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14/02/2010 "The Change We Need is a coalition of common purpose. "
05-14-2010, 01:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-14-2010, 01:44 PM by ---.)
14/02/2010 "The Change We Need is a coalition of common purpose. "
Marxist Miliband states
Latest News 14/02/2010 (! .nik)

D Miliband: \\\"The Change We Need is a coalition of common purpose\\\"

The change we need is easy to find. It is to build new coalitions of common purpose and the supersession of past divisions\\\" says David Miliband in the latest Fabian Society podcast.

Recorded during his keynote speech at the Fabians\\\' Global Change We Need conference, the Foreign Secretary discusses the impact of Barack Obama\\\'s successful election campaign, the role of the E.U in furthering democratic and progressive values, and the importance of so called \\\'soft power\\\' in the West:

\\\"As we commemorate the fall of communism 20 years ago, we should remember that the soft power of values is as vital as the hard power of armies when it comes to advancing our goals and defending our societies. We should remember too that it is only through promoting shared values and shared institutions – progressive means as well as progressive ends – that we can renew and strengthen our soft power.\\\"

Listen to the podcast below:
General Election 6 may 2010 and Common Purpose
Latest News 08/05/2010

Some interesting language is being used by all three leaders of the LIbLabCon in their move towards a \'collaborative\' government. Collaboration is mentioned by Cameron with respect to a possible deal with the Lib Dems. This is a classic common purpose phrase which indicates a \'joint\' move towards a Fabian marxist / communitarian agenda. It has also been suggested that the new young MPs coming into parliament will need \'training\' to prepare them for their jobs / portfolios. Question: who will train them and in what? I believe the answer is the likes of CP in leadership. NLP will certainly be used and this is why Cameron decreed that those becoming involved with the Conservative party would need psychometric tests. These tests are used to identify the personality profile. From this information the best NLP training approach can be determined so as to best \'re-frame\' the individual to the new collaborative partnership common purpose. Notice how all MPs now only speak in terms of party policy. they use \'sound bites\' and have little or no opinion of their own. This is classic mental reframing using NLP and variations. The narcissistic personality, particularly those with a narcissistic personality disorder are particularly vulnerable to NLP reprogramming. These are the people chosen for the main political roles. Gordon Brown is a classic - he is now lost in his own reality of his importance - the Hitler bunker mentality. Mandelson is another who is in love with himself and his power. These people are very dangerous as they have little or no feelings or empathy for others. Cameron and Clegg look and sound the same as they have been selected as the same narcissistic personality types. Trained and re-framed in the same way, they now appear as identical political clones for the common purpose.

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