberty, not only in the development of their sexual organs and other masculine physical traits, but also in setting patterns in the brain characteristic of male behavior.

* Pediatricians are noticing greater numbers of boys whose physical maturation is delayed, or does not occur at all, including lack of development of the sexual organs. Learning disabilities, especially in male children, have reached epidemic proportions.

* Soy infant feeding—which floods the bloodstream with female hormones that inhibit testosterone—cannot be ignored as a possible cause for these tragic developments. In animals, soy feeding indicates that phytoestrogens in soy are powerful endocrine disrupters.

* Almost 15 percent of white girls and 50 percent of African-American girls show signs of puberty such as breast development and pubic hair, before the age of eight. Some girls are showing sexual development before the age of three. Premature development of girls has been linked to the use of soy formula and exposure to environmental estrogens such as PCBs and DDE.

I could point to other stories like the triclosan (an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent) scare in saying it produces agent orange and many other stories designed to promote fear or counter productive health measures under the guise of this health advice website but I'll stop here - the onus appears to fall upon the individual in this one. I really can't say for sure how any benefits may outweigh the dangers and there are dangers (I prefer pure soap personally isopropyl alcohol if I get paranoid) given my time and resources. I can say it will not create Superbugs though since a bacteria cannot come up with resistance to having it's innards sucked out any more than a human being can develop a resistance to jumping in lava or a gunshot to the brain stem.

In conclusion Natural News is either simple profiteering or fear based propaganda straight outta Taipei from what I have read over the years. The best lies are 90% truth and this site is full of trojans.

Also follow up on their sources check for small samples to support their claims and how they did their testing for toxins or health implications. If it's a human story follow up with other views. Consider the source too they tend to link a lot to MSM and the fake alt-media gatekeepers.


Given this information, I hereby retract my recommendation of the site. It may present some good information but there are too many potential motivations for this site to put before your health.
There are no others, there is only us.
05-29-2011, 11:18 AM,
Bug  RE: Natural News TV
I don't even need to read your whole post, anyone who recommends soy, other than fermented forms, can not be trusted. Hey if your pro-Chinese anti-American theory is correct maybe they want to feminize Americans with the soy recommendations?
05-29-2011, 03:18 PM,
RE: Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
@nwo2012 The following is why you should read posts fully if you plan to comment on them.

FastTadpole wrote:
Quote:Given this information, I hereby retract my recommendation of the site. It may present some good information but there are too many potential motivations for this site to put before your health....

In conclusion Natural News is either simple profiteering or fear based propaganda straight outta Taipei from what I have read over the years. The best lies are 90% truth and this site is full of trojans.

Also follow up on their sources check for small samples to support their claims and how they did their testing for toxins or health implications. If it's a human story follow up with other views. Consider the source too they tend to link a lot to MSM and the fake alt-media gatekeepers.
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
05-30-2011, 12:04 AM,
RE: Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
No I think he got the just of it icosaface.
There are no others, there is only us.
11-02-2011, 11:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-03-2011, 01:23 AM by h3rm35.)
RE: Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
thanks for linking to this on the fluoride removal thread... I'll check it out when I have some time for serious perusal... been w8in and hoping to find out what you managed to pry loose about Adams and Co. for a while.

edit to add:
project avalon as a source??? hmmm...

just checked the link and found this smack-dab in the middle of the page:
Quote:All this yammering for support, and trying to foment an uprising, crying over the airwaves about what's being done to us, will likely prove to be a non-starter. (edit by h3rm35: sounds to me like a "Buddhist" avalonian trying to push a Theosophist-type Blavatskian new-world religion type approach to me!!! :p )We couldn't more stupidly play into TPTB hands than to try to get a revolution going. That's the scenario they are hoping for, because then they don't have to watch their backs when they come to "arrest" the "terrorists". But if we're just not playing along with their games, then what can they do?

They are trying to turn us all into national enquirer addicts. That's their ideal population. They want a population of TV addicted, drug addicted, money addicted, robots.

the whole thing is contradictory (see italicized text vs simple bold... what the hell does that even mean?)
project avalon is a lot more worrisome to me that natural news...

that being said, I'd definitely source any soy I consumed to organics produced in the Americas [they do exist, Chinese "organics" have little to no oversight (meaning most are tainted with a high quantity of GM's,) and almost all soy on major food outlet shelves and in many "natural" food companies products,) and still keep my consumption (as a male - as a female, regular soy consumption ain't all that bad - it can even make that time of the month more tolerable for everyone,) very low due to the phyto-estrogen content of soy naturally.

I don't doubt Mike Adams is in it for the money, and I don't think anyone who reads him would see him as objective. When I personally read someone who's obviously not objective, I make sure that I try to remember that there's always another opposing viewpoint. Its a cue to set my bullshit detector on high. It's rare that what he reports on rather than what he suggests you consume triggers it. The latter almost always sets it off, as does almost every supplement pitch I ever hear... but just because a person claims that something does more than it actually does doesn't mean it isn't good for you, or that it must therefor be bad for you. Just my two cents: when he's pitching product, ignore his ass, but there's no harm in reading his editorialized news, provided you recognize it as editorialized... almost every media outlet has a monetary agenda, whether it be securing grants, advertising contracts, a chance to pitch their own product, or to eventually develop an opportunity to one of those things. props to concen!!!!

( ...whereas project avalon will almost always shrink and retract your testicles, give you horrible acne with painful zits the size of lifesavers, both constipate and give you irritable bowel syndrome, and give you delusions of grandeur up to and most likely including thinking that you are God.)

the sentiments added parenthetically above are for entertainment purposes only, and not to take the place of the advice of a medical or spiritual professional... all except for that very, very last part
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
02-14-2012, 11:04 AM,
RE: Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
I was tangent surfing and noticed Natural News now allows comments, albeit via registered Facebook users only.

That should add a dimension.

Don't agree with an article and you're already part of or don't give a frak about CIABook logging your opinions indefinitely - Post your critique or maybe go a bit deeper on some of the leads that they cover in more depth.

Good video lecture pack to use in conjunction with your efforts to discern science from extrapolated observational spin.

Science For Smart People + Big Fat Fiasco
There are no others, there is only us.
03-29-2012, 01:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-29-2012, 01:21 PM by CharliePrime.)
Thumbs Up  RE: Natural News TV
(05-03-2011, 01:30 PM)FastTadpole Wrote: Truth Publishing International Ltd., Taiwan, Assets: $181M USD

Ouch. Good catch FTP.

I was always suspicious of Natural News due to the behavior you describe; exaggerated claims, extreme politicism, use of Fear, hard hard marketing, etc. Your evidence explains a lot. Thank you.

I don't begrudge anyone for earning a profit. My kids gotta eat. Bandwidth costs money. That being said, there often comes a point where we see online publishers cross over into propaganda in search of profits.

Sidenote: I'm trying to move away from all things Google/CIA/Facebook. I currently like as my RSS feed reader. Give it a look.

04-09-2012, 08:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-09-2012, 08:11 AM by Zammo.)
RE: Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with Mike Adams? Again on these forums someone that speaks out about liberty, the corruption in government, supports Ron Paul and warns people about health issues and the eugenics programme gets slammed! Putting these people down, micro analysing every facet of their life to prevent the world they are trying to get out to people, it can only be the work of the government or very misguided people.

Mike Adams has woken me up to many things and every time I have heard him on the Alex Jones show, he offers such a wealth of information I find it hard to tear myself away from the screen.

He covers GMO in a big way, the twisted lies from big pharma and exposes people like Bill Gates. He reported about the NDAA even before Alex Jones did and that was 2 weeks before the main stream media even tried to deny it existed. He covers SOPA and ACTA. He is a strong supporter of Ron Paul and defending the constitution.

He talks a lot about vaccines, how it's the mercury and aluminium that is part of every vaccine, that destroys your brain (a subject that is of particular interest to me as I have a severely autistic child). He exposes the horrors of what Gardasil was doing and how the government were making fake laws to force people to let their kids take it. He talks about the natural methods of keeping your body healthy. He talks about off the grind living and a lot about food freedom. He exposes what the FDA and Monsanto are doing.

So I should forget everything I have learnt from Mike Adams because he is an agent, right? Even though many other experts and the research I have looked at have backed every word that has come out of his mouth?

What is wrong with you people?
04-09-2012, 11:34 AM,
RE: Natural News .. Genuine Health News, Shillery Profiteers and/or Clever Chinese Propaganda?
Quote:So I should forget everything I have learnt from Mike Adams because he is an agent, right?


Quote:What the hell is wrong with Mike Adams?

Not so much North American regional marketing front man and former email marketer Mike Adams but the overall message of Truth Publishing Inc. is distorted, at least slightly, for economic gain as evidenced by a few examples cited above.

Presenting the facts is one thing but the slanted perspective of Natural News is something to take note of. A prominent ad for Resveratrol, charging 4 times the amount for Potassium Iodide during the Japan Tsunami fiasco, promoting Soy based diets... to name a few more. I could go on and we might find some interesting relationships if we vested more time in vetting Natural News as a source for health information.

MSM is a complicated animal and is often used as a reverse psychological tool to manipulate the public into the opposite line of thought on a particular subject when the closer adjunct to truth is really outside of the controlled paradigm of their scope entirely.

Too many 'truthers' have used Natural News as their only source and that can be a dangerous precedent.

Here's a parable:

A mapmaker develops a good reputation by giving merchant sailors maps. He becomes the de-facto publisher for finding rich fishing grounds. The first nine maps that he produced lead to bountiful harvest. The sailors laud his expertise and continue to give him business. Then the tenth map is produced and the sailors are led to a great whirlpool that sucks them in to the depths of the ocean killing everyone on board.

I just prompt fellow ConCeners to dig a little deeper than just ceding their research to Natural News articles and take it upon themselves to look at things (re)presented by them from a few different angles before swallowing the pill whole as there are instances where the information can do more harm than good.
There are no others, there is only us.

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