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Links to things folks have been asking about
07-15-2010, 09:05 PM,
Links to things folks have been asking about (Lots of fun facts and new minds) (passed on to me from another site when i was looking for links to add on here)

search for user yowbooks on you tube...

more to follow
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
07-16-2010, 01:22 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
thanks for the links
07-16-2010, 05:14 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about

Quote:Where do these ideas come from?

The majority of the Planet X in 2003 idea is from Nancy Lieder
and her Zetatalk web site. Nancy claims to receives her
information from beings from Zeta Reticuli.

Nancy Lieder

Nancy started posting to astronomy newsgroups in 1995, about
the time comet Hale Bopp was discovered, claiming that there
was no comet. Hale Bopp, she claimed, was simply a nova used
as a distraction so people wouldn't see Planet X. In the spring
of 1997 comet Hale Bopp put on a spectacular show even moving
across the Orion area, very near where the mythical Planet X was
supposed to be. Pretty strange for a distraction to move across the
area it is supposed to be distracting people from! Now 7 years after
this claim was made we still don't see Planet X, even without a

1995 Newsgroup Posting by Nancy
(note the "Mark our words" passage highlighted in red)

After her failed prediction that NASA would say Hale Bopp had
fragmented, Nancy claimed NASA tracked comets until they found
one they could say was Hale Bopp. Oddly NASA seems to have
found the comet of the century to match the predictions, yet the
advanced Zetans didn't see this spectacular comet coming and
embarrassed themselves by saying "Mark our words!"

Some of the more dishonest of the Planet X proponents actually
claim that Hale Bopp was a non-event! This is a rather sad attempt
at revising history to explain the failures of Nancy and Zetatalk.

Hale Bopp Info 1

Hale Bopp Info 2

After flooding internet astronomy groups with this silly talk, a
group of amateur astronomers went to show Nancy the beautiful
comet that didn't exist.

Hale Bopp Party 1

Hale Bopp Party 2

Nancy still frequently posts her silly ideas in the astronomy groups

Nancy's ideas are not new. A comment frequently repeated by
followers of Zetatalk is that one person could not come up with
all the information on the site. The reality is that one person did
not. The content of Zetatalk is comes from many different sources.
A few are listed below.

Ben Goldman, a 1960's and 70's horror movie producer claimed
to be in contact with beings from Zeta Reticuli. He also speaks of
Planet X and Orion. Possibly Nancy watched too many bad horror


The theory of a pole shift is also an old one. Dr. Immanuel
Velikovsky proposed this in his book Worlds in Collision in 1950.
He suggested that the earth recently had an encounter with a
cometary Venus which was hauling around a tail of rocks, very
similar to the tail of debris that Zetatalk claims follows their Planet X.


Zecharia Sitchin in his book the 12th Planet discusses the planet
Nibiru on a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system
every 3600 years and can cause pole shifts. (Nancy even calls her
planet the 12th and Nibiru) Sitchin is a linguist and archeologist
who has spent extensive time studying the ancient Sumerians. He
interprets mythology as fact and comes to some very wild
conclusions. His theories are not well accepted by the scientific


Nancy also uses input from members calling it the Troubled Times
Hub. Many items that are posted to the Zetatalk Yahoo! groups
such as tt-watch are incorporated into Zetatalk and Nancy Lieder
takes credit for the items. The information is not verified and is
often incorrect.

* Note * the group tt-watch has been under heavy moderation for
most of 2002. If you wish to find out about bad weather, tt-watch
is the place. Otherwise the moderators have stopped any topic that
might show how silly Zetatalk really is.

Grab the ideas from Goldman, Velikovsky, Sitchin and others, mix
in every weird science idea (the earth's twin is a good one) and
conspiracy theory and you have ZetaTalk.
Quote:Ben Goldman

There can be no doubt that Ben Goldman believed he had been contacted
by aliens, though he was inconsistent about where they came from and
what their motivations were. The photo on this page, the director says,
was snapped just after one such visitation in 1974. It is entirely possible
that he believed he was in contact with a number of different species from
several planets, though he never claimed in any single interview to have
been in contact with more than one group of unearthly visitors. His beliefs
about these alien visitations formed the basis of the film "Gill Women of
the Prehistoric Planet" (1967). What follows is a quick run-down of his
often contradictory claims organized according to planet of origin.


"I've talked to real aliens, you know," Goldman said to a reporter from
Cleveland's Scene magazine in a March, 1967 interview. "The planet
they're from is called Planet X. That's its real name. According to scientific
theories there is a planet called Planet X which orbits outside the orbit of
Pluto. That's where they're from. It's very cold there. The Soviets
discovered the planet back around 1958 and sent their scout craft to
investigate. By the way, please don't print any of this." The magazine
printed it anyway.


Later in 1967, Goldman talked to a writer from Cinema Sci Fi, a small press
fanzine out of Pittsburgh. In this interview he claimed that he was in
telepathic communication with the inhabitants of "a planet in the Zeta Reticuli
system." The director said they gave him ideas for special effects shots, a
claim which, if substantiated, would prove that alien civilizations lag far
behind Earth in terms of cinematic technology.


An interview published just before the release of Jesus vs Mecha Jesus in
early 1982 finds Goldman naming Orion 5 as the planet with whose citizens
he was in contact. The Orionians were spiritually advanced people and it
was they who converted the director to Christianity and inspired him to make
his religious epic, "Jesus vs. Mecha Jesus" (1982). Goldman went on to
explain that the Orionians held the view that all of Earth's religions were
valid and advised Goldman to follow a Christian path since it was "the one
best suited to his environment."

Quote:Nancy's Hale-Bopp Star Party

April 1, 1997

An enthusiatic group of Amateur Astronomers gather at the residence of the world famous Nancy of ZetaTalk to honor the comet that was not a comet but a coverup created by the MJ12 but now is a comet.

Paul Laughton, John Ladaski, Mark Gingrich,Chris Franks, Donn Hall, Natalie Hall, Mike Packer.

(click on any of thumbnail images below for an enlarged view)

Telescope and binnoculars were set up on the sidwalk in front of Nancy's condominium complex. Many of Nancy's neighbors stopped by to behold the wonderous sight of Hale-Bopp and hear the story of Nancy. Most were amazed to hear that they had a world famous celebrity living near by.

This unindentified young lady chatting with Donn and Mark confided that she was from the CIA.

Later, we turned our astronomical viewing instruments to Orion in an attempt to locate the 12th Planet. It was, however, well hidden just as Nancy said. Notice the strange haze behind Mike and Mark. This haze was not visible to anyone on location. Fortunetly, we had the foresight to install the super secret Kodak MJ12m42 Poltergist filter on the Logitech Pixtura Digital Camera. You can clearly see that our actvities were being closely monitored by the Zetas.

Since Nancy lives in a secure compound, we could not just walk up and knock on her door. Instead, we called her on the intercom. When we invited her come out to see the comet and met some of her "fans," she demured saying she was in her PJs. During a 10 minute conversation (interrupted by intercom timeouts and passing compound residents), Nancy patiently explained to us that the comet that was not a comet is now a comet. We apparently interrupted her during her internet posting activites. After refusing a final invitation to come out and have her picture taken, Nancy signed off saying she needed to prepare for some Radio and Newspaper interviews. Nancy was quite pleasent and patient with us. You would never guess that this was the same person we have come to know on sci.astro.\
Quote:Absence of sunspots make scientists wonder if they're seeing a calm before a
storm of energy

By Stuart Clark
New Scientist
Tuesday, June 22, 2010; HE01

Sunspots come and go, but recently they have mostly gone. For centuries,
astronomers have recorded when these dark blemishes on the solar surface emerge,
only to fade away after a few days, weeks or months. Thanks to their efforts, we
know that sunspot numbers ebb and flow in cycles lasting about 11 years.

But for the past two years, the sunspots have mostly been missing. Their
absence, the most prolonged in nearly 100 years, has taken even seasoned sun
watchers by surprise. "This is solar behavior we haven't seen in living memory,"
says David Hathaway, a physicist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in
Huntsville, Ala.

The sun is under scrutiny as never before, thanks to an armada of space
telescopes. The results they beam back are portraying our nearest star, and its
influence on Earth, in a new light. Sunspots and other clues indicate that the
sun's magnetic activity is diminishing and that the sun may even be shrinking.
Together, the results hint that something profound is happening inside the sun.
The big question is: What?

(Images of the sunspots from NASA)

Groups of sunspots forewarn of gigantic solar storms that can unleash a billion
times more energy than an atomic bomb. Fears that these giant eruptions could
create havoc on Earth and disputes over the sun's role in climate change are
adding urgency to these studies. When NASA and the European Space Agency
launched the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory almost 15 years ago,
"understanding the solar cycle was not one of its scientific objectives," says
Bernhard Fleck, the mission's project scientist. "Now it is one of the key

(Photos from the recent solar eclipse in Africa)

Sunspots are windows into the sun's magnetic soul. They form where giant loops
of magnetism, generated deep inside the sun, well up and burst through the
surface, leading to a localized drop in temperature that we see as a dark patch.
Any changes in sunspot numbers reflect changes inside the sun. "During this
transition, the sun is giving us a real glimpse into its interior," says

When sunspot numbers drop at the end of each 11-year cycle, solar storms die
down and all becomes much calmer. This "solar minimum" doesn't last long. Within
a year, the spots and storms begin to build toward a new crescendo, the next
solar maximum.

What's special about this latest dip is that the sun is having trouble starting
the next solar cycle. The sun began to calm down in late 2007, so no one
expected many sunspots in 2008. But computer models predicted that when the
spots did return, they would do so in force. Hathaway was reported as thinking
the next solar cycle would be a doozy: more sunspots, more solar storms and more
energy blasted into space. Others predicted that it would be the most active
solar cycle on record.

The trouble was, no one told the sun.

The first sign that the prediction was wrong came when 2008 turned out to be
even calmer than expected. That year, the sun was spot-free 73 percent of the
time, an extreme dip even for a solar minimum. Only the minimum of 1913 was more
pronounced, with 85 percent of that year clear.

(Photos from celebrations of the Summer Solstice)

As 2009 arrived, solar physicists looked for some action. They didn't get it.
The sun continued to languish until mid-December, when the largest group of
sunspots to emerge in several years appeared. Even with the solar cycle finally
underway again, the number of sunspots has so far been well below expectations.
Something appears to have changed inside the sun, something the models did not
predict. But what?

The flood of observations from space- and ground-based telescopes suggests that
the answer lies in the behavior of two vast conveyor belts of gas that endlessly
cycle material and magnetism through the sun's interior and out across its
surface. On average it takes 40 years for the conveyor belts to complete a

When Hathaway's NASA team looked over the observations to find out where their
models had gone wrong, they noticed that the conveyor-belt flows of gas across
the sun's surface have been speeding up since 2004.

But the circulation deep within the sun tells a different story. Rachel Howe and
Frank Hill of the National Solar Observatory in Tucson have used observations of
surface disturbances, caused by the solar equivalent of seismic waves, to infer
what conditions are like within the sun. Analyzing data from 2009, they found
that while the surface flows had sped up, the internal ones had slowed to a
crawl. These contradictory findings have thrown the best computer models of the
sun into disarray. "It is certainly challenging our theories," says Hathaway.

These changes are raising questions not just about the sun itself but also about
the extent to which the sun's activity affects our climate. There are those who
believe that the solar variability is the major cause of climate change, an idea
that would let humans and their greenhouse gases off the hook. Others are
equally convinced that the sun plays only a minuscule role in climate change.

The extended collapse in solar activity these past two years offers the
possibility of an experiment to resolve this dispute, allowing scientists to
examine what happens when you switch off one potential cause of climate change
and leave the other alone. With so few sunspots, the amount of solar radiation
bombarding our planet has significantly changed. "As a natural experiment, this
is the very best thing to happen," says Joanna Haigh, a climatologist at
Imperial College London. "Now we have to see how the Earth responds."

Frigid Europe

Michael Lockwood, a professor of space environment physics at the University of
Reading in England, may already have identified one response: the unusually
frigid European winter of 2009-10. He has studied records back to 1650 and found
that severe European winters are much more likely during periods of low solar
activity. This fits an idea of solar activity's giving rise to small changes in
the global climate overall but large regional effects.

Another example is the so-called Maunder minimum, the period from 1645 to 1715
during which sunspots virtually disappeared and solar activity plummeted. If a
similar spell of solar inactivity were to begin now and continue until 2100, it
would mitigate any temperature rise caused by global warming by no more than 0.3
degrees Celsius, according to calculations by Georg Feulner and Stefan Rahmstorf
of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany.

However, something amplified the impact of the Maunder minimum on northern
Europe, ushering in a period known as the Little Ice Age, when
colder-than-average winters became more prevalent and the average temperature in
Europe appeared to drop by between 1 and 2 degrees Celsius.

A corresponding increase in temperatures on Earth appears to be associated with
peaks in solar output. In 2008, Judith Lean of the Naval Research Laboratory's
space science division published a study showing that high solar activity has a
disproportionate warming influence on northern Europe.

What the sun will do next is beyond our ability to predict. Most astronomers
think that the solar cycle will proceed but at significantly depressed levels of
activity, similar to those last seen in the 19th century. However, there is also
evidence that the sun is inexorably losing its ability to produce sunspots. By
2015, they could be gone altogether, plunging us into a new Maunder minimum --
and perhaps a new Little Ice Age.

Of course, solar activity is just one natural source of climate variability.
Another is volcanic eruptions, spewing gas and dust into the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, it remains crucial to understand the precise changeability of the
sun and the way it influences the various regional patterns of weather on Earth.
Climate scientists will then be able to correct for these effects, not just in
interpreting modern measurements but also when attempting to reconstruct the
climate stretching back centuries. It is only by doing so that we can reach an
unassailable consensus about the sun's true level of influence on the Earth and
its climate.

Clark holds a PhD in astrophysics and writes regularly about astronomy. The
author of "The Sun Kings" (Princeton), he blogs at
This article is adapted from one that appeared in the New Scientist; it can be
read in full at
07-16-2010, 05:31 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
ack... i should tell the truth i did not gather up the links myself but asked another who works along the same path as me, and so i did not check where they went i just asked for initiate info for nibru, galactic center, and sun spots... i added yow books myself though so i apologize for contaminating this site with tripe bout Nancy... i have already sent a blistering e-mail to my link hunter, explaining it was scientific links i was looking for. I AM NOT A BELIEVER IN NANCY AND THE ZETA"S other then that i also believe in aliens and that they from time to time might make contact with us...
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
07-16-2010, 05:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-16-2010, 06:00 PM by ---.)
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
07-17-2010, 12:10 AM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
I'm sill looking for your info on moon inhabitants speaking german...
but I think you'll have a tough time finding scientific evidence of that.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
07-17-2010, 05:15 AM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
(07-17-2010, 12:10 AM)h3rm35 Wrote: I'm sill looking for your info on moon inhabitants speaking german...
but I think you'll have a tough time finding scientific evidence of that.

well i have some time tonight so i'll do some googling. i got one for the german moon base and found it covers most moon theories, i only gave it a quick glance but happy reading. try google and any number of ideas i only used germans on the moon and got.... watched it it is just pic and story, but not the story 's i know re moon pyramid. an i'm sure mars pyramid is as easy to find.

All of course to surport that this is just one of many times humans have reached this state and in 2012 we get reset probabbly, and if not then then some time very soon.

I learned from a few sources, some oral re the true purpose of the pyramids was as part of a power center and landing port. and is our human calling card so to speak, as there r humans on other planets from past cycles.

not all aliens look illegal LOL
mostly just confirming they r hiding aliens and what they know... only 10 min though
another good one but 3 part 8 each avg.

more to follow not had to re-research most of this past 15 years as i've not normally been very vocal bout what i know.
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
07-17-2010, 01:22 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
Quote:[PART 18]


One thing that Admiral Byrd stated in a press conference after his defeat
at Antarctica was that the Antarctic continent should be surrounded by a
"wall of defence installations since it represented the last line of defence
for America." Although the U.S. and Russia had been allies during the war,
suddenly the "Iron Curtain" was created and we and the Russians became
'enemies'. (Some say that the animosity of the Cold War directly following
WWII was only an outward smokescreen to justify the expenditure on both
side for massive nuclear armament buildups, and that in reality top U.S. and
U.S.S.R. officials met regularly via-top secret submarine meetings that took
place below the North Polar ice pack. This cooperation however was not
complete, as there were still many at the higher levels of U.S. government
who were against the political imperialist abuses of the Communist system;
and many at the highest levels of the U.S.S.R. who were against the corpor-
ate imperialist abuses of the Capitalist system. - Wol.)

Both the Soviets and the United States ringed the poles with defense and
detection bases, and in between was the barren no-man's-land of the poles
where absolutely nobody lived, or did they? Could it be that we pretended
we were protecting against the Russians and they pretended they were
protecting against us, while really we and they were both scared of what
was in between us -- the Nazi Last Battalion?...


Anybody familiar with Nazi Germany will be familiar with Himmler, Speer,
Bormann and such but few have ever heard of Hans Kammler. Kammler was
a General in the SS, rather an accomplishment any way you look at it. Kam-
mler "was regarded by many in the Nazi hierarchy as the most powerful man
in Germany outside the Cabinet." (*Blunder! How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi
Supersecrets to Russia,* by Tom Agoston, Dodd, Mead & Co., p. 4.)

Kammler, whose position of authority was directly under Himmler, was in
charge of Hitler's most secret projects, specifically projects such as the
world's first jet engines and rockets. He had over 14 million people working
for him, mostly building UNDERGROUND factories. Agoston said his projects
were equivalent to being in charge of building the Great Pyramids or the
Coliseum in Rome. Speer said that he believed that Kammler was being
considered to take his (Speer's) position.

Working under Kammler in charge of rockets was General Walther Dornberger,
who with Dr. Werner von Braun, developed the V-2 rocket. Working with Kam-
mler at the "Reich's most advanced high-technology military research center"
at the Skoda armament complex in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia was General Dr.
Wilhelm Voss. Some of the projects at Skoda remain secret to this day, but
it is acknowledged that among the projects was one by Dr. Franz Josef Neuge-
bauer, "a specialist in thermal systems for aircraft nuclear propulsion." (Ago-
ston, p. 12.)

Albert Speer, in his book *Spandau, The Secret Diaries,* brags that it was
he who ordered Werner Heisenberg to stop building an atomic bomb and
concentrate on a "uranium motor" for aircraft. Towards the end of the war,
Hitler even made Goering and Speer subordinate to Kammler. Eisenhower
admits in *Crusade In Europe* that the Nazis were within 6 months of dev-
eloping advanced weapons that would have changed the outcome of the war.


Rudolph Hess, Hitler's best friend and second in command, went to England
to try to stop the war with Britain and was arrested as a "war criminal" on
May 10, 1941 and was kept from having any contact with the public until he
was recently murdered. He was the only prisoner in Spandau prison. Ones
who paid any attention to his situation at all have wondered what was the
big secret he knew that made him so dangerous to the Allies? Perhaps the
answer is revealed in [Christof] Friedrich's book *Secret Nazi Polar Expedi-
tions* on page 34: Hess "was entrusted with the all-important Antarctic file...
Hess, himself, kept the Polar File..."

If you look at a map of Antarctica you will see that a portion of Queen Maud
Land is called new Schwabenland. This is the part of the continent nearest
to South Africa. The Germans made a major expedition to this area in 1938-
1939 and began the construction of a major base. For details of this expedi-
tion, see the book by Friedrich. This book has pictures of the *warmwater*
[geothermal] ponds and other information that will surprise you. It has maps
showing that Admiral Byrd's Operation Highjump (Naval Task Force 68)
military invasion landed on the side opposite the German bases... The maps
of Operation Highjump say that they left the German side of the continent

A man who was very influential in modern German post-war politics was
Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a frequent guest speaker in German military and political
circles. Rudel was the man groomed by Hitler to become his successor. It
is known that Rudel made FREQUENT trips to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of
South America nearest Antarctica. One of Martin Bormann's last messages
from the bunker in Berlin to Doenitz mentioned Tierra del Fuego...

A book called *America's Aircraft Year Book* tells about the U.S. using
captured German scientists at Ft. Bliss and Wright Field. "Among those in
the German group at Wright Field were Rudolph Hermann, Alexander Lipp-
sisch, Heinz Schmitt, Helmut Heinrich, and Fritz Doblhoff and Ernst Kugel.
Hermann was attached to the Peenemunde Research Station for Aerody-
namics, where Germany's V-2 rockets were hatched and launched against
England. A specialist in supersonics, he was in charge of the supersonic
wind tunnel at Kochel in the Bavarian Alps. He also was a member of the
group entrusted with Hitler's futuristic plans to establish a space-station
rocket-refueling base revolving as a satellite about the Earth at a distance
of 4,000 miles -- a scheme which he and certain high-ranking AAF officers
in 1947 still believed to be feasible."

Later evidence shows that most or all of the [air] craft and 'flying saucer'
scientists (who were not captured? - Wol.) disappeared. The available
evidence indicates they went to South America or Antarctica.

The *El Mercurio* and *Der Weg* papers told of a large submarine convoy
discovered by the British Navy at the end of WW II. All available Allied units
engaged the convoy and were totally destroyed except for the Captain of one
destroyer, who was reported as saying, "May God help me, may I never again
encounter such a force."

On July 10, 1945, more than two months after the end of the War, the German
submarine U-530 surrendered to Argentine authorities. The Commander was
Otto Wermoutt. The sub had a crew of 54 men (the normal sub crew was
18 men) and the cargo consisted of 540 barrels of cigarettes and unusually
large stocks of food. The Commander was 25 years old, the second officer
was 22, and the crew was an average of 25 except for one man who was 32
years old. This was an unusually young crew and upon questioning it was
learned that they all claimed that they had no relatives.

A map from a Spanish book called *Is Hitler Alive?* with the route of the
Fuhrer convoy shows it passed alongside South Georgia Island, where later
a secret underground base was the focus of a secret battle during the Falk-
land Islands War.

On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m. the German submarine U-859 left on a myster-
ious mission carrying 67 men and 33 tons of mercury (apparently mercury
is usable as a fuel source for certain forms of aerospace propulsion. - Wol.)
sealed in glass bottles in watertight tin crates. The sub was sunk by a British
submarine and most of the crew died. One survivor on his death bed about
30 years later told about the expensive cargo and some divers checked out
his story and found the mercury. For what purpose was this mercury to be
used? And where were they trying to take it?

There are many other stories of other U-boats and German survivors, mostly
in the Southern Hemisphere. The Germans and other European nations re-
quired very meticulous registration records of everybody, including their
relatives, employment, addresses, children, etc., and at the end of the war
the Allies, cross checking these records, taking into account casualties
and deaths, determined that THERE WERE [AT LEAST] 250,000 PERSONS
UNACCOUNTED FOR. (That's a quarter of a MILLION, by the way. - Wol.)


Hitler signed the order for the atomic bomb to be built on September 26,
1939. The top scientist on this project was Dr. Werner Heisenberg. (Powers,
Thomas, *Heisenberg's War,* Alfred A. Knopf, 1993, p. 16.) Heisenberg won
the Nobel Prize for physics in 1932 "for the creation of quantum mechanics."
He was professor of theoretical physics at Leipzig and later Director of the
Max Planck Institute for Physics. His best friend, until the war, was Niels
Bohr. Edward Teller received his doctorate by studying under Heisenberg
(Powers, vii).

Thomas Powers wrote the book *Heisenberg's War, The Secret of the German
Bomb,* in which one of the main themes was trying to account for the fact
that Germany was far ahead of the rest of the world in developing 'the bomb'
and yet the Allies were astonished when they found the primitive experimental
reactor at the end of the war that was supposedly the best the Germans were
able to accomplish. Excuses such as German inefficiency, etc., do not fit the

It is known that the Germans were also working on the hydrogen bomb, and
the Allies frantically bombed the heavy water plants. There are many books
and movies about the heroes who stopped the German nuclear efforts, yet
somewhere in the hoopla you find that at least one large load of heavy water
was never accounted for.

In a speech in June 1949, Vannevar Bush tells that the Allies were extremely
concerned that the Germans were ahead of them on the bomb, but finally
found out "they had not accomplished five percent of the undertaking which
had been brought to success... in this country." He blamed their failure on
typical German "regimentation in a totalitarian system." But if you think about
it with an open mind, you should realize that "regimentation in a totalitarian
system" is usually MORE efficient, especially when it comes to making

Powers explores Heisenberg's explanation that the Germans "had used their
influence as experts to direct the work into the channels which have been
mapped in the foregoing report." But the "foregoing report" did not explain
what happened. Powers said: "His account is incomplete. Something is
withheld" (p. 482). On the last page he sums up by saying, "No one denies
what Samuel Goudsmit found in southern Germany in 1945 -- a small-scale
program of atomic research that posed no threat to the Allies. It is the difficulty
of assigning reasons for the failure that have kept the issue tender for nearly
fifty years."

When Field Marshall Erhard Milch visited the Gottow laboratories in 1945
where atomic research was being carried out, he asked Heisenberg, "How
big would a bomb have to be in order to destroy New York or London?" Hei-
senberg replied: "About as big as a pineapple, and we will have a basketful
for the Fuhrer by Christmas...!" (Mattern-Friedrich, *UFOs, Nazi Secret
Weapon?,* p. 77. Some of the material in the book came from classified
documents obtained from the CIA.) (It takes 33 pounds of highly-enriched
uranium or 13 pounds of plutonium to make a small atomic bomb).

In 1943 Niels Bohr escaped from Denmark to London and reported that Germ-
any was making the bomb. They also had proof that the Germans had "corn-
ered the major supplies of uranium and also of thorium."


Boris Pash, head of security for the Manhattan Project, and scientist
Samuel Goudsmit followed the lead tanks into Paris and into Germany,
looking for the German nuclear laboratory, which they found in Strasbourg.
This was called Operation Alsos (Greek for "Groves"). Peter Goodchild in
his book *J. Robert Oppenheimer, Shatterer of Worlds,* p. 110 said: "Very
soon a picture of the Germans' progress began to emerge. They revealed
Hitler had been told of the possibilities of a nuclear weapon in 1942
that there had been a whole series of uranium pile experiments.

But the crucial facts were that even as late as August 1944 the experiments
were still at an early stage. The Germans had neither the certain
that an explosive chain reaction was possible, nor did they
have the material
or the mechanism to make their bomb. It was apparent that
the project had
moved forward hardly at all since 1942. There were one or
two people in
Washington who, when they read Goudsmit's final report,
suspected that
the information had come too easily, but most people
believed it."

It is possible that Germany DID develop the bomb, and the Allies kept it
secret? In *Heisenberg's War,* p. 481, Vannevar Bush is quoted as saying
June 1949: "The Nazis wanted an atomic bomb; we knew that. They had
as good
a chance at it as we had. In the tense years up to 1945 we thought
they were close competitors, even that they might be six months ahead
us. Then after Stuttgart fell and the Alsos mission did its work, we found
out. The Nazis had not even reached first base." Surprise, surprise. Or was
it lie, lie?

My best guess, based on the evidence, is that there is a strong possibility
Germany DID develop the atomic bomb! The Americans managed to capture
of them in early 1945, then on August 6, 1945, dropped one on Hiro-
This would account for J. Robert Oppenheimer's curious statement
that the
bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany. Could the
Germans have taken
some bombs with them when Hitler escaped? Was
the submarine convoy
protected by nuclear weapons, and were they what
stopped Operation
Highjump? Perhaps not, that is just conjecture, but I
strongly suspect we
got the "bomb" from the Germans.

In *Blowback,* "the first full account of America's recruitment of Nazis,
its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy" by
Christopher Simp-
son, he states: "On July 6 [1945] the Joint Chiefs of Staff
(JCS) specifically
authorized an effort to 'exploit... chosen, rare minds
whose continuing intel-
lectual productivity we wish to use under the top
secret project code-named
Overcast... At first this was justified on the
grounds that German scientists
might be useful in the continuing war
against Japan" (p.33).

When the Allies found the German atomic bomb laboratory, they were amazed
that it was just a small concrete reactor in a cave, too small to go
critical. Yet
they went to considerable trouble in a top secret program to
grab these scien-
tists because they might be useful in defeating Japan? What
were they going
to do, throw radioactive concrete at the Japanese? Tom
Agoston in *Blunder!*
says (p. 38) that "Unknown to Allied scientists, the
Germans had been able
to build up a sizeable stockpile of U-235 and had
held up to two tons, as well
as two tons of heavy water."

William Stevenson, in *A Man Called Intrepid,* says "The Germans had the
man [Heisenberg] whose theoretical work was the basis of the bomb" (p. 456)
and "In the military field, the view prevailed in 1939 that the country
with the
greatest chance of bringing together the pieces was Germany."

Let's see now, the atomic bomb was a German idea, they had the best
scientists, they had a proven ability to develop advanced weapons, they had
plenty of raw material, and yet their "bomb" consisted of nothing more than
some radioactive concrete in a cave in a hill at the base of a church?
berg's War,* p. 421.) The German laboratory was captured on April
21, 1945,
then three months later on July 16 a bomb was tested at
Alamogordo, New
Mexico. Then on August 6, 1945, one was dropped on
Hiroshima, and August
9 on Nagasaki. This is not counting the nuclear
explosion in the Oakland,
California, area, but we are not supposed to know
about that.

Pash and Goudsmit in Operation Alsos captured several tons of uranium and
"it was shipped to Britain and then the United States, transformed into
hexaflouride gas for isotope separation at Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
and finally
in the form of U-235 used to destroy Hiroshima." (*Heisenberg's
War,* p. 362.)

Most classified files from World War II have been routinely declassified
the provisions of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Tom Agoston
p. 124) said of the Alsos information, "The files continued to
be suppressed
and remain under lock and key in Washington, well beyond the
thirty-year rule.
The motive for this remains a four-decade mystery."

He also said that the testimony of Albert Speer, referring to General
"The transcript continues to be classified beyond the normal
thirty-year rule,
and is not expected to be made public before 2020."

Kammler disappeared at the end of the War and it was reported that he
mitted suicide (four different versions). If he were dead, why the
Kammler was regarded as "the most important man in Germany outside
Cabinet." The chain of command was Hitler to Himmler to Himmler's
SS General Karl Wolff to SS General Oswald Pohl to Kammler, and
later the
link was more direct.

Dr. Wilhelm Voss told Agoston what happened to Kammler was a "hot matter"
that could not be revealed. Agoston said one of Kammler's close associates
was Rudolph Hess, who flew to Britain on a secret mission in May 1941. "The
secret British file that might explain why he flew to Britain will remain
until the year 2020" (p.160).

What clinched the proof for me was when I read in Phoenix Journal #18
And Ashes*), speaking of the Manhattan Project, "Of course, they
utilized the
German production urn and, actually, the bomb used on Japan
was constructed
in Germany" (p. 159). (The bomb shell AND the components or just the bomb
"shell"? - Wol.) The author of those Journals is "One
Who Knows."
07-17-2010, 03:47 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
see i only needed to start the path not sure why i even needed to post links , this article doesn't mention the moon, but does give several facts ie re the SA bases including the last one near the Falklands (flooded now i've been told ) Where did all the germans go and why do they not show the german settlement even still in google maps?

the why's r simple, now like the Aryian post re martians ect... the inner earth knowledge has been prevalent for over 10,000 years so is it fake cause none of us have been there? or is it likely that were we sharing the planet with another race they would be isolated and located in an extreme location.

high jump was not the only military adventure to fail miserably when messing with the south pole. the soviets had two massive losses, and they too report light weapons (lasers), one old guy i spoke with living in mexico told me of how at the end of ww2 most of the germans went in to the jungles and never came out, and at the same time the harbors were getting inflatables just commnin in with 10-25 people in them and no ship was droping them off, how did all those germans get accros the Atlantic?

By sub. many of the finest and healthiest of the ss who had no family were selected for a final special mission in the end of 44, that mission to go in subs to the Antarctic base ad complete there training.

complete it for what? and what happened to them none came back? Those found in SA by jew hunters were not amongst those they were looking for as part of the "special mission" In fact when they captured Mengal, he complained in his cell that he wished he had left! left to where? according to SA jew co-operators he had kept his home in open areas and strange lights were common in the area where he set up his circuit practice, add that to his advanced medical practices, ability to induce all multiple births, all of which the children were born healthy and grew at an accelerated rate .(some of those experiments r dietary and can be replicated hence a good deal of our current natural fertility drugs... (natural as in ingested not natural as in non chemical) and i know some have worked as I have used them my self, my 7 mth old crawls and has 3 words, and is the size of a 1.5 year old the doc was impressed Icon_biggrin yet he was born small 6.9 lbs.

Do the germans still have a base on Antarctica... not sure but it would figure they do still have something or we'd be plundering the continent for resource like every other corner of the globe, and do they still have alien assistance.. mayhaps, either way they have the right stuff to keep us out!!! But r there a quarter million there? i say probably not as where would they get there foods and supplies. the convoys from SA stopped in the 70's why? Because for the same reasons there (nazi) bases closed in Sa around that time, when Adolf dies in the 70's those remaining germans who were part of the Final mission. (final mission being to save humanity from the doom that was coming. the true reason for hating the jews was they were the spread of the material gods, and with the agenda to keep us out of space, as our gods" for the most part did not want us leaving the planet. When the germans made contact with the aliens they were told our true history and so they ran with it. and created the solution, the final solution was to try to save the world and rid them of the jews and there Material gods who oppress humans.

And so the final mission became an exodus as they (gemans) had lost the battle but not the war having left and by doing so hopefully saved the human race from extinction in an ELE
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
07-21-2010, 01:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-21-2010, 01:07 PM by JazzRoc.)
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
(07-17-2010, 01:22 PM)nik Wrote:
Quote:[PART 18]
What clinched the proof for me was when I read in Phoenix Journal #18
(*Blood And Ashes*), speaking of the Manhattan Project, "Of course, they utilized the German production urn and, actually, the bomb used on Japan was constructed in Germany" (p. 159). (The bomb shell AND the components or just the bomb "shell"? - Wol.) The author of those Journals is "One Who Knows."
The bomb shell AND the components or just the bomb "shell"?

Neither. For SURE.
If you knew ANYTHING about Project Manhattan you'd know that it took the world's largest factory and a power station big enough to power a city to obtain sufficiently pure fission materials to make ONE BOMB by centrifuging uranium hexafluoride gas. It also took a team some time to come up with a new technique (shaped charges) to guarantee fission over a sufficient time period for a massive explosion. The charges, and the shell were made together for security and efficiency.

"One Who Knows."? No. "One who cons the stupid." Yes.
07-21-2010, 10:10 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
(07-16-2010, 05:49 PM)nik Wrote:
Wow! Great list! Smile
07-22-2010, 06:51 PM,
RE: Links to things folks have been asking about
(07-21-2010, 10:10 PM)JazzRoc Wrote:
(07-16-2010, 05:49 PM)nik Wrote:
Wow! Great list! Smile

why thank you, JR

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