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Hook, Wine and Wafer
05-11-2010, 09:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-11-2010, 10:22 PM by ---.)
Exclamation  Hook, Wine and Wafer

HATE-FUELLED cleric Abu hamza has apologised to Muslims everywhere after a tabloid newspaper printed pictures of the hook-handed lunatic receiving holy communion in a Catholic church on Easter Sunday during Easter!

[Image: Abu-Hamza_280_548035a.jpg]
CLERICAL ERROR: Hamza's flirtation with Catholicism was a big mistake.

The radical fundamentalist, 52, who was voted Islamic extremist of the year in 2009 had obtained a gagging order preventing publication of the images. But a high court judge yesterday overturned the injunction, ruling that there were no grounds for the ban and that the story was in the public interest.
Speaking outside Hamza's London home at Belmarsh prison, his spokesman, Maxhamud Al Clifford told reporters:

"Mr.Hamza feels ashamed and remorseful over his behaviour. He has been under great pressure recently with a taxing schedule of slopping out and making wicker baskets. His actions on Easter Sunday were a momentary lapse in judgement."

"Abu did not set out with the intention of partaking in a Roman Catholic church service,"
Al Clifford continued.

"His commitment to Islam is strong and taking communion meant nothing to him. He would now ask for a period of privacy to work through this difficult time with his family and cell-mate." he added.

But the priest who gave the host to the bearded preacher of hate told reporters:

"I certainly didn't get the impression that Abu was a first time communicant. he knew exactly where to stand, kneel and sit. And he did all the Eucharist responses in proper Latin."

"He told me that he loved Jesus and I believed him. Now when I hear him dismissing our service as nothing more than a bit of bread and wine, it makes me very sad."

"It makes my faith feel used." he added.

But British violent extremists were yesterday standing by te shame-faced Hamza. One brainwashed militant told reporters:

"Mr Hamza is one of the biggestnames in the Muslim world. I'm sure we'll rally round and help him sort out his issues. Death to the West!"

However, last night it looked as if the shenaningans were set to hit Hamza's wallet as hard as his reputation.
Firms who had lined up the hook-waving hardliner to front lucrative ad campaigns rushed to distance themselves. Metal polish giants Brasso have already terminated their contract with the crazed mullah and an offer from a firm of injury compensation lawyers has been axed.

One advertising executive told reporters:
"Abu could have been as big as the Shake'n'Vac woman or Alexander the meerkat. Now one silly dalliance with apostasy has cost him the lot."

source: viz

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