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Redefining Sanity: DID Normal; Religious Faith is Mental Disorder ??
07-06-2010, 07:01 PM,
Redefining Sanity: DID Normal; Religious Faith is Mental Disorder ??
by Richard Evans

The American Psychiatric Association is about to remove Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID or MPD, i.e. Multiple Personality Disorder] from the diagnosis manual. This is an ailment that is inflicted on children of the Illuminati using trauma in order to mind control them. Most of our political leaders suffer from it: why they can lie so effectively.

The APA is simultaneously substituting a NEW disorder in it's place - religious faith. (More about this below.)

Recently I heard about a new CBS Showtime 'comedy' "The United States of Tara" about a single mom with dissociative identity disorder. The 'laughs' come from watching her transform into hilarious alters - such as a nymphomaniac pot smoking 13 year old, or a male redneck with a Southern drawl that likes to start fist fights. The 'human interest' factor is how her 17-year-old-son is basically her handler, in a benevolent way, managing the situations for minimum damage and embarrassment.

Why is it necessary to have this show? TV comedies are being used to mainstream aberrant, unprecedented behaviors as normal and fun.

Children incorporate TV characters and scenarios into their reveries. Why a show to cover the sinister implications of an epidemic of this disorder?

In a CBS "Sunday Morning" Report on Tara and DID, one psychiatrist says millions of Americans could be diagnosed with DID.

Then they get to the 'expert' doctor intended to have the final word. You can tell because they interviewed the first doctor informally, and the final doctor is described as a top doctor at John Hopkins U., and shown in his white lab coat surrounded by medical books.

He claims there is no such thing as DID. Listen closely and he uses exactly the same argument that they used to rule that 'recovered memories' of trauma does not exist.

That is, that the counselor somehow plants the idea in the patient's mind and the patient imagines and acts out the behavior -- for the reward of approval by the doctor.

As soon as the APA removed repressed memory from the DSM (diagnostic manual) about 1994, courts immediately ruled that clinically recovered trauma memory testimony isn't admissible. All the nursery school pedophilia cases were dismissed, and those already found guilty were overturned on appeal.

Now they're going to remove DID from the DSM.

Sure enough, tipped off I looked at the peer journals and guess what -
"Dissociative identity disorder: Time to remove it from DSM-V?"


While looking that up, I found also that the APA is quietly getting ready to rule religious faith symptomatic of pathological mental disorder. They call it "Omenosis."

"It is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. Distortions in perception may affect all five senses, including sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but most commonly manifest as "spiritual experiences," paranoid or bizarre delusions, dreams and visions of gods and demons, or disorganized speech and logic with significant social or occupational disruption.

"Onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood during childhood indoctrination, with approximately 98.4-99.3% of the population affected. Diagnosis is based on the patient's self-reported "experiences" and observed behavior. No laboratory test for Omenosis currently exists.

"In its narrowest sense, Omenosis deals more with how religious a person is, and less with what religion a person has(in terms of belief in certain gods, practicing certain rituals, belief in the transcendent, experiencing magic, believing in psychic abilities, belief in a soul, retelling certain myths, revering certain symbols, belief in the "sacred" or accepting certain doctrines about deities and afterlife)."

Studies suggest that genetics, early environment, neurobiology, psychological and social processes are important contributory factors; some recreational and prescription drugs appear to cause or worsen symptoms.

Current psychiatric research is focused on the role of neurobiology, but no single organic cause has been found. Due to the many possible combinations of symptoms, there is debate about whether the diagnosis represents a single disorder or a number of discrete syndromes.

For this reason, Eugen Bleuler termed the disease the Ominosese (plural) when he coined the name. Despite its etymology, Omenosis is not the same as dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder or split personality, with which it has been erroneously confused."


In response to an epidemic of day care pedophile rings and MK-ULTRA victims being noticed by psychiatric counselors in the US and Canada, a group of psychiatrists formed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to attack counselors who had helped SRA victims recover memories of their abuse. This is how the psychiatric field became barred from recovering victim's memories of events that shattered their identity.

But what about the split identity disorder itself? That's been a loose end. Judging by the necessity of having to run a prime time TV series to help sweep DID under the rug, there must be millions of people affected.

They have already rendered a minor's testimony inadmissible. Counselors have been put in the position of having to tell the child they are imagining things - that enables guilty parents to have the child committed to an institution for intensive programming.

DID and Omenosis provide more confirmation that the Illuminati goal is to brainwash us.

On the one hand, they want to normalize DID, as a step in spreading it.
On the other, they want to detach us from reality, which comes from religious faith and a recognition of spiritual/moral order. In the future, those who uphold the truth may be deemed insane.


The False Memory Foundation Team

F.M.S.F. EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS: Peter and Pamela Freyd (psychiatrists)
The Freyds were publicly exposed by their own daughter - Jennifer Freyd (professor of psychology) of child abuse and rape.

F.M.S.F. FOUNDER: Ralph Underwager (psychiatrist)
The world's foremost authority on false memory, but in the courtroom - is repeatedly exposed as a charlatan. He is a self confessed paedophile who quotes: It is "God's Will" adults engage in sex with children.

F.M.S.F. ORIGINAL BOARD MEMBERS: Martin Orn (psychiatrist)
Senior CIA Mind Control Researcher: Experimenting in hypnotic programming, dissolving memory and other mind subduing techniques.

F.M.S.F. BOARD MEMBER: Dr Harold Lief (psychiatrist)
CIA Mind Control Researcher. Experimenting in behavioural modification and hypnotic programming.

REFERENCE FROM: The False Memory Hoax - Psychic Dictatorship in the USA By Alex Constantine


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