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Isle of Muck residents ordered to stop drinking spring water
07-25-2010, 09:08 PM,
Isle of Muck residents ordered to stop drinking spring water
Quote:New health and safety guidelines mean the water supply that has sustained the residents of Muck through the ages is no longer deemed safe to drink.

Officials have told the Hebridean island’s 35 inhabitants they must import mineral water from the mainland and are offering taxpayer-funded grants for a new treatment and purification system.

But angry residents complained no one has become ill after drinking water from the island’s eight natural springs, which are fed by rain clouds rolling across the Atlantic.

Lawrence MacEwen, whose family have owned the tiny isle since 1896, said: “All the houses on Muck are served by reliable springs of a quality at least as good as can be bought in bottles.

“But that is not good enough for our environmental health, who are insisting that all our water is treated before it reaches the houses.”

A Highland Council spokesman said a number of water supplies on Muck failed the most recent test sampling, with bacteria levels higher than new Scottish Executive-set limits.

Residents have now begun complying with the rules and can apply for an Executive grant of £15,200 to install ultraviolet bacterial cleaning systems, which should be operational within the next fortnight.
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