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Economic Cannibalism
06-30-2010, 07:39 AM,
Rainbow  Economic Cannibalism
Economic Cannibalism

America is a war zone; our people are being cannibalized 1 before our very eyes.

Looting and plundering the world is the primary goal of the criminal cabal that controls America. We've previously demonstrated how they amass wealth by the destruction of people and material through the tactic of unending war.

In the late nineteenth and the early part of the twentieth century, their destruction was primarily targeted at foreign peoples such as the Cubans and Filipinos (Spanish-American War), Germans (World Wars I and II), Japanese (World War II), and Soviet citizens (Cold War). Starting in the later part of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, this international gang turned on Americans and began in earnest to cannibalize us.

Economic collapse is one of the final stages of the cabal's overall policy of cultural devastation. Many of their earlier phases of contrived collapse have been largely unseen or ignored by most Americans. But the final economic breakdown--now in its first stages with the bursting of the housing bubble and the collapse of the dollar--are realities U.S. citizens can no longer turn a blind eye to, because many Americans are literally being thrown out on the street through foreclosure and eviction.

Through real estate shell games, the super-rich have looted at least $10-$15 trillion from workers. "Buy a house with a low interest loan," they lied to the workers, "and it will rise in value indefinitely."

Workers were swindled into buying property with interest-only loans--or other predatory financing--deluded into believing that with their increased property value they could later refinance to pay off the balloon payments and sky-rocketing mortgages.

Since 2000, outstanding mortgage loans have more than doubled: up over $5 trillion. Unpaid mortgages soared and lenders were falling all over themselves handing out sub-prime loans 2 for up to 125% of the value of the property.

Now the real estate bubble has burst: property owners can't sell their homes or refinance them. They can't pay their mortgages so the banks foreclose and the house is sold on the courthouse steps. Within days they receive an eviction notice and they're out on the street. Since 2006, vacant dwellings have increased by more than 40% for existing homes and more than 20% for new homes. The personal tragedy these people face is overwhelming and heartbreaking.

Since private banking interests created the scam of the "Federal" Reserve System in 1913, seizing control of American financial powers, their ability to lend money at usurious interest rates has meant that they feed on American debtors. Until recently, they've been content to reap huge profits through ordinary money-lending means--as outlined below:

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