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Havent you noticed ?
06-28-2010, 04:37 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-28-2010, 04:37 AM by h3rm35.)
RE: Havent you noticed ?
they certainly seem scared, so they're fixing their focus on what has created this upsurge in popular ideology and mobility. This forum, and all others like it are under threat from a cyber 9/11 - I haven't given up hope, but we need to continue to move quickly and disseminate info as quickly as we receive it. The fact that they're turning to CYA policy doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels.

I love y'all here, and the tenacity you show in exposing the lies and tactics. we need to keep it up though. this is not a time to think that the beast is defeated. the death throes are the hardest swipes to escape.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
06-28-2010, 06:04 AM,
RE: Havent you noticed ?
Im not so sure. If their means to achieve the NWO is through a financial "monopoly", then they are more powerful than ever before. I was walking around the mall, and in one of the big stores (Macy's), there was a display of clothing showing a giant eye in a triangle. Later, walking around the mall, the Guess store also displayed (through the window towards outside the shop) a shirt with a discreetly but still obvious eye in a triangle. Then you have time warner, aol, pepsi can, almost everything with the dreaded symbol. They are all part of one financial machine that has taken control of nearly all products. Its only a matter of time when commie countries collapse and import pepsi. Then they will have total control.
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
06-28-2010, 05:55 PM,
RE: Havent you noticed ?
[Image: fighting0087.gif]

Show em your teeth iC1 .... LOL


either way.... I love life... and I think all of you are amazing. [Image: cool0042.gif]

Sure, this great dance has climaxes, and times when you fall flat on your face.... but it goes on.

MMG's observations about the major brand labels I think is important. This has been going on for years but has become directly in everyone's face now. Why?

It ain't over yet !
06-30-2010, 12:07 AM,
RE: Havent you noticed ? - not really. To me, and my 10 + years of being so called "awake". It looks like business as usual and full steam ahead with the agenda. The "externalization of the heirachy" - check. "revalation of the method" - check. Now all we have to wait for is for them to reveal themselves and then by that time the final implementaion of their goals is completed.

2 outta 3 aint bad...i think thats in a meatloaf song...( mmm meatloaf, like mine with ketchup)

they are much much much smarter then us, they have all the money, run the education systems and control all communication. dag-nabbit do you think they gave us the internet so we could over come their agenda. They do have your IP. They Know who you are , where you are and what your think and we all just gave it up by going online and asking questions about the truth. These fuckers are clever lil monkeys and they figured out a way to get us to do all the work for them.

I no longer, now that 40 is creeping up on me have any hope for the pleebs. This agenda or whatever the hell it is was concieved and planned long before any of us were born and all the tools at out displosal where only given to us, by them, to dig us into a deeper hole.

The best now is to take care of your loved ones. Make your peace and live a simple life. I honestly believe now is no time for false hope. There will be no government overthrow. Peaceful demostration is ignored, subverted and laughed at. If you are strong young and willing to die your passion is directed by evil men into the agenda... if you are spiritual, loving and willing to stand against evil you are told not fight back. It all seems like a rigged game to me.

No one is willing to actually shoot these mothefuckers in the head. No one in the truth movement says "hey, lets acutally go out and kill every Rotheschild Rockafellar Dupont and see if they get the message. Put a bullet in there head and say enough is enough " - they have nothing to fear. The courage and strengh has been bread and nurtured out of the masses.

They're playing for absolute control of the world, your soul and the future. I can't pay my bills and get enough to eat. I've won nothing. I don't see how anyone of you can think attaining any specific goal or achievements....I don't thinkt there was ever a goal or an achievement im mind in the so called truth movement....Ok - the truth is out. They want you a slave( wait a sec, you were bourne a slave and they just told us we were free) and want whatever children you may have dead. So what are you gonna do about it.

Start a new thread. Post a smiley face.

Smile have a nice day Smile
06-30-2010, 02:36 AM,
RE: Havent you noticed ?
iC1 nice Wink that was motivational.

Quote:So what are you gonna do about it. ..
Start a new thread. Post a smiley face.

We have a whole section. Lots of great ideas in there if you dig for them.

The New World Order Wants the New World Order to Fail: Order Out of Attacking the NWO

Their play is to make it appear like they are losing the battle. I feel that there is certainly hope, it might not happen this generation. Many people have "woken up" but in a directed manner channelling hatred and "fighting back" - a term I hear repeated all too often. Real change happens philosophically by construction rather than destruction. Look to history. Productive sects of humanity were built on ideas, innovation and hard work. Conquest, more often than not, led to more destruction and oppression.

We have seen progress with the advent of the internet but that could be short lived with the kill switch and FCC regulation of this great medium of communication. Acting locally is the start every movement is a voluntary grassroots movement first. People are apt and primed to join, the numbers are swelling daily, the silent majority that senses a great injustice would contribute as well but they need to be convinced of a viable alternative. What better way than through demonstrative action that can be emulated tailored to their demographic flavour.

Living out in the bush for the simple life is certainly preferable to living in the shithole that is the city. If everyone did that we would have put a nice dent in the plan to take us into manageable herding nodes in the cities. This method requires a mass exodous or we may be subject to getting hunted down like animals. It's only an option as long as it's permissible with TPTB. The Native Americans attempted to live outside of the system with mixed results, not ideal IMO.

The problem is the action phase has to be organized and of a global scale otherwise we will get stomped out like brush fires. Foreign troops can be recruited and directed against those who resist. The good thing about brush fires is that they spread. There needs to be a will and a coordinated effort to establish a new philosophy for life here on Earth. As the current occupants we are presented an opportunity.

Children are the key to winning this one. If change does not materialize anytime soon it is vital to future hopes in getting this snowball rolling and bringing this about in a generational approach. The attack is mainly on the family and that's where we need to focus first. That is the primary goal of this overbearing tyrannical system and should be for us as well. Educating others getting ideas out and then lead by example and action. There is a attack on our moral core and that is what we have lost. It is necessary to get us to be more of a family as communities and as nations.

Change is coming one way or another and the systems that exist are going to be in a state of flux. During this time those who seek to own the world will seek consolidation of their assets, attempt to implement a more suitable way of moulding and directing the path of our evolution and battle amongst themselves for slices of the world.

The past has taught us so many lessons and we have access to so much information and a way to communicate with eachother from virtually anywhere we have the ability to publish our ideas the greatest leap in reaching masses since the printing press which was a precursor to the Age of Enlightenment that took place simultaneously in several European cultures during the 1600s.

It's not really as black and white as win or lose. We will always have those who seek to rule and decide, manage and direct the course of the planet and its inhabitants. It's not a war to be won or lost but a battle for every inch of freedom, liberty and self determination.

Whatever the solution is It needs to encompass a large contingent of motivated and willing participants. It needs to be rolled out in such a way that it cannot be easily countered, a way that does not play right into their hand. Out of box thinking and leveraging our advantage of overwhelming numbers is our key assets. It needs to nullify the pillars of control, namely guns and money - and quickly or it will cease to be guns and money it will be a technocratic control grid with robotic and cybernetic bio-engineered zombie soldiers. Most of all it needs to invert the pyramid of power otherwise we end up with another hierarchy of centrist control.

I see this unfolding in three phases first it is necessary for people to see the scale and urgency of the issues that we are presented and how we are being directed. Then to plan and promote viable alternatives. Finally the action of building a world that serves local and demographic needs, where cultural expression can thrive undaunted, encourages cooperation and fair trade for mutual development and benefit, recognizes personal liberties and unchains the personal, communal and global pursuit of common dreams.

Ultimately it comes down to us individually and collectively to build this world and restructure our societies. It's more about a collaborative effort in building the new, the old ways will fall and wither in antiquity like a bad memory. It will be a challenging path since those who seek to control us won't loose the reins of power the have held so long.

Each generation that has come before us has a chance at establishing itself as an age of positive change to grab an inch of independence only to lose it due to a combination of apathy, complacency and clever deception that plays on our minds, hearts and souls. We are given a window of opportunity to take, not an inch, but a mile back to where it rightfully belongs. Humanity has been held back long enough, time to advance.

There are no others, there is only us.

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