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"Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
02-16-2012, 08:45 PM,
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
The 6/21 and 6/22 dates were always easy to spot, because they are known from Operation Blackjack.
The date 9/11 appeared in movies and on TV etc, many times before 9/11/01 also.

However, the unknown year was difficult to find, until you start looking for "2012".
The first minute of this video is a good example, "2012" at 41 seconds:- "Drop The World" - warning lights + head = 2012

Further examples and links are in the article:-
02-21-2012, 11:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-24-2012, 12:46 PM by fred15.)
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
Information about "The Day Of Islam: The Annihilation Of America And The Western World",
by Paul L. Williams:- latest Alan2 post*

22/6/12 and plenty more occult numerology on the cover, WW3 predictive programming inside.

* Dead link - see final part of post 64 below
03-17-2012, 07:23 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-17-2012, 07:31 PM by fred15.)
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
The EMTV forum has been taken down, here is the missing 2012 info:-
03-24-2012, 12:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-24-2012, 01:09 PM by fred15.)
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
Filedropper dropped my files, so here are the 2012 EMTV Forum Blackjack posts:-

Posted - 01/01/2012 : 15:39:41

In S07E06 of Supernatural, titled (Truth) "Slash Fiction" (28/10/2011), there are several clear
references* to Operation Blackjack/Jericho:-

Israel may still fire its Jericho missiles at Iran, after some more false flag terrorism from Mossad:-
"By Deception Thou Shalt Wage War" - Mossad's motto.

As confirmed previously in this thread, the first part of the fake Bin Laden assassination was
called "Operation Blackjack".

Al CIAda agents conveniently popped up shortly beforehand, to threaten nuclear revenge against
western cities, if Osama Bin Bush was killed:-

* Look out for double agent villains called Valente (Strong) in "fiction".

Posted - 03/01/2012 : 20:49:34

911 days between 9/11/2001 and the 2004 Madrid bombings (11/3/2004).
911 days between 22/6/2010 (Blackjack) and 21/12/2012* ("Doomsday").

* 2012 is a leap year - 912 days minus 1 leap day = 911.

Posted - 10/01/2012 : 12:27:30

The full plan, from Blackjack and "Jericho", was/is:-

1) Nuclear false flag attacks ("dirty bombs"?) against London, perhaps Paris, and
several North American cities.

2) Declarations of martial law in Britain and America.

3) "Retaliatory" missile strikes and war against Iran, Syria, and China. PNAC - bombs, bioweapons, and China

4) False flag E.M.P. attacks, and the release of a deadly virus*, to hamper armed
resistance to martial law in America. * first 2m

5) Debt cancellation - easier to justify during war, and if "China has just attacked us".

Despite the daily propaganda against Iran and Syria, major new wars would still be hard
to justify, without more false flag attacks.

It is interesting that "The Lone Gunmen Pilot Episode" (9/11), and Jericho/Blackjack,
both identify the "Military Industrial Complex" as the "real" culprits.

Which group dominates American TV/media, and benefited most from 9/11, Bali, Madrid,
7/7, and even the Oslo Massacre?

Whether you are planning a coup in 2001**, 2010, or 2012, it is important to have your
agents in key positions:- Jeb Bush appointee.

** The probable target of delayed Flight 93 was the politicians in the Capitol Building,
Jeb Bush declared martial law in Florida prematurely:-

Returning to the lethal virus mentioned in (4) above:-

Between the Black Death's arrival in Europe (1343) and 2010 were 666 years.
1343 plus 666 years = 2009 = Prothero Vendetta - war plus a bioweapon.

Why "Blackjack" and "Jericho"?

Black Jack is probably a reference to Satan, as in Jack Black the alleged satanic actor:- Thomas Jacob Black BlackJack = Black Jacob, Satan.

Jericho was the first city to be defeated in the Jewish conquest of Canaan, according to
the Bible.

Combining "Operation Blackjack" and "Jericho" therefore appears to produce:-

"Operation Satan" - launching the new Zionist conquest of the Middle East (and beyond).

Required to justify attacks on Iran, Syria, and China, in 2012?

"By deception thou shalt wage war", as Mossad and the Old Testament says (Proverbs 24:6).

Of course, a lot of powerful "Zionists" are also Freemasons:-

Posted - 15/01/2012 : 08:15:20

Are there any clues which suggest that attacks were always planned for 2012, rather than
earlier? Does the year 2012 appear along side the Blackjack dates in relevant "fiction"?

Firstly, the only "official" Operation Blackjack website (2009) was
Also, Jericho 2006 + 3 years = Operation Blackjack 2009 + 3 years = the real thing?

Returning to The Simpsons 2010 clock (p15/post 49 here), it clearly displays 9/11/01 when
inverted, but the hands point to 6 and 11 otherwise.

However, the solitary mushroom shaped storm cloud, is directly over the number 12.

This fits in perfectly with Jericho, where a character is disturbed by a clock (like Homer)
at 6pm, soon after a nuclear bomb has gone off in the distance (S01E01).

The clock hands point to 6 and 12 in Jericho, and The Simpsons clock indicates trouble at
6/12 (storm cloud). 6/12 = June 2012. 6/12 is also the mirror image of 21/6 (Blackjack).

There is also a hidden 21 and 22 in the Simpsons clock scene, and S21E20 provides an
additional 21-2. The Blackjack series is clear on the 21/6 and 22/6 dates anyway.

Looking again at the start of Jericho, I noticed a few things. For example, the bomb causes
interference with the hero's car radio - he moves up the dial to between 12 and 13 (2012).

Then, the distraction of the mushroom cloud causes him to crash at 12m:06s - 12/6 from
left to right (2012/June), and 6/21 right to left (June 21/Blackjack).

In summary, the date 9/11/01 is clearly referenced in Blackjack, Jericho, and The Simpsons,
whilst 21/6/12 appears to be in all three also.

Six months after 21/6/2012 is 21/12/2012, the Mayan end of era (, "doomsday").
11/9/2001 to 22/6/2012 = 10 years 9 months 11 days.

Stronger 2012 date confirmation to follow.

Posted - 15/01/2012 : 08:33:12

I had heard some discussion of the 2011 TV series "Homeland", so I decided to watch the first,
and then the latest, episodes.

In the first episode, an American Marine sniper is freed from Al-CIAda captivity, and
returns to the USA. However, there are suspicions that he has been brainwashed/turned.

The show is ridiculous anti-veteran propaganda, perhaps designed to justify future roundups.
"Based on an original Israeli series", with several Israeli "executive producers" (see above).

In the latest episode, the mind-controlled Marine assassin prepares to kill various top
U.S. government officials, as a suicide bomber.

He launches the operation in a lock-up storage unit (as with Blackjack), by recording a
video message/explanation for his intended actions (like 7/7).

As he leaves, he pulls down the lock-up door, and the number 1026 is clearly visible on it.

The 6 is closest to the camera - 6/21 (Blackjack launch day) ignoring the zero. 1026 also
generates 12/6 (2012, June) when read from left to right, again ignoring the zero.

Zeros are often ignored in numerology, but with 1026 it does supply the final numeral
required for the date 21/6/2012.

Remembering zeros was also helpful when I had another look at the following music videos,
previously discussed in this thread.

An obvious 6/21 at 2m:23s (322), 21/6 at 9-11s, and 21-2 (21-2/6 = Blackjack) at 29
seconds; then 2012 at 41 seconds, plus shattering glass (a destruction metaphor):- Lil Wayne - Drop The World ft. Eminem

A crudely superimposed 226 (Blackjack detonation day) at 10 seconds (22610), followed by a
rapid fade to black (= the end/death); 22610 supplies all of the numerals for 22/6/2012:- "Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys

Posted - 28/01/2012 : 18:38:56

More hidden references to 2012, and an interesting name:-

"Jericho detonation clock" - 6pm = 6/12, shown at 10m:12s, 10+12 = 22 = 22/6/12 Blackjack detonations.
Also, 9/11 + 1 = 10/12. The clock, plus surrounding ornaments, generate another 22/6/12, and a 2012.

A Post-it note in the same scene reads "10.30pm" = 13 = Satan, bad omen, destruction, occult groups.

The Simpsons - "To Surveil With Love" "Blackjack episode" (p15) = S21E20 = 21-2/6, 2120 = 2012.
Production code MABF12 = 13-1-2-6-12 = Satan/Black Jack, 21/6/12?

Between 21s and 23s (21/22) of this episode, various characters and props create a 2-1-2-6 (21-2/6),
complete with an explosive detonation. A "detonation clock" is shown at 5m:55s, 555 = doom x 3. Etc, etc. Original missing (save if interested).

Regarding the S21E20 detonation clock (p15/post 49 here), frame = 10, 10+11 = 21, 6, storm cloud over
12 = 21/6/12.

S21E20 episode length = 21m:21s = Blackjack Blackjack = Satan Satan = Operation Blackjack/Satan.

"The Simpsons Versus New York" 9/11 episode (p15) = S09E01 = 9/11/01 (p15/post 49 here).
Production code = 4f22. 4 = foundation, f = 6, 4f22 = 4622 = foundation of 6/22 (Blackjack bombings)?

9/11/90* to 9/11/01 = 11 years. 9/11/01 to 22/6/12 = 10y 9m 11d. 9/11/90 to 22/6/12 = 21y 9m 11d.

The hero of "Jericho" is called Jake Green. From the etymology of "Jake Green" - Hebrew conqueror grin,
see final post on page 15.

Tucson 1/8/2011 and assassin name codes:-

* U.S. date format, Bush senior N.W.O. speech, 11 = sacrifice e.g. Remembrance Day 11/11/11.

Edited by - Alan2 on 12/02/2012 17:07:16

Posted - 12/02/2012 : 15:31:54

A recent video game with Blackjack references, and "2012" found in the "Simpsons Doomsday Clock":-

"Modern Warfare 3" (MW3) released 11/8/11.

"At 6/22 attacks were triggered across Europe. The targets were key military and intelligence organizations":- 7 million views (1m:1s)

Between 11/8/11 (November 8th 2011) and 22/6/12 are 226 days (22/6 or 6/22).

At 50 seconds "WW3" appears briefly, which changes into "MW3". MW3/Blackjack thread

Regarding the "Simpsons Doomsday Clock" (p15), it appears at 5m:55s (triple doom) and it reads 5:55pm.

I have found more numbers in this clock scene: 22 (22/6), several 12s (2012), 33 (11+22)*, and a full 2012.
Look where Homer looks, especially as he says "dinnertime" - 2 01 2** = 2012. Detonation at 5m:52s = 12.

* 9/11, 6/22, 11+22 = 33
** the hidden 2, frame = 10, 10+2+10 = 22 (1m:18s) "To Surveil With Love" (2010)

The Jericho doomsday clock (see above) also offers a full 2012, an additional 22/6/12, and another
separate 12.

Posted - 21/02/2012 : 20:02:57

I recently received "The Day Of Islam: The Annihilation Of America And The Western World",
by Paul L. Williams. It focuses on "likely" nuclear attacks against the U.S.A.:-

All of the Operation Blackjack target cities are highlighted, apart from Mexico City, which is
not within "America (U.S.) And The Western World". Operation Blackjack North American targets

Miami, Houston, and Las Vegas are also mentioned as potential targets, but only once and briefly.

The book claims that Al Qaeda/Al CIAda has purchased compact nuclear weapons, as well as the
radioactive materials for "dirty bombs", from former U.S.S.R. states.

Russia, Iran, China, and Pakistan, are identified as likely sources of technical assistance for
such devices/materials. These key "enemy states" make ideal patsies.

"The Peacemaker" (1997, Clooney/Kidman) is discussed in the book (p77). This film is one of
several released before 2001, which has a screen filling "9/11". It also features 9 stolen
nuclear warheads which are offered to Iran. New York becomes the target for one of them.

There appears to be plenty of occult numerology within the cover of the book, including 22/6/12.
Details upon request.

Is "The Day Of Islam" more predictive programming for Blackjack/Jericho scenarios? It certainly
seems so to me. The book was published a few days after the end of the first series of Jericho.

Summary article, please spread:-
04-30-2012, 12:54 PM,
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
Operation Blackjack in Dr Who (1), with 21/6/2012 date clues (Titanic centenary = 2012):-

Aired 21/6/2008, 21/6 = Blackjack launch day. Turn Left = left-hand/satanic path.

(1) Mushroom cloud + martial law + FEMA type camps etc = Blackjack/Jericho. Operation Blackjack 2012 summary.
06-20-2012, 06:01 PM,
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010 Kimber calls Coast To Coast AM (2m:18s) on the Fetzer show - Blackjack, Jones, Paul, Icke, and assassin name codes (at 1h:31m). Icke discusses the dollar bill (Ctrl F Annuit) Kimber articles

Millions have been primed to question any major terror attacks that take place during this week. Hopefully, none will occur.
10-21-2013, 10:43 PM,
RE: "Operation Blackjack" 6/21/2010
Sorry I'm responding to an old post but this help me a lot. I'm no into gambling but Operation Blackjack is a great option in doing research.

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