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The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger
08-18-2010, 11:08 AM,
RE: The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger
hilly7 Wrote:You are correct in that any of us, myself included can twist scripture to one's own desires, even if unintentional

Yes, scripture is oft bent and twisted,.. and not only to suit some personal perspective,.
but mainly because there are options left open as to
how to interpret scripture,
there is IMHO no single clear distinct correct way of reading/understanding it.
(And if there was, who could distinguish it as such ?)
For instance , most commandments Can stand on their own,
but not everything is said in a single commandment alone,..
nuances and application thereof can / do vary.
One does not have to change the words to arrive at a very
different conclusion about what is actually said.

Quote:To me it isn't God that I question and as He created He can so chose to dispose as he sees fit. It is when man uses God to destroy that I question.

I do question "God" , not in any ultimate sense but in the sense
that i question any personalized Image of God, and to my best
understanding that is all we can question, as that's all
we are ever presented.
Whether man employs God to destroy , maintain or create,
they IMHO are presenting their variant of God in their Image,
or explaining / intelectualizing God to their best abilities.

mothandrust Wrote:how can it be evil if it is part of the divine plan? if God is all good, all knowing, all loving, how can there be evil?

Thinking fromout the idea that they are all human value judgements..
How could there not be ? Icon_biggrin If god is "all" (good, knowing , loving )
then said god is only half of the experience / spectrum.
Somehow that does not seem very explanatory of anything,
as it leaves every negative aspect "outside of God" ... but is anything , really ?
What would cover the all "bad, ignorant, hate and spitefull " ?
Could it be they are all within the same god ?
The same goes for God's ways.. Or a divine plan,
If it's all a grand harmonic, where does the apparent Chaos arise from ?
If humans can see / experience the harmony , and they can experience
the Chaos and disharmonic , why do they only ascribe the preferred feeling / state of affairs to their god , neglecting that that leaves them
with experiences unaccounted for (as they supposedly do not come from
whatever does everything else).

Quote: it's all harmonic, every last photon, just far and forever beyond the comprehension of mortal man

Well, if it's beyond comprehension , i'd say it's at least as likely
that we see order and structure only because our brain can't
compute anything without structure attributed to it,..
we prefer harmonic order for our brain fails to compute chaos.
From a Discordian pespective , both the envisioned order
and disorder are inherent to human perspective , the order is
the computable, the disorder is the incomputable,..
they are both illusions (Eristic and Aneristic),
it is just that order is easily approachable / comprehendible where
randomness or disorder is not.
This is , i believe, why man fights the dragon
(Chaoskampf) ,
navigates his way out of a cave or over the wild waters,
shines light in the darkness, or names the unnamed,..
man is inclined to fight for /find order and
fears, neglects or denies the existence of chaos, randomness.
Both are elements / aspects of the underlying Reality ( God)
which (for all we know, as it is only our
brain/perspective which makes us see it a certain way)
is -Chaos-, Apeiron / the primordial undefined -One-. Icon_surprised

Quote:with one's nose pushed in a persian rug, the most beautiful patterns appear as random chaos.

And staring at what seemed to be total chaotic randomness,
unplanned, undefined, unsortable and yet familiar..
the human mind inevitably sees patterns emerge,...
we all take a stab at that dragon.


If Thine I that I spy with my own little I Doeth Offend thee ; Pluck It out.

08-18-2010, 09:59 PM,
RE: The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger

We see patterns because that is the way our brain computes.
Well, maybe, I can see how that might work with the generalised beauty and to what we are accustomed, but, there are also mathematical formulae, like the Fibonacci sequence, which replicate from micro to macro: from seashells to galaxies, from pine cones to hurricanes, and there is order here which consistently replicates: count the spirals on a pine cone in one direction and then the other you will always find two sequential Fibonacci numbers, most likely 5 and 8 or 8 and 13. Undoubtedly if one looks closely there will be small variations, apparent discord, but this is because nothing exists in isolation: everything in the universe interacts with everything else.

My argument is that there is nothing outside God (Truth). Failure to comprehend this facilitates the (erroneous) judgements of bad etc. I understand these concepts can be seen as value judgements, but in God they are absolutes, where all exists within balance/harmony. A divine plan, encompassing every last photon.

I argue there is no such thing as chaos/random, only the appearance of chaos because of our inability to perceive the universal picture.

I accept that beyond the simplistic maths I can offer no proof, as neither can anyone in opposition/discord. And TBH it is really little more than a feeling, based on the failure of modern science/economics/philosophy, and the hope that there is something wiser (and more loving) than merchants, scientists and popular opinion guiding humanity's path.

Vitam Impendere Vero

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