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Movies that scare for life: Viewers left with fears for years
07-05-2010, 05:24 AM,
RE: Movies that scare for life: Viewers left with fears for years
That's wicked awesome. Create your reality.

I like that I was actually thinking of putting together a fiction movie project to get the message of liberty out there and show how it can be done. I'll be compiling the best solutions from my notes on building alternative societies, reinstating the moral code and productive resistance to the current state of affairs and working the messages in but I'll need to weave it around a really entertaining and compelling storyline. Documentaries are great but they don't reach anyone that is at a level that needs a bit more stimulation to capture their interest and take it all in. Think the Matrix (without the pills, post apocalyptic view or violence) + Elements of rally in Braveheart + Ghandi + BSG whatever. Lots of inspiration on the
What Books, Movies, Music, Documentaries Best Represent Our Philosophy at ConCen? thread and the tracker.

Call to creative types and freedom seekers who want to shout from the mountain tops.
Anyone interested in making a brain storming thread to incubate this project? I have some connections that can get this out there, granted it is something special. This is not a pipe dream.

* It will reach the masses
* It will encourage independent thought and provide examples of alternatives
* It will give courage to those who feel powerless and alone
* It will present fiction as the reality of today (and maybe historically)
* It can be funny, serious, provocative, sexy, natural, animated, live action thoughtful
* It can be a series or a single epic message (I prefer 22 - 30 minutes and run it with an organic outline)
* It should establish a number of roadmaps to the true potential of humanity
* Most of all it can be created with optional or interchangeable storyline paths (think development branches of software or WinAMP plug-ins) to reinforce the free will concept
* Maybe even with user feedback. It can harness everyone involved as a contributor and give them a stake in the end product. Not necessarily the video production since Star Wars Uncut was a bit of a clusterfuck.

PM me or write your responses here (for now). This is why I'm here, to discuss and disseminate ideas for a better future. You?
There are no others, there is only us.

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