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The squatter state's navy refuses to use the name "Rachel Corrie"
06-06-2010, 08:45 AM,
Thumbs Down  The squatter state's navy refuses to use the name "Rachel Corrie"
The squatter state's navy refuses to use the name "Rachel Corrie"

In radio communications with the MV Rachel Corrie, naval staff from the squatter state refused to address the ship by its current registered name, that is, the name associated with its permanent International Maritime Organization identification number, IMO 6715281.

In both communications released to the media by the Israeli Occupation Forces, the vessel is referred to as “Motor Vessel Linda”, which is the name used by the ship’s previous owner.

Could it be that the Israeli Occupation Forces not only refuse to accept their responsibility for the brutal murder of unarmed civilians, they object to even having to say their names?


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