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Obama To Nuke Us To Hell In A Handbasket
04-16-2010, 11:14 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-16-2010, 05:01 PM by BananaBoat.)
Exclamation  Obama To Nuke Us To Hell In A Handbasket
Obama’s Endgame In Sight

Fema Camper
Thursday, April 15, 2010

[Image: ?id=725X1342&]

The international media has recently gone into propaganda overdrive with the latest preconditioning for a nuclear attack against American civilization. The Daily Telegraph, The Voice Of America and USA Today are among the mouthpieces for Obama’s warning of nuclear weapons going off in American soil. Hollywood and television’s latest releases portray white terrorists as nuclear terrorists. In fact, at the time of writing this article, 7,240 articles are syndicated on Google News relating to this threat, with 352 articles on the topic published within just the past three hours.

Something’s up. Historically, the threat of terrorism has been used much more often as a device of governments than the tool of small groups of political activists. So why are we being threatened now? Simple. The economy is failing, slowly, as the designed collapse of American civilization is underway. Consider this analysis: after spending in the league of $23.7 trillion as of last July on bailouts (6.8 trillion from the Federal Reserve, $2.3 trillion from the FDIC, $7.4 trillion from Treasury and $7.2 trillion in other government programs), Obama has spent more than combined cost of the trip to the moon, the New deal, World War II in adjusted dollars. And that’s double the gross domestic product of the USA!

There is no way we can recover any time soon from this irrational, foolhardy spending that will ultimately result in hyperinflation. Since Obama’s election, we have seen Americans income drop an average of 3.2%. That’s a failure to America, when Obama’s campaign was largely based on hope and prosperous change for the poor and middle income families, with no tax increases. But this promise hasn’t materialized either.

But why has the economy fallen so badly despite the massive bailouts to private, international banks and the nationalizing of some private companies? Because that’s the intention. As explained in articles in our economic crisis archive: carbon taxes, the Fed, the bailouts, directed inflation, market manipulation and illegal investment schemes have been purposely set up to defraud the American lifestyle of its economic viability so that we are financially repressed and systematically enslaved to our government by economic fealty. These words of wisdom ring true today: “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” And this whole nuclear threat is a ploy to prepare the American people for the inevitable false-flag terror attack that will be perpetrated by the global elite and blamed on, likely, white Christian militias, in order to subjugate the majority of Americans to a dictatorial regime.

Why are Christians, homeschoolers, those who defend the constitution or carry a pocket constitution, legal gun owners and those who demonstrate their freedom of speech labeled ‘suspected terrorists’ by the FBI, the police, the army and homeland security? Because they are the last part of society that will stand up against the oppression. They are the ones active in alerting the public on the truth of government-sponsored/directed false-flag terrorism. They are the ones who will defend themselves if they are attacked or if the military/government attempt a round-up of citizens to take to FEMA camps.

We’ve already previously exposed the FBI infiltration and commandeering of militia groups like the Hutaree, which were used as patsies to demonize law-abiding, gun-bearing Americans and militia groups. They’ve done their best to smear violent radicals with Tea Party attendees and patriots. By falsely tying people just demonstrating their right to free speech with terrorism and hate groups, they attempt to discredit and set up these people for future false flag terror events.

There is no solid evidence that nuclear weapons have slipped into rogue hands, nor any specific threats against major American targets. The Washington Times has admitted that Obama’s administration is spreading the hype about nuclear risk, and that there is no particular intelligence information that would indicate any attack will take place in the future. All the while, Obama has threatened Iran with nuclear attack if they do not give up their nuclear program. But wait, I thought the war on terror had ended! It seems now that the most vocal and capable group of implementing any attack, whether it be a terrorist attack or a pre-emptive strike, would be the White House itself. State-sponsored terrorism is by far a more frequent occurrence historically than by isolated groups, and the US is no exception to this rule.

With the rhetoric blazingly being sped up now more than ever, it is apparent that there is a clear and precise agenda to prepare American minds for the possibility of a new attack on American soil. This will almost certainly be blamed on patriot groups and their leaders, such as Alex Jones and his followers, and on anyone who may still believe in the constitution and stand up for the truth in the media. Be aware, for if and when the staged event happens, if they enact a fire sale, attacking several targets at once, cutting off key utilities and infrastructure, the end result will ramp up the nation into martial law. Just like a mafia crime boss sells ‘fire insurance’ to local businesses to ensure that they are protected, Obama is selling us his government platform as a sort of protection against attacks from unknown, shadowy enemies. It is imperative that we take the initiative by keeping aware of the propaganda in the media, and warn friends and families of the crises they are planning. Whether real or imaginary, this threat against America through our leaders is itself terrorism, because it aims, like all other terroristic activities, to intimidate people into submission.

04-16-2010, 11:50 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-16-2010, 11:50 AM by Hans Olo.)
RE: Obama To Nuke Us To Hell In A Handbasket
This is unreadable with the default forum theme.
04-16-2010, 05:02 PM,
RE: Obama To Nuke Us To Hell In A Handbasket
(04-16-2010, 11:50 AM)Hans Olo Wrote: This is unreadable with the default forum theme.

I fixed it up a bit. Is that any better?

I find this forum rather dim, so I use brighter colors; just my preference.

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