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The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
07-23-2010, 02:48 PM,
The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab

By Cassandra Anderson
July 21, 2010

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) addressed Congress on July 15th to report the Natural Resources Committee's passage of HR 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources Act (CLEAR Act) of 2009. Congressman Gohmert said that the bill was to "deal with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico" but it contains plans for the federal government to acquire land and was introduced in 2009.


[Image: mapowns_the_west.jpg]

The CLEAR Act is ambiguous so if the bill is passed, federal agencies will determine how it is implemented and how the land will be used.(1)

Congressman Gohmert pointed out that a portion of the CLEAR Act contains a provision for the federal government to spend $900 million a year to purchase private land over the next 30 years, for a grand total of $27 billion dollars over 3 decades. Gohmert noted that the federal government already owns or manages about 30% of the land in America, most of it in the western states. He said that the federal government has failed to maintain the federal and national parks that it already controls and is $3.7 billion behind in basic maintenance costs, according to one report. When land is federalized, it is taken off of the tax payroll.

He went on to say that when the federal government acquires land, it makes promises to generate revenue but then fails to utilize the resources; an example is timber, as logging is prohibited in most federal lands. Mr. Gohmert then showed a graph of how much money the federal government has spent to acquire more land over the last few years:

2008 $100 million
2009 $150 million
2010 $300 million

Gohmert was incredulous that the federal government intends to raise its purchasing allocations to $900 million a year for the next 30 years and questioned "how in the world does that make sense"?

It makes perfect sense when the objectives of the UN's Agenda 21 are understood, as Agenda 21 is the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control from the international level all the way down to the individual level, using the environment as the excuse. Most people are unaware that one of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development's goals is to make 50% of America into 'Wildlands' that are off-limits to humans and to herd people into 'Smart Growth' cities. Almost all wealth is derived from land and its resources. The more land the federal government owns, the more control they have. Less than 6% of America is considered developed (with roads and buildings) but the federal government is devoted to reducing these developed areas.(2)

The federal government has expanded its expense account to purchase more private land following the burst of the housing and real estate bubble that they created, and at a time when property is cheap. When Bill Clinton was in the White House he authorized a study called the Gap Analysis which identified all privately owned land in America and this is the target for takeover by the federal government and UN Biosphere Reserves, per Dr. Michael Coffman.

The Constitution provides for the federal government to exercise authority over ten square miles in Washington, D.C. and places for needful buildings like forts, arsenals and dock yards. Nowhere does the Constitution give the federal government authority to regulate conservationism, forestry and wildlife.

Watch this short video introduction about the Wildlands Project by Dr. Michael Coffman:

Wayne Hage, author of "Storm Over Rangelands, Private Rights in Federal Lands" meticulously documented how the eastern financiers (bankers, railroad magnates and wealthy cattle ranchers), over 100 years ago, used federal lands in the western states to control resources that include minerals, timber and hydroelectric sites. In modern times, oil may also be included. There is an abundance of natural resources in the western states, but the resources are locked up, through conservation measures to prevent prosperity. And to prevent energy independence.

Congressman Gohmert said that the Obama Administration doesn't like to lease land for drilling and gave an example of Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Department of Interior, rejecting bids and returning checks to oil companies for drilling in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, which could have prevented the need for deep water drilling. He also said that uranium mining is off-limits in America and that 90% of uranium used in nuclear energy plants is imported. Gohmert mentioned that Obama is advocating Spain's 'green' energy model for wind and solar development that has proven to be an economic disaster.(3)

The CLEAR Act's funding for private property purchase by the federal government is just one part of the machinery that is overtaking America's private land. An example of another federal land grab method was in the news just a few months ago when Senator Jim DeMint exposed Obama's plan to takeover 10 million acres of land in the west.(4) Because the western states' federal lands are already heavily regulated and there are existing plans for federalizing more land through 'conservationism', it is likely that the federal government intends to purchase private land that is resource rich (especially with oil, gas and water) in the midwestern and eastern states. Dr. Michael Coffman's thorough analysis, "Taking Liberty", is a must-see for anyone who owns property, especially the region-by-region section that explains how the federal government plans to take land in each area of the U.S. in order to control the resources and transform the property into Wildlands.(5)

Dr. Michael Coffman's website is

For more analyses on Agenda 21, visit Cassandra Anderson's website at

07-24-2010, 11:20 PM,
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
The Agenda 21 Land grab is about the most important theft that is taking place. It confiscates the means of production and concentrates them in the eventual world corporation or government once all is consolidated. Personal property, and thus liberties, will no longer be part of the vocabulary if this is allowed to continue.

Various Agenda 21 mentions on the Forum:

Quote:The same Sierra Club web page notes that the POP treaty grew out of several earlier agreements spawned at the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, particularly the UN’s eco-manifesto for total regimentation of the entire planet, known as Agenda 21. The secretary-general of the Earth Summit was Maurice Strong, who said, prior to that event, that the global agenda in Rio would be guided by a report of the Trilateral Commission entitled Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology. "I have been privileged to work closely with the principal author, Jim MacNeill, for over two decades," Strong wrote in the introduction to that report, noting that MacNeill "is now advising me on the road to Rio" concerning "decisions that will literally determine the fate of the earth." Writing the foreword to that same study was none other than David Rockefeller, longtime chairman and guiding light of both the CFR and Trilateral Commission.

Quote:Speaking of "Utopias", you keep harping on about Earthsave, anyone would think....

EarthSave, created by an author of a book that promotes vegan food. Suprise 1.
An internationalist movement with a website for every city, sounding abit agenda 21 already.

Earthsaves affiliates: Centre for food safty, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Farm Animal Reform Movement, Foundation on Economic Trends, Organic Consumers Association, PETA (kill them to save them), Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Sierra Club and United Poultry Concerns.

EarthSave board member Dr. Douglas Graham (his degree is in chiropractic) takes veganism one step further, insisting that only completely raw foods are truly good for you. He claims that “it is not possible for cooked foods to supply our needs for either optimum nutrition or ethical integrity.” Graham’s ethical considerations include the claim that “heat produced from cooking, and from heating water for cleaning pots pans and dishes , contributes significantly to global warming.” In an unbelievable leap of logic, Graham goes on to allege that the consumption of cooked food “is linked to almost every eating disorder, many learning disabilities, and practically every disease known to man.” Did he eat too much cooked food?

No more cooking food, because of global warming!!!!! Scream

We're all fucked!!

Quote:This sense of responsibility can only emerge from the acceptance of the oneness of humanity and will only be sustained by a unifying vision of a peaceful, prosperous world society. Without such a global ethic, people will be unable to become active, constructive participants in the worldwide process of sustainable development. While Agenda 21 provides an indispensable framework of scientific knowledge and technical know-how for the implementation of sustainable development, it does not inspire personal commitment to a global ethic. This is not to say that ethics and values were ignored during the UNCED process. The call for unifying values was heard throughout, from heads of state to UN officials to representatives of non-governmental organizations and individual citizens. In particular, the concepts of 'our common humanity,' 'world citizenship' and 'unity in diversity' were invoked to serve as the ethical undergirding for Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration.

The world community has, in this way, already come to a basic accord on the need for a global ethic to vitalize Agenda 21. We suggest that the term 'world citizenship' be adopted to encompass the constellation of principles, values, attitudes and behaviours that the peoples of the world must embrace if sustainable development is to be realized.

World citizenship begins with an acceptance of the oneness of the human family and the interconnectedness of the nations of 'the earth, our home.' While it encourages a sane and legitimate patriotism, it also insists upon a wider loyalty, a love of humanity as a whole. It does not, however, imply abandonment of legitimate loyalties, the suppression of cultural diversity, the abolition of national autonomy, nor the imposition of uniformity. Its hallmark is 'unity in diversity.' World citizenship encompasses the principles of social and economic justice, both within and between nations; non-adversarial decision making at all levels of society; equality of the sexes; racial, ethnic, national and religious harmony; and the willingness to sacrifice for the common good. Other facets of world citizenship;all of which promote human honour and dignity, understanding, amity, cooperation, trustworthiness, compassion and a desire to serve;can be deduced from those already mentioned. A few of these principles have been articulated in Agenda 21;most, however, are noticeably lacking. Moreover, no overall conceptual framework is provided under which they can be harmonized and promulgated.

Fostering world citizenship is a practical strategy for promoting sustainable development. So long as disunity, antagonism and provincialism characterize the social, political and economic relations within and among nations, a global, sustainable pattern of development can not be established. Over a century ago Bahá'u'lláh warned, 'The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.' Only upon a foundation of genuine unity, harmony and understanding among the diverse peoples and nations of the world, can a sustainable global society be erected."

The Office of the Environment has distributed more than 100,000 copies of World Citizenship: A Global Ethic for Sustainable Development, has offered it at various UN conferences and events, and has encouraged broad distribution of the copies. The document exists in at least a dozen languages and has been put on several electronic bulletin boards and networks.

Bahá'í communities in several countries have held seminars, workshops and discussion groups on the ideas contained in the statement and several have undertaken concrete actions. For example, a number of Bahá'í communities initiated efforts to encourage local authorities and organizations of civil society to implement Agenda 21. Bahá'í communities throughout Germany and the United Kingdom began approaching local authorities (the subject of chapter 28 of Agenda 21) to discuss promoting the concept of world citizenship as a moral and ethical basis for development. Similarly, Bahá'í communities in Australia, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have launched campaigns in schools focusing on world citizenship and sustainable development. In Brazil the Bahá'í community has initiated an annual World Citizenship award."

Quote:After doing a little research on Intel’s website and its affiliation with the EPA and the United Nations, the implications are clear: Intel is preoccupied with the global warming hoax and intends to institute Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by indoctrinating children through education.

Lori Wigle, Intel’s Eco- Technology General Manager and “Green Queen” went to the Copenhagen convention and wrote in her blog that technology could provide a structure for people to telecommute from home so that “ultimately we may need fewer roads”.(2) Remember that the collectivists’ agenda is to concentrate people in cities and remove them from the land. If there are no roads, the land becomes ‘off-limits’.

Further, Intel’s Corporate Responsibility Director, Michael Jacobson, glorifies the alliance between Intel and the United Nations in his blog regarding the United Nations Global Compact.(4)

The United Nations Global Compact is based on the Rio Declaration of Environment and Development from 1992, and IS Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Soft language is used, but the underlying message is that an international governing body should regulate all things concerning human interaction with the environment.(5) The man made global warming hoax is one of the biggest weapons of propaganda and legal action that the collectivists use.

Lastly, education is a tool that the globalists use to promote their programs, and is clearly documented in their own materials. For example, California’s Assembly Bill 32 (Cap & Trade), the final report states, “ARB will also rely on partners throughout the state to develop and display options for curricula that will enhance the K-12, community college, trade technical training programs, and programs at four-year colleges.” (page 102)(6)

The Good News:

Being forewarned is being forearmed. You can teach your children about “Climategate” and get other parents involved. You can educate the educators and become more involved in what your child learns.

"Greenpeace and Agenda 21." ~hilly

"Agenda 21 and the eco social market economy otherwise known as the NWO" ~nik

"fcuk agenda 21 and those UN feggets. jk jk alan watt talks about agenda 21 and how they want to move everyone into "habitat areas"" ~ imsoaznwashed

Quote:I've now discovered my (Florida's) local Agenda 21 pushing creeps and they are known as the Century Commission: For a Sustainable Florida. If you don't know what Agenda 21 is, there's more info here But in brief, it is about private property land grabs, the elimination of middle class, and more and more government or extra-governmental (ie: private sector) regulation and control in your life. It's a plan designed by the UN and is often evident with such terms as "sustainable development", "community building", etc.

I am watching what appears to be their first meetings on a college cable channel.. it took place 9/11/2006 of all days. They are talking about one of their first goals is to grab 2 million acres of people's land under the guise of environmental protection. Also, they are also mentioning how they would like to end poverty by bringing everyone down to a common denominator, thus eliminating the middle class and essentially widening the gap among classes, making the rich richer and poor poorer. And they are also saying that they have discovered they will not need legislative approval to do what they want to do, they will just use "common sense". This is all taking place right now in the pre-recorded meeting I'm watching! They are disguising their motives and saying that this has nothing to do with federal government and it's only a local and regional basis, yet they keep mentioning how this will tie in globally with other plans. Some guy just said "democracy works too slowly sometimes for us to accomplish our goals"... And most of these people hide behind the mask of "conservative". Wonderful, one of their advisors from a law firm just said that he thinks their reports they will use to justify their purpose should maybe be read by legislator's assistants, but if they are going to present this information to legislators themselves the reports should be renamed so they don't look like the intentions are ill-meaning. Here's their site - These guys should all be hanged.

(12-31-2006, 04:14 PM)Reboot Wrote: Quotes About The Hidden Government


George Hunt - UN UNCED Earth Summit 1992: The Dark Side of the Sustainable Development Movement

Watch - Direct Download Options (Google Video - 37 minutes)

George Hunt, a business consultant, was present at the 1987 Fourth World Wilderness Congress as a member of the staff. He initially wanted to buy a ticket but this proved to be much too expensive ($650). At the conference he noticed it had very little to do with the conventional environment movement and was surprised to see people like Maurice Strong, Edmund de Rothschild (Pilgrims Society), David Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society), and James A. Baker (Pilgrims Society; Cap & Gown; trustee American Institute for Contemporary German Studies; Atlantic Council of the United States; National Security Planning Group; Bohemian Grove; CFR; Carlyle; advisor George W. Bush in his 2000 election). In his two videos, produced in 1989 and 1992, he plays audio recordings of several of the 1987 speakers, including Maurice Strong and Edmund de Rothschild (71).

Stewart Best - Unfriendly Fire: The UN Land Wars


The ecological treaties formulated in the United Nations and introduced to the world through the Rio Earth Summit are one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated upon the human race. Agenda 21, the Wildlands Project, Man and Biosphere and a host of others are designed to confiscate private property in the name of ecology. They are a Marxist/Communist/Illuminst plan to destroy the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights - all, of course, for the public good. Land controls, zoning, "smart growth" planning and a host of other controls actually confiscate property without payment - by coming in the back door through the green movement.

80% of American land is targeted for depopulation and severe land controls - including the primary food belt areas. The UN wants to control all aspects of life - and that is one reason why the UN is behind the gun control movement in the United States. This video is a deep probe documentary with a large amount of documents from various sources including the UN itself - and they mean to take all private property away.

The difference between the U.S.A. and the U.S.:

These files need to be upped to the tracker. Hunt (no pun intended) them down then up 'em to the site seed em up on demonoid, isohunt and other trackers too. Try to bump the dead ones too while you're all at it. - and Yes, I'm talkin' to all y'all readin' this.


Quote:What's The Government Plotting, Agenda 21 Bluebeam Or Worse?
No description just watch the damn video. fuck this what the fuck we are gonna let them kill us and use us and they are gonna be takin us in the ass, cause we've all seen way too much of the nwo shit and all we can do is talk about it,are we all that fuckin weak? are we pussys? Are we cowards? Obviously so.

Quote:Helen Chenoweth - America in Crisis (1993)

This 1993 lecture features the late Helen Chenoweth one of the last real American politicians (R-Idaho) to stand up for citizen's rights had the foresight to perceive the Agenda 21 style environmental movement as a threat to property rights and separates man from the land and suffocates the ability of US citizens to create any new wealth. She was one of the first people to recognize the collusion between fake science and the green movement that foreshadowed the carbon tax agenda.

In this lecture Helen Chenoweth discusses the economic impacts of the environmental movement on our land base. She also exposes how the Wetlands Act and the Endangered Species Act are being used to destroy private property rights. Filmed in September of 1993.

Streaming Version (5 parts):

It seems there is an edit between parts 1 and 2 so this may not be the complete lecture. I have contacted the uploaders on eClip and YouTube with no response to date.

Helen Chenoweth-Hage- wiki

Here is the article released on the day of her death, read into it what you will.

Helen Chenoweth-Hage, 68, the arch-conservative Idaho Republican whose deep suspicion of the government and federal law enforcement carried her to three terms in Congress, died Oct. 2 in a car crash near Tonopah, Nev....

More tracker goodies available here various levels of seeding, request a reseed for the dead torrents:
There are no others, there is only us.
07-25-2010, 01:09 AM,
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
Great site for you Americans out there that want to learn more about and join an actionable group to challenge Agenda 21, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.

Quote:Freedom Advocates


Freedom Advocates represents a cross-section of people from all political parties and backgrounds who are united in the principles of individual liberty, equal justice and the constitutional administration of government. People are born with unalienable rights and government exists to protect those rights. Rather than bureaucrats mandating indoctrination programs, parents should direct the terms of their child’s education. Rather than bureaucrats taking the use of private property, the ideals of private property should be protected by government.

Our mission is to advance the principles of freedom to individuals and government through public discourse.


Focus public attention on the value of the freedoms protected to Americans by the Declaration of Independence, and encourage individual and community interest in protecting those freedoms.
Provide opportunities for discourse among organization participants and others.
Promote and strengthen government responsiveness to the principles of freedom.
Inform the public about local, national, and international threats to individual freedoms.
Unite against the advance of international collectivist movements that cause poverty, oppression, and a degraded earth.

Political Environment

Policies, procedures, and laws enacted by government and non-government organizations in the name of diversity, community, and earth are diminishing individual liberty, degrading ecology, and threatening human life and happiness across America. These policies are approaching full implementation with little public discourse and with no voter input. While the political environment might seem disheartening to those who value individual liberty, the following opportunities appear to portray a changing political horizon:

The adverse consequences of collectivist policies and laws enacted by county governments are affecting almost every American citizen. As residents recognize the cause of the problems, they may be increasingly interested in supporting political change in their local political environment.
World events have caused Americans to become aware of local and international threats to their individual liberties. (War, 911, Global Warming Scams, Patriot Act, etc...)
The consequences are becoming clear...

You've likely already experienced some of the consequences of policies that are approaching full implementation, with little public discourse or voter input:

* Restricted freedom of mobility as you sit for hours in gridlock traffic
* Mounting limitations on -- or even loss of -- your private property
* An engineered housing crisis that you're being told must be solved by those who caused it -- with your money
* Loss of your parental authority to a government education system that seems to emphasize social indoctrination over education
* Transitioning of water resources to regional control by non-elected bureaucrats with subsequent engineered shortages
* Heavy influence of international and non-government organizations (NGOs) over local policy, at the expense of representative democracy
* Limitations on privately owned resource extraction.

You're not alone in recognizing these and other symptoms of our diminishing freedoms. The adverse consequences of collectivist policies and laws enacted by government bodies are affecting almost everyone. Many are ready to act to advance individual liberty, family autonomy, a vibrant ecology, and a strong economy.

We welcome your participation.


Freedom Advocates will provide a forum through which participants can learn about, discuss, and influence policies related to the following areas:

* Constitutional government
* Private property
* Individual and Family autonomy
* Sustainable Development/Agenda 21

We will help build and foster a grass-roots base of residents who celebrate the principles of self-governance by sponsoring these activities:

* Internet-based freedom center
* Electronic communications network
* Speaking and seminar events
* Activism at local and regional political meetings and events
* Direct mail and flyer campaigns
* Political and politician surveys
* Local radio interviews and programs
* Political debates
* Publications


Participation in Freedom Advocates is open to the public. Participants include people from all political parties and backgrounds who are united in the pursuit of individual liberty, equal justice, and the constitutional administration of government..

Here are ways you can participate:

* Understand the full scope of Sustainable Development policies
* Take action in your local area and spread the information
* Sign-up for news and information
* Contribute
* Contact us

Board of Directors

* Michael Shaw
* Joanne Nathan
* Daniel Beckett
* Annette Crews
* Andrew Duncan


* Vern Westgate - Writer/Editor
* Robin West - Office/Store Manager

I'm in the process of acquiring, converting and together a lot of their material for tracker bt dispersal. Do you folks think this would wok better as a large package of ~12 hours of video or as smaller uploads in piecemeal?
There are no others, there is only us.
07-25-2010, 02:07 AM,
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
That is an excellent job of compiling all this information. Clap

I'm wondering on the torrent size if all 12 hours would be so large that many people would not download it. If divided, perhaps the best parts first with some kind of promo that would make them desire to see the next or rest, whichever the case would be. Some of the videos not only on P2 sites but also on Facebook and others. I've started that now, just a little at a time so as not to scare people off or them think I'm nuts. People who have sat back idly by without a clue, if presented for the first time all this info would probably dismiss it. I have found that something that effects them seems to be listened to and slowly bring the rest of it to them. Kind of like a glass of water, one can drink it safely or drown in it.
07-25-2010, 05:19 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-25-2010, 05:21 AM by h3rm35.)
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
"He went on to say that when the federal government acquires land, it makes promises to generate revenue but then fails to utilize the resources; an example is timber, as logging is prohibited in most federal lands."

First of all, that may be true of national parks, but national forests and national wildlife refuges are gutted by clear-cutting all the time, and they're both open to mining. BLM lands are open to both as well, but the Gvt. cedes control to claim-holders on them when a resource is found.

In the case of logging, the national forests have been running in the red for decades, because the appointed bureaucrats that oversee them give out logging contracts for far less than they're worth as favors to timber companies that line the pockets of (typically,) Republican politicians that appoint the bureaucrats. The only national forest that currently generates a profit is the Allegheny, and that's because of a preponderance of Black Cherry. That's all changing though, because the USDA has allowed the introduction of genetically modified monocultures in every national forest that can sustain them over the last 2 decades. The only reason he's trying to push this shit through now is that most of these "tree farms" that were once diverse living systems are almost to maturity, and the Gvt. is about to start reaping the benefits.

Also, I can guarantee you that there's no way that this Gohmert asshat is in any way against agenda 21... he's just trying to open public resources so that he can sell of their resources for campaign contributions. Not all of the environmental protections in this country were created to further a globalist agenda, and corporations and their flunkies in gvt. are preying on our insecurities about globalism and big gvt. in order to relax standing decent legislation that allow wildlands to stay wild.

The only places that are strictly banned from logging and road building for both mining and logging on national forests are designated "Wilderness Areas" and they are a tiny proportion of the total area.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
07-25-2010, 05:47 AM,
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
I've got a friend that owns a logging business here and I bet he would laugh if you said that. From what he says, he logs where he can afford anywhere. No clean cuts usually but he gets the larger on under the pretense of "they may cause forest fires or fall". I've know the man over 21 years.
07-25-2010, 07:05 AM,
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
(07-25-2010, 05:47 AM)hilly7 Wrote: I've got a friend that owns a logging business here and I bet he would laugh if you said that. From what he says, he logs where he can afford anywhere. No clean cuts usually but he gets the larger on under the pretense of "they may cause forest fires or fall". I've know the man over 21 years.
He doesn't run Wayerhauser or any of the other multinational wood product corporations that get handouts from politicians, does he? Does he have the money to genetically engineer trees, right?

anyone who can't hand out payola to politician's campaigns don't really fit into the equations like multi-national corporations.

I've got no qualms about smaller logging groups, but then again, I doubt smaller operations would mind becoming larger, or even massive and faceless. They'd love a federal timber buy as much as any of the multi-nationals. It's a matter of perspective.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
07-26-2010, 06:25 AM,
RE: The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab
Unless you see his vehicles, equipment, or house you would think he is an average Joe. He is heavily into politics. The dude makes a killing.

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