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Deception behind all deception
05-09-2009, 10:57 PM,
Deception behind all deception
So where do we start to debunk the state of things, where is the solid ground from where we begin?

Do we have reality to start with or is it the very thing that has been denied from us.

Who ever controls our beliefs, our minds controls us.

As it said in the temple of Delfoi: KNOW THY SELF. If one knows that, he/she shall know everything.
Thats what its all about. Our selves.

All the way back from the ancient days, from the start of the current era the light was lost from the rising elite of priests and kings and other initiated. The knowledge corrupted and turned dark, gave means of the few to controll the many by deception of the nature of reality. On top of this fundamental deceit is placed a multilayered "matrix" of events, conceptions, ideas. A big drama occupying our minds and perception.

Today we are so far in this imposed, synthetic way of experiencing this "reality" that existence beyond this narrow and limited box is totally beyond our horizons and subsecuently unbeliveable.

Originally the truths beyond the syntax of words and mind were communicated by elaborate symbolism and allegory, so that the information coded would be percieved according to the level of the person percieving the information. Later as we fell deeper the remains of this understanding started to present a possibility of controll, of power.

On a metaphysical level this ment the changing of the season for humanity, the development of a cut out ego conciosness witch was to take over the control from the innocent undifferentiated conciosness that was totally vulnerable to the deceit of the seperated ego conciousness and this is still happening now.

As the master of the house was not present anymore, for this season, the seperate ego conciousness wanted to exhalt it self to the be the most high and used everything available to miss lead, to manipulate, to take controll over the crumbling remains of the old world era.

This is the black brotherhood and their ofspring. Interconnected beyond the profane illusionary world of the golem like humanity, this structure is manifesting it self in us. This is the nightmare witch leaves us no choice but to become an automaton or strugle to wake up.

Freedom, the most waluable and true thing in this dream is not to be attained without pure will, its the ransom for our freedom as we are held hostage in this narrow small box in multidimensional existence.


Love is the law, freedom and love.


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