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CNN exploit children for racial propaganda
05-31-2010, 12:18 PM,
CNN exploit children for racial propaganda
Watch this video of a test CNN did asking children to answer questions by pointing to different colored (light to dark) cartoon characters. It was part of a pilot program done by researchers to test child development with race. They tested children in Georgia and New York and gave all the children the same test. To make a long story short, the little girl (who is white with a heavy southern accent) answers all the positive questions with the light colored character and all the negative questions with the darker colored character.

The reporter then questions the girl’s mother who starts crying and explaining that her daughter is not used to race being an issue. CNN is implying that it is all racial and the little girl can assume that the characters color implies their race and not just a color. But I think this particular case is actually not racism at all but simply a little girl reacting to colors the same way we explain them to be in normal life. Yes I know that didn’t make much sense but let me explain:

Human beings are very visual creatures and we are told from a very early age that light is good and dark is bad. Movie characters and cartoon characters who are good guys generally are put in bright surroundings and have light colored clothes. Bad guys tend to be in dark gloomy places with dark colored clothes. A common pop culture phrase for when someone goes bad is “They’ve gone to the Dark Side.” When you are trying to tell someone to come to the good side you tell them”Step into the light.” All of these things cement it in our heads that light is good and dark is bad. This little girl simply made her decisions based on colors on a cartoon character, not on race.

The mom says herself in the video that her daughter is very sheltered and doesn’t get much multiracial interaction. That makes perfect sense to me. She doesn’t fully realize that skin color means much and just picked the cartoon character that was darker, not because it was African American.

So to me this test doesn’t mean much. Exploiting a little girl who simply did not understand the implications of her picks doesn’t seem right to me and I don’t think CNN should be using this test as a base for racism and children. I bet they would receive the same results with different colored dogs, cats or even if they just put out different colored crayons.

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06-01-2010, 01:16 AM,
RE: CNN exploit children for racial propaganda
You're right, that's totally fucked up... this isn't a question of race, it's a question of self identification. The one that's most like me is good, therefor the one that is most different from me is my opposite... Did they test a black child, or a hispanic child? if so, what were the results? I'd expect that in the same age bracket, you'd have similar self-identifying results... this is simply a ploy for ratings based on the parent demographic... they try to play on parent's huge fear that they're inadequate as parents, and try to set off emotions in other parents. They did the same thing when Amanpour did her "holy warriors" schitck - trying to get moderates of different religions to see how awful their extremists are, and feel guilty about it.

Quote:Exploiting a little girl who simply did not understand the implications of her picks doesn’t seem right to me and I don’t think CNN should be using this test as a base for racism and children

I personally don't think CNN should be on the air at all, and their ratings tend to show that I'm not the only one who feels that way.
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06-01-2010, 06:13 AM,
RE: CNN exploit children for racial propaganda
The 'racial test' employed was a mockery of science of the highest form.

Note to Parents: Never volunteer your kids for any kind of test, experiment or survey.

Quote:Did they test a black child, or a hispanic child?
Only black and white - 133 kids evenly divided over both gender and 'race' demographics.

Here's the full story with more video coverage:

.. and the full study methodology and result set.
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