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Brazil Dominated by Masonic Jews
05-27-2010, 06:50 PM,
Brazil Dominated by Masonic Jews
Brazil Dominated by Masonic Jews

January 30, 2010

lulaperez.jpg(There is real love in Lula's bear hug of Shimon Perez, President of Israel)

by "Toth"

Dear Mr Makow:

The situation depicted in the report from Marcos, although well written, lacks the obvious: the role of the Jews in the situation.

Where are they on the report? Nowhere. It seems the wolves are on vacation from Brazil. Which is far, very far, from the truth.

In fact, the very "so called" Brazilian Federal Republic (as it is called) was founded by and controlled by Jews through their agents, the Freemasons who infiltrated the courts and the Brazilian armies. These forces together with local farm owners (all Freemasons) were the responsible for the fall of Monarch in Brazil, the best government the country had in its history and "the facto" builder of the nation as it is.

[Editor's note: Officially, Jews make up only .05% of the population of Brazil, roughly 100,000 Jews in a population of 192 million.]

What is very, very curious on the report written by Marcos is the fact that almost 98% of what he wrote in it is based on the ideas of the journalist called "Olavo de Carvalho", who is in fact the best journalist in Brazil (the best as Brazil can have nowadays).

There would be nothing wrong with Olavo de Carvalho (left) and his work, except the fact that he is actually a longtime Zionist supporter. And before this (or perhaps at the same time) he was a well-known Communist activist in the 60's that (imagine) lived in Romania for 10 years and also received a prize from the Romanian government during the 80's. Now Olavo de Carvalho says he is a Catholic (and once before he said he was a "radical ecumenist" on one of his books and have a very in deep knowledge of the procedures on the Muslim religion) and that he is a remorseful Communist although he never mentions the role of the Jews in communism. Even in Romania, where almost 90% of the great regime commanders and assassins where in fact Jews, he never knew anything about them.

Nevertheless he is so arrogant he says he is the "only" real philosopher that still remains in Brazil and his great ambition or mission is to prepare a "new generation" of Brazilian intellectual "thinkers" that (you guessed) will save Brazil from the "darkness of ignorance", as much as historical Jews said about Europe when the Catholic faith was in rule.

Olavo de Carvalho and Reinaldo Azevedo (the latter is a blogger from Veja magazine) are the only "so-considered" rightist voices that still remain on the Brazilian press. And they are limited to the space of the Internet. 99,999% of what is published in Brazil is Communist-Jew influenced. In fact, even Russia never saw a situation like this. When the Bolshevist-Jew revolution came, there where thousands of independent and rightist intellectuals that should be killed or sent to the Gulags by the "Soviet-Jew" regime. I say "Soviet-Jew" because that is the reality of that regime as it is very well documented in such books as "The Plot against the Church" by Maurice Pinay which was never refuted.

Marcos in his report says that Lula is an "Illuminati" parrot but forgets to say that everyone in Brazil (consciously or not) became an Illuminati-Jew zombie because Jews control the Federative Republic and the Central Bank since its birth. Jews control the press and Jews control the TV since a long time ago. No one can escape from this kind of mind cage. It is much more brutal and much more mind boggling than Russia ever was.

To take the real scenario, the maximum of a "rightist figure" imaginable in Brazil is represented by the figures of Olavo de Carvalho and Reinaldo Azevedo, both Zionist supporters and liberal thinkers.

I guess this is far from being a "product of by chance or coincidence".

Olavo de Carvalho past speaks for itself: and now he lives comfortably in the United States (State of Virginia) with his entire family, something unimaginable for a small Brazilian journalist (as he intends to pass his image of a "small and independent journalist persecuted by the angry communists in Brazil").
Reinaldo Azevedo I (1).jpg

Reinaldo Azevedo (left) is a worker of a Jew publication (namely "Revista Veja", an anti-Catholic resonance chamber since its birth) and lives (you guessed) among Jews in a Jewish and very rich neighborhood at São Paulo city. And he appears to defend some homosexual ideas too. Of course, as Olavo de Carvalho, he is also a "remorseful" past Communist.

So, what is the game with this two, we can say, past or even actual "comrades"?

Based on my long time private study of this two actors, I can say both are illusionists on the stage trying to lure people (the few ones that could make some kind of resistance to even just denounce the Jewish dominion in Brazil) from the truth. They probably are Jew supporters because they work for the Jews. Reinaldo Azevedo is as clear as daylight a Zionist supporter that pretends to be a Catholic (nobody never saw him at any mass).

Olavo de Carvalho, besides being an open Zionist Jew supporter that pretends to be an "in depth scholar of the Communist method to denounce it to his Christians brothers", is also a Freemason supporter (as he says according to his ideas: Freemasons worked together with Christians to build the western civilization, as long as Jews of course. He also use the term "Jew-Christian civilization" to describe it, as if Jews and Christians where brothers and good friends working as real colleagues to build the society, a lie so absurd it would make the Popes from the middle ages to squeeze on their tombs from hearing such a blasphemy).

What these two actors hide from their poor (although many times well intentioned) readers is that the Jews are the founders and the controllers of socialism. Karl Marx was a Jew and was trained by a Jew named Moses Hess as were 90% of the European socialist activists and intellectuals. They control the modern Republic through banking and usury.

Freemasonry is a well-known Jewish secret society working to seduce the upper class and richest Christians to help the Jews to "rebuild the Temple of Solomon" which in Talmud and the Cabala is described as "making the Jews the rulers of the peoples of the earth as God commanded," Of course, the only people who would benefit from rebuilding the "Temple of Solomon" again are, of course, the Jews.

Olavo de Carvalho and Reinaldo Azevedo try to lure people from the truth because they do not want anybody attacking the head of the octopus, just the tentacles. This a strategy Mr Pinay describes very well in his book.

In their hatred against the Church and Christianity, the Jews built such a sophisticated weapon that the only enemy one can see is the tentacle of the monster, not the beast in its entirely. So, if you are smart enough and you wake up against Communism you start fighting against Communists, not against those who actually feed the Communist tentacle. Did you see how the game works?

That is the case for Brazil. After decades of Communist indoctrination (on schools, universities and the media) some Brazilians are starting to "wake up" from the "Matrix". But as soon as these well-intentioned Brazilians start to search the truth they reach just another tentacle of the beast. They start to fight against the Communist tentacle with liberal weapons, which are of course just another tentacle of the beast to smash any possible true Christian resistance against the Talmudists who are in fact the rulers and commanders of the banks, the media, the press, the Communists and the Freemasons.

Of course only divine intervention or a miracle can save the poor Brazilians (a goodhearted and Catholic devoted people fOR centuries) from being smashed by the Talmudists in the near future.

What this two comrades and Zionist supporters (Olavo de Carvalho and Reinaldo Azevedo) try to make now is to hide the Jews in the "Synagogue of Satan" from being even accused of responsibility as they were in Russia, trying to make people think Communism is just another political mistake or even a social or mental disease.

What Olavo de Carvalho says about the so-called "Forum de São Paulo" is true, which makes people think he is sincere and tries to alert people of the "imminent danger" which approaches in Brazil. What Olavo de Carvalho never mentions is that as long as Communists in the "Forum de São Paulo" play their role as a tentacle, Freemasonry is also playing together (Masonry functions as a kind of "strategic council" for the Brazilian armies from a long time) as another tentacle and liberals too (granting the socialists the space they need on the press, on the media and also with funds too.)

In fact, Lula's recent self-propaganda movie was entirely financed by "liberal" money from "friend" companies. How can the observer explain such a thing besides the fact that theses companies are all working together with the socialist-Jews to make the "image" of the "great nation's Messiah".

So, the inexplicable space and liberty that a traitor, subversive and dangerous organization such as the "Forum de São Paulo" had to act for such a long time is never explained to their readers. They try to figure out why these people are not just simply arrested and judged as criminals but they never get the answer. Why Lula never answer for their crimes? Why the armies and even the Church (or the Fifth Column in the Church as Pinay brilliantly writes) don't denounce and act against this villains?

The answer is: because it is written on the Talmud that Jews must never be judged against the acts and crimes against the gentiles because gentiles are not even considered human beings. That's why we never saw any Jew or Freemason being judged by their crimes against Christians.

Lula is a Freemason and I know a research was conducted in his genealogy to discover "Jew blood" in his family which was found on the past third generation. His grand-grand-grand fathers where Jews forcely converted to Catholicism, according to this research.

Did you wonder why almost every Nazi official was judged and condemned while at the same time not even one miserable Communist-Jew was denounced by the so-called "International Courts" from their crimes against Christians? Not even in History as a science, if we can say actually exists such a real science that can be called "History" because it is entirely dominated by Jewry. What we know as "History" could be better called the "Jewish view on human past events".

Talmudists do not allow Jews or Jew-supporters (Freemasons, for example) to be judged because besides their common hatred against Christians and the Church and their common enterprise, they prefer to be the judgers and create their own Courts where the accused sentence's is already proclaimed aways: guilt. That's what was done in France by the Freemasons by the occasion of the French Revolution. In fact, their preferred hobby in the Soviet Union and notably in the western European satellites was to make "revolutionary courts" always controlled by Jews against Christians, of course. In Hungary, the "train of death" traveled through Hungarian nights spreading horror among Christians. From Mr Pinay's book, I can point:

(...)"In this government which for a time held Hungary in thrall, the chief of the Hungarian Cheka Szamuelly, besides Bela Kun, distinguished himself through countless crimes and plunderings. While the latter rode through the land in his luxury automobile (with the symbol of a large gallows mounted on the vehicle, and accompanied by his capable Jewish woman secretary R. S. Salkind, alias Semliachkay), the former traveled through Hungary in his special train and sowed terror and death, as a contemporary witness describes:

"That train of death traveled snorting through the black Hungarian nights; where it stopped, one saw people hanging from trees and blood which ran on the ground. Along the railway line naked and mutilated corpses were to be seen. Szamuelly dictated his judgments in his train, and whoever was forced to enter never lived to tell the tale of what he saw. Szamuelly lived constantly in this train. Thirty selected terrorists ensured his security. Selected executioners accompanied him. The train consisted of two saloon wagons, two first-class wagons, which were occupied by the terrorists, and two third-class wagons for the victims. In the latter executions were carried out. The floor of this wagon was stiff with blood. The corpses were thrown out of the windows, while Szamuelly sat comfortably in the elegant workroom of his compartment which was upholstered in rose-colored damask and decorated with polished mirrors. With a movement of the hand he decided over life or death. (...)

Do any Christians ever heard about this monstrous crimes on the so-called "History" books? No. What they are "taught" on the schools by the "teachers" is that the Catholic Church persecuted "innocent people" (sorceres, magy and witches like those that practiced the Cabala teachings) during the middle-ages. What they are "taught" on the schools by their teachers is that the most monstrous and imaginable crime ever committed in human history was during WWII by the Germans against the poor Jews. Do any Christians ever heard of Jews sentenced to death penalty on the so-called "International courts" by the crimes that murdered millions on Soviet Union or western Europe countries? Did Christians notice movies oi the theaters talking about these crimes?

Did Olavo de Carvalho's readers have any line written from him denouncing the Jewry behind the scenes on Communism? Never.

Olavo de Carvalho is intended to pass an image of "Muslim expert". He wrote a book about the Muslim religion and received a prize on Saudia Arabia. So, why he is not also a "Talmud" expert too and explain to uneducated Christians what the Talmud says about our Lord Jesus Christ, about his holy mother, about Christians and the gentiles?

Because he receives money from the Jews in São Paulo as much as Reinaldo Azevedo does. He writes for a JewISH newspaper in São Paulo (namely "Diário do comércio", a kind of newspaper dedicated for the traders in São Paulo).

Do you see the trick?

A well studied and well educated man like Olavo de Carvalho is aware of this fact, of course. He is not sinning by ignorance: he is sinning because he is intended to lie and hide true and well intentioned Christians (especially the Catholics) from the fact that they are in imminent attack of a Jew mass murder revolution.

Olavo de Carvalho never mentions the absurd number of children that simply "disappear" in Brazil. He mentions 50.000 deaths each year (which in fact can be even more), but never mentions the almost equal number of children "disappeared" each year: 40.000 "disappearances".


Because we know this children destiny: human sacrifices for pagan and satanic cults like those kept in secrecy by the Cabalists-Talmudists and the Freemasons for centuries. And the vast majority of this children "disappearances" happens at the capital's area: Brazilia. Curious fact, indeed.

That's why Brazilia is known as "the capital of the new spirituality" from the "new agers". Well: in fact there is nothing of "new" in this kind of "spirituality" as the Catholic Church knew it and fought against it sending this bastards to the stake for their monstrous and revolting activities for the social danger they represent.

That's why the Brazilian's Federal Police is now a secret and political police. Not just to protect the Communists and their coreligionists: but to guarantee to these sorcerers and race of vipers (as our Lord Jesus correctly said) that no one will ever take any notice about the destiny of this children and this satanic infanticide.

I guess this is, regarding the right proportions, as monstrous as any Communist defender or activist or even worst because a Communist activist can act as puppet by ignorance without noticing the facts behind Communism. But Olavo de Carvalho's sin is worst because he knows and he is aware and he is acting to lure people from the real enemy: the Jews and their coreligionists in Masonry, and the pagans that practice African black-magic sacrifices along the land.

That is the real face of the revolution being carried out in Brazil now.

May God help us all and have mercy of Brazil.

In Jesu Semper.

This synopsis is very important as it helps in understanding the bigger picture throughout the world.
05-27-2010, 10:37 PM,
RE: Brazil Dominated by Masonic Jews
if Brazil is run by Masonic Jews, then why are they working with Iran and Venezuela? And I thought Freemasons were either subscribed to the left-hand path or protestantism in the lower ranks...

by the way, your link's not working.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]

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