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In view of the fact that the theme of this Second Book has been dealt with in such a masterly way and with such depth by outstanding and exactly instructed personages like his Holiness Pope Leo XIII, the High Dignified Cardinal Jose Maria Caro Rodriquez, Archbishop of Santiago de Chile, Monsignor Leon Meurin, S.J., Archbishop, Bishop of Port-Louis, and various other illustrious church and secular writers, we can restrict ourselves to writing down literally such authorised excerpts, without in the least enfeebling their great regard.

His Holiness Leo XIII says in his Encyclical Humanum Genus exactly as follows:

“The Popes, our forefathers, who bore conscientious concern for the spiritual salvation of the Christian peoples, soon knew very well who this deadly enemy was and what he wished, even if he hardly ever came out of the darkness of his secret conspiracy into the light, and accordingly, when he had spread his word of revolution, they exhorted princes and peoples to caution that they might not allow themselves to be caught by the malicious arts and traps which were prepared to deceive them. The first announcement of the danger was given in the year 1738 by Pope Clement XII (Constitution In Eminenti, 24th April 1738), which order Benedict XIV confirmed and renewed (Constitution Providas, 18th May 1751). Pius VII (Constitution Ecclesiam a Jesu Christi, 13th September 1821) followed the path of both, and Leo XII, who in the Apostolic Constitution Quo Graviora (Constitution given 13th March 1825) incorporated in this material the decrees passed by his predecessors, authorized and confirmed the same for ever. Pius VIII (Encyclical Traditi, 21st May 1829), Gregory XVI (Encyclical Mirari, 15th August 1835), and Pius IX (Encyclical Qui Pluribus, 9th November 1816; Allocution Multiplices Inter, 25th September 1865, etc.) naturally spoke repeatedly in the same sense.

“According to the example of our predecessors, we have now resolved to openly turn ourselves against the Freemasonic society, against the system of their doctrine, against their manner of feeling and acting, to ever more make clear their harmful power and thus to prevent infection by such a destructive plague.

“The good tree can bring forth no bad fruits, nor can the bad tree bring forth good fruits (Matth. Chapter VII. v. 18) and the fruits of the Freemasonry sects are harmful and in addition very sour. For, from the completely reliable proofs that we have mentioned previously, is revealed the ultimate and last and most principal of their intentions, namely: To destroy to their foundations every religious and civic order that has been erected by Christianity, and after their own manner to erect a new order with foundations and laws, which they took from the essence of Naturalism... The confusing errors, which we have enumerated, must already suffice in themselves to fill the States with anxiety and fear. For, if the fear of God and respect for the laws is abolished, if the authority of the princes is despised, if the madness of revolution is called good and is declared as lawful, if with the greatest unbridledness the passions of the peoples are unchained, without other hindrance than punishment, then universal upheaval and disorder must necessarily follow. And it is particularly this upheaval and disorder that is planned and put forward by many associations of Communists and Socialists, of whose plans it cannot be said that they are remote from the sect of the Freemasons, since they favour the latter’s intentions in great measure and agree with them on the most fundamental principles…

“However this may be, worthy brothers, as far as concerns us in the face of such a heavy and already widespread evil, we must be diligent with our entire soul in seeking for aid. And since we know, that the best and foremost hope of aid is placed in the power of the divine religion, which is hated by the Freemasons in the same way as it is feared, we hold it to be essential that we stand in service of this healing power against the common enemy. Everything accordingly that all the Popes our predecessors have ordered to hold up the attempts and efforts of the Freemasonic Sects, everything which they praised to keep men away from such societies or entice them from them, we strengthen and confirm individually and entirely with our Papal authority.”1

As one sees, both his Holiness Leo XIII as well as various earlier Popes are very clear in their condemnation of Freemasonry and recognise simultaneously the latter’s intentions, in association with Socialists and Communists, to destroy Christianity. And who directs Freemasonry? As we wish to explain in the following chapters, it is the same who directs Socialism and Communism, i.e. the Jews.



“To unmask Freemasonry” — said Leo XIII — “means to conquer it.” When we lift its mask, then every honest mind and every Christian heart will turn away from it with revulsion; and through this fact alone will it fall, completely destroyed and detested particularly by those who obey it. The learned scholar and Jesuit Monsignor Leon Meurin, S.J., Archbishop, Bishop of Port-Louis, shows us in his so very richly authenticated work, “Clarification of Freemasonry”, with crushing authority that the Jews are the founders, organisers and leaders of Freemasonry, which they use to attain world domination, in order to destroy the Holy Catholic Church and the remaining existing religions. Among the attested literature that he presents in this connection appear several quotations, which we mention in the following:

“The First Highest Masonic Council was, as we have already said, formed on 31st May 1801 in Charleston, 33 degrees northern latitude, under the chairmanship of the Jew Isaac Long, who was made inspector general by the Jew Moses Cohen, and who had received his degree from Hyes, from Franken, and the Jew Morin.”2

“The Jews were thus the founders of the First Great Council, which was to transform itself into the middlepoint of world Freemasonry. And they placed it in America, in a city chosen exactly on the 33rd parallel, Northern Latitude. The successive head has lived in Charleston since 1801. In the year 1889 this was Albert Pike, whom we have already mentioned in his circular letter of 14th July 1889, the famed anniversary and tercentenary.

“He assumes the title of each of the 33 degrees and in addition adds the following:

“Most mighty and all-highest Commander, Grand Master of the Supreme Council of Charleston, first highest council of the globe, Grand Master and preserver of the holy Palladium, all-highest Pontifex of world Freemasonry.

“With these pompous titles he published his circular letter in the one and thirtieth year of his Pontificate, supported by ten high dignitaries, most enlightened and most sublime brothers, rulers, grand-general inspectors, chosen magi, who form the most illustrious grand collegium of ancient Freemasons, the council of the chosen troops and of the holy battalion of the Order.”3

“The circular letter enumerates the 23 highest councils, which previously were directly ‘created’ through that of Charleston and are dispersed over the entire world. Then it lists the hundred Grand Orients and Grand Lodges of all rites which are connected with the highest Council of Charleston as the all-highest power of Freemasonry; the exclusive rite of the Jews. For example, the Grand Orient of France, the General Council of the Rite of Mizraim, the Grand Council of the Freemason Oddfellows, etc. From the preceding we must conclude that Freemasonry all over the world is one in countless forms, however, under the supreme direction of the all-highest Pontifex of Charleston.”4


“The rites and symbols of the Freemasons and of the other secret sects remind one constantly of the ‘Cabbala’ (secret Jewish mystique) and Jewry: The reconstruction of the temple of Solomon, the star of David, the seal of Solomon; the names of the different degrees, as for example, Knight Kadosh. ‘Kadosh’ means in Hebrew ‘holy’; Prince of Jerusalem, Prince of Lebanon, Knight of the serpent of Airain, etc. And does not the prayer of the English Freemasons, which was recorded in an assembly held in 1663, recall Judaism in a most clear manner?”5

“Finally the Scottish Freemasons made use of the Jewish calendar; for example, a book, which was written by the American Freemason Pike6 in the year 1881, is dated ‘Anno mundi 5641’. At present this calendar is retained only in the highest degrees, while the Freemasons in general add four thousand years to the Christian calendar, and not 3760 like the Jews.”7

The clever Rabbi Benamozegh writes the following:

“Those who wish to make the effort to examine the questions of relations between Jewry and philosophic Freemasonry, between Theosophy and the secret doctrines in general, will lose a little of their arrogant despisal of the Cabbala (Jewish Mysticism). They will cease to smile contemptuously at the idea that the ‘Cabbalistic’ theology perhaps has to fulfil a mission in the religious re-shaping of the future.”8

“Who are the true leaders of Freemasonry? This is one of the secrets of the sect, which is very carefully kept; but one can assert that Freemasonry all over the world develops in agreement with one and the same plan; that its methods are always and in all parts identical, and that the aims pursued are permanently the same. This occasioned us to believe that a uniform middlepoint exists, which directs all movements of the Sect.

“Further on we will touch upon this question; however, here let us recall that ‘Carta de Colonia’, dated 24th June 1935, speaks of a director of Freemasonry: the Grandmaster or patriarch, who, although known by very few brothers, exists in reality; and Gougenot des Mousseaux points out that ‘this choice of the Order, these real directors, whom only a very few initiates know, exercise their function in useful and secret dependency upon the Israelite Cabbalists (Mystics)’ (page 338-339) and that the true directors of Freemasonry are the friends, the helpers and the vassals of the Jew to whom they do homage as their highest Lords. The same judgment is shared by Eckert, Drumont, Deschamps, Msgr. Jouin, Lambelin and other savants of Freemasonic and Jewish questions”.9

Let us leave the dogmatic teachings of the Freemasons and Jewry to one side and let us examine the alliances between both from the purely practical and realistic standpoint. If one proceeds logically, one cannot avoid drawing the conclusion which is formulated by L. de Poncins in “The Secret Powers Behind Revolution.”

“The manifoldness of Freemasonry, its permanence, the inalterability of its goals, which are completely explicable since it is a question of a Jewish creation to serve the Jewish interests, would be completely incomprehensible if its origin were of a Christian nature.

“Even the purpose in itself of Freemasonry, namely the destruction of Christian civilisation, reveals to us the Jew, for only the Jew can draw advantage from it, and the Jew alone is inspired by a sufficiently violent hatred towards Christianity to create such an organisation.”

“Freemasonry”, continues de Poncins, “is a secret society and is directed by an international minority. It has sworn Christianity an irreconcilable hatred. These three characteristics are exactly the same as those that describe Jewry and represent the proof that the Jews are the leading element of the lodges.”10

Already in 1867 the “permanent international league for peace” came into existence, and its secretary, the Jew Passy, outlined the ideas of a court of justice, to settle all conflicts between the nations without appeal.11

The newspaper “The Israelite Archive” dreamed of a similar court of justice in the year 1864. “Is it not natural and necessary” — wrote a certain Levy Bing — “that as soon as possible we see erected an additional court of justice, and in fact a highest court of justice, to whom the great open conflicts and the quarrels among the nations are submitted, which in the last instance passes judgment, and whose last word is given powerful weight? This will be the word of God, which is uttered by his first-born sons (the Hebrews), and before which the general rest of mankind will bow in respect before our brothers, our friends and our pupils.”12

These are the dreams of Israel. As always they accord with those of Freemasonry. The “Freemasons calendar” writes:

“When the Republic has been set up in the whole of old Europe, Israel, as ruler will rule over this old Europe.”13

At the world congress of Jewish youth, which was held on 4th August 1928, H. Justin Godard announced that the Jews were the firmest supporters of the League of Nations, which had to thank its existence to them.”14 The Jew Cassin gave more exact information:

“The rebirth of Zionism is the work of the League of Nations. Through it the Jewish organisations place themselves as defenders of the League of Nations, and therefore Geneva swarms with representatives of the ‘chosen people’.”15

The most venerable Cardinal Jose Maria Caro R., Archbishop of Santiago and Primate of Chile, also proves, in his authoritatively supported work “The Secret of Freemasonry”, that it is the Jews who direct this sect, in order to rule the world and to destroy Holy Church. In connection with its origin he affirms:

“The Freemasonic rite clearly betrays its Jewish origin: the symbols, which begin with the Bible itself; the coat of arms upon which an attempt is made to explain the different forms of the Cherubim described by Ezekiel in his second poem, an ox, a man, a lion and an eagle; the two pillars of the Freemasonic temple in remembrance of the temple of Solomon; the rebuilding of the temple which is the work of the Freemasons, etc. The reading matter and the handbooks, which in greater part are taken from the Bible, they turn almost always towards Freemasonic taste, especially the legend of Hiram, which plays an important role in the Freemasonic rite.

“The customary words and expressions, like the names of the pillars ‘Boaz’ and ‘Jachin’, the words of knowledge and of admittance: Tubalcain, Shibboleth, Giblim or Moahon, Nekum or Nekam, Abibalc, etc; the importance, which is allotted to numbers, a matter very original to the Cabbala, all these are further proofs of the Cabbalistic influence on Freemasonry.

“Finally the facts, the rule of terror, the outbreak of Satanic hatred against the Church, against our Lord Jesus Christ, the terrible blasphemies against God that the revolutionary Freemasons perpetrated in France, are nothing more than the expression and the fulfilment of the Cabbalistic and secret sects, which already for several centuries have fought secretly against Christianity. What the Jewish Bolshevists to greatest part do in Russia against Christianity, is only another edition of the deeds of the Freemasons in the French revolution. The executioners are others; however the doctrine that motivates and empowers them and the supreme leadership are the same.”16



The famous and learned Jesuit, Monsignor Leon Meurin, Archbishop of Port-Louis, confirms in his authoritatively substantiated work “Philosophy of Freemasonry” the following:

“The first degrees of Freemasonry are intended for the purpose, as we will see further below, of transforming the ‘laymen’ into ‘real men’ in the Freemasonic sense; the second section, which passes from the 12th to 22nd degree, is intended to dedicate men to the ‘Jewish Pontifex’, and the third section of the 23rd to 33rd degree must dedicate the Pontifex to ‘the Jewish king’ or ‘Cabbalistic Emperor’.

“The first thing that surprises the new disciple of a lodge is the Jewish character of everything which he finds there. From the first to the thirtieth degree he hears only talk of the ‘great work’ of rebuilding the temple of Solomon; of the murdering of the architect Hiram Abiff; of the two pillars Boaz and Jachin (III, Kings VII, 21); of a host of secret symbols (signs) and Hebrew holy words; and of the Jewish calendar, which adds 4000 years to our own, so as not to honour the birth of the divine Saviour.”

“After the Jews had set up Freemasonry in different lands, they secured themselves predominance in the ‘Grand Orients’ by number and in influence. On the other hand, they set up a great number of lodges exclusively for Jews. Even before the revolution of 1789, the brothers Ecker and Eckhoffen had founded in Hamburg the ‘Lodge of Melchizedek’, which was reserved for Jews. The Hebrews von Hurschfeld and Cotter founded towards end of the 18th century in Berlin the ‘Lodge of Tolerance’.

“Since that time, the Jews used the trick of bringing Jews and Christians closer, to ideologically and politically control or lead astray the later. However, at that time they had to take their refuge in the ‘Secret Leagues’ since the laws and customs of the Christian states of Europe revealed satisfactory measures which had the aim of protecting the Christians against cheating by the Jews. The secret Freemasons’ paper of Leipzig said in their October number of 1864 that the middlepoint of the Jewish lodges in Paris was under the direction of Cremieux and the Grand Rabbi.”


The famous Archbishop-Bishop of Port-Louis says, when he speaks of the Jewish origin of Freemasonic doctrines, the following:

“The doctrines of Freemasonry are those of the Jewish Cabbala (Mysticism) and in particular those of their book ‘Sohar’ (Light). This is not recorded in any Freemasonic document; for it is one of the great secrets, which the Jews preserve so that only they themselves know it. Nevertheless we have been able to discover it, when we followed the traces of the Number 11. Here we have discovered the fundamental doctrines of the ‘Jewish Cabbala’ which were taken up into Freemasonry.”17

In the preceding chapters there remained always a certain number of Freemasonic signs that were more or less inapplicable. All this, which plays a role in Freemasonry and its history, allows itself to be applied with astonishing ease to the Jewish people. What exists in reality in Freemasonry, is all completely, exclusively, and passionately Jewish from beginning to end.

What possible interest have the other peoples in rebuilding the temple of Solomon? Do they do it on their own account or an account of the Jews? Have these peoples or the Jews a use therefrom? What advantages does the fact represent that one destroys the other, so that, in the end all over the world, the “Princes of Jerusalem” (16th degree), “the Heads of the Tabernacle” (23rd degree) or “The Princes of the Tabernacle” (24th degree) triumph? Have the peoples become united, so as to serve the Jews as a footstool? (Psalm 109) Why do they hurry to set upon their head the crown (Kether) and to lay the kingdom (Malkuth) at their feet?”

It is so evident that Freemasonry is only a tool in the hands of the Jews, which only they in reality lead, that one feels tempted to believe that the non-Jewish Freemasons, on the same day when their eyes are bound for the first time, lose their understanding and their power of judgement.18


The most dignified Cardinal Caro says in his work “The Secret of Freemasonry”:

“In Freemasonry a great and quite special respect is always shown for the Jews. If there is talk of superstition, the Jewish religion is never mentioned. Upon outbreak of the French revolution, French citizenship was urgently demanded for the Jews. Although it was rejected on the first occasion, it was expressly urged that it be granted, and it was allowed. The reader will recall that in those days the Catholics were persecuted to death. When the ‘Commune’ ruled in Paris and it was necessary to protect the cash of the bank of France against plundering, no one threatened the Jewish banks. (La Franc. Mas. Secte Juive 60.)

“Freemasonry has regarded Antisemitism with revulsion, and in fact so much so that an Antisemitic brother, who believed honourably in the tolerance of political opinions by Freemasonry, once placed himself as candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in France and was even elected. When the question of re-election arose, instructions were expressly given to the lodges that war was to be waged against him. Such instructions, which one almost never hears openly in the lodges, had to be followed.”


In the year 1862 a Berlin Freemason, who noticed the Jewish predominance in the lodges, wrote in a Munich paper: “There exists in Germany a secret sect with Freemasonic forms, which is subject to ‘unknown leaders’. The members of this association are in their great majority ‘Israelites’... In London, where, as one knows, the revolutionary herd are found around the Grandmaster Palmerston, there exist two Jewish Lodges that have never seen Christians cross their threshold; it is there that are combined all the threads of the revolutionary elements which nestle in the Christian lodges. In Rome there is a further lodge, ‘which consists completely of Jews’, and where all threads as well as plots instigated in the ‘Christian lodges’ unite: ‘the supreme court of justice of the revolution.’

“From there outwards the other lodges are directed as by secret leaders, so that the greater part of the Christian revolutionaries are only marionettes who are set in motion by Jews by means of the secret leaders.

“In Leipzig exists by occasion of the Fair, which a part of the high Jewish and Christian merchants of all Europe attend, a ‘permanent secret Jewish Lodge’ in which a Christian Freemason is never accepted. This opens the eyes of more than one of us... There are secret envoys, who alone have admittance to the Jewish lodges of Hamburg and Frankfurt.

“Gougenot des Mousseaux reports the following occurrence, which confirms the ensuing statements: ‘With the breaking out again of the revolution of 1848, I had connections with a Jew, who out of vanity betrayed the secrets of the secret societies of which he was a member. The latter instructed me eight or ten days in advance of all revolutions that would break out in any point of Europe. I have to thank him for the unshakeable conviction that all these great movements of ‘repressed peoples, etc.’ were instigated by half a dozen persons who imparted their instructions to the secret societies of the whole of Europe. The ground under our feet is through and through undermined, and the Jewish people provided an entire contingent of these subterranean agitators.’

“In the year 1870 de Camille wrote in ‘Le Monde’ that he met a Freemason upon a round trip through Italy, one of his old acquaintances. To his question how things went with the order, he answered: ‘I have finally left the lodge of my Order for I have gained the deep conviction that we were only the tools of the Jews, who drive us to the total destruction of Christianity.’ (La F.M. Secte Juive, 43-46).

“As confirmation of the above I will reproduce a report, which is found in the ‘Revue des Sociétés Secrètes’ (p. 118-119, 1924):

1.) The Golden International (International Plutocracy and High Finance), at whose head are found:

a) In America: J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Vanderlip.

b) In Europe: the firm of Rothschild and others of second rank.

2.) The Red International or international association of Social Democratic workers. This comprises:

a) The Second International (that of Belgium, Jew Vandervelde).

b) The International No. 21/2 (that of Vienna, Jew Adler).

c) The Third International or Communist International (that of Moscow, the Jews Apfelbaum and Radek). This hydra, with three heads, which works separately for better effect, has at its disposal the ‘Profintern’ (International bureau of professional associations), which has its seat in Amsterdam and which dictates the Jewish word to the Syndicates that have still not been incorporated into Bolshevism.

3.) The Black International or combat organisation of Jewry. The chief roles in it are played by: the world organisation of Zionists (London); the Israelite world league, which was founded in Paris by the Jew Cremieux; the Jewish order of the B’nai-Moiche (Sons of Moses) and the Jewish societies ‘Henoloustz’, ‘Hitakhdoute’, ‘Tarbout’, ‘Karen-Haessode’, and a hundred more or less masked organisations, which are dispersed over all the lands of the Old and New world.

4.) The Blue International or international Freemasonry. This unites all Freemasons in the world through the ‘United Lodge of Great Britain’, through the ‘Grand Lodge of France’ and through the Grand Orients of France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and the remaining lands. (The active middlepoint of this association is, as readers know, the great ‘Alpina-Lodge’.)

5.) The Jewish Freemasonic Order of ‘Bnai-B’rith’, which, contrary to the principles of the Freemasonic lodges, accepts only Jews, and which numbers over the world more than 426 purely Jewish Lodges, serves as links to all the above enumerated Internationals. The leaders of the ‘B’nai-B’rith’ are the Jews Morgenthau, former ambassador of the United States in Constantinople; Brandeis, supreme judge in the United States; Mack, Zionist; Warburg (Felix), Banker; Elkus; Kraus (Alfred), the first president; Schiff, already dead, who supported the movement for emancipation of the Jews in Russia with financial contributions; Marshall (Louis), Zionist.

“ ‘We know definitely’, says Nesta Webster, ‘that the five powers, to which we have referred — the Freemasonry of the Grand Orient, Theosophy, Pan-Germanism, International finance and the social revolution — have a very real existence and a very definite influence on the destinies of the world. Hereby we do not proceed from assumptions but from facts, which can be authoritatively substantiated.’

“Since the revolution, the Jews have most of all appeared in connection with Freemasonry. Jewish Encyclopaedia.”19

“In order to attempt to overthrow the Christian religion and in particular the Catholic, the Jews took their refuge in work of agitation, by that they despatched others imperceptibly and they themselves hid behind, in order not to reveal their intentions, so greatly are they despised by all: to bring that fortress to collapse in the name of freedom. It was therefore necessary to undermine its granite foundation and to destroy the entire building of Christianity. And they set about the work of this enterprise and placed themselves at the head of this concealed world revolution by means of Freemasonry, which they had controlled.

“The emancipation of Jewry in France was the gain, pursued in secret, of the revolution, which invented its famed human rights (rights of man) in order to place the Jews upon equal rights with all Christians. To this and nothing else extends the much-praised freedom, in whose name that terrible revolution was instigated.”20



Concerning the monstrous crimes of this master work of modern Jewry, which Freemasonry represents, the most dignified Cardinal Caro says:

“The reading of the Freemasonic ritual allows it to be discerned, at least in the highest degree, that it prepares its disciples for revenge, revolution and hence for crime.

“ ‘In all these rites’, says Benoit, ‘the Freemasons are subjected to an education which teaches them cruelty in theory and practice. They are told that the Freemasonic order follows the aim of avenging the death of Hiram Abiff or his three faithless companions, or the death of de Molay on his murderers, the Pope, the King and Nogaret.’

“In the First Degree the beginner tests his courage on neck and head, which are dressed about with blood-filled entrails. In another degree, he who is accepted, must throw about heads which are placed upon a snake; or also kill a lamb (30th degree of the Scottish rite A.A.), with which action he believe that he kills a man. Here he must carry on bloody fights with foes who dispute his return to the fatherland; there are heads on a pole or a corpse in a coffin and the brothers in mourning vow revenge. The murdering of Rossi, the minister of Pius IX, through his former conspiratorial brothers is well known.

“In the year 1883 four Italians, Emiliani, Scuriatti, Lazzoneschi and Adriani, members of ‘Young Italy’ who had fled to France, were betrayed to Mazzini and his helpers as traitors.

“On 22nd October 1916, Count Stürck, the chancellor of Austria, was murdered. The murderer, Fritz Adler, was a Freemason and son of a Freemason, as well as member of a lodge with high Freemasonic dignitaries in Switzerland. In his declaration he defended the right to exercise justice with his own hand.

“In France occasioned by the Dreyfus affair the following persons were murdered: Captain d’Attel, who gave evidence against him, the deputy Chaulin-Servinière, who had received from d’Attel the details of Dreyfus’s confession; the district captain Laurenceau, who revealed sums of money which had been sent from abroad to the friends of Dreyfus, in his opinion for bribery, and the prison warden Rocher, who claimed to have heard how Dreyfus partially confessed his crime. Captain Valerio, one of the witnesses against Dreyfus, and President Faure who had opposed a revision of the trial, also vanished soon afterwards. All defenders of Dreyfus were Freemasons, and in addition Jews.

“In Sweden the brother of Gustav III was murdered by H. Ankerstrom, secret envoy of the grand lodge, which Condorcet directed, in accordance with the agreement of the Freemasons who have assembled in 1786 in Frankfurt/Main.

“In Russia Paul I was murdered, a Freemason, who although he knew the danger from the brotherhood, strictly forbade it. For the same reason his son, Alexander I, suffered an identical fate, who was murdered in 1825 at Taganrog. The murderers were in their entirety Freemasons. (‘The great criminals of Freemasonry.’ Trans.)


“In France the death of Louis XVI is attributed to them. Cardinal Mathieu, Archbishop of Besançon, and Monsignor Bessan, Bishop of Nimes, have reported in letters, which are known all over the world, of the revelations which were made to them concerning the resolution taken in the convent of Wilhelmsbad to murder Louis XVI and the king of Sweden. These revelations were made to them by two former members of this convent... The murder of the Duke de Berry... the murder of Lew, the great patriot and enthusiastic Catholic of Lucerne/Switzerland were resolved upon and carried out by members of the sect.

“In Austria the famous crime of Sarajevo, which was the cause of the First World War, was arranged by the Freemasons, announced in advance and carried out at the given time. A high Freemasonic dignitary, of Swiss nationality, expressed himself in 1912 in this connection in the following manner: ‘The successor to the throne is a personality with much talent; a pity that he is condemned; he will die on the way to the throne.’ Madame de Tebes predicted his death already two years previously. Those principally guilty were in their entirety Freemasons.

“ ‘All this’, says Wichtl, ‘is no mere suspicion, but legally proven facts, which have been intentionally concealed.’

“In Germany Marshal Echhorn and his adjutant, Captain von Dressler, were murdered on 30th July, 1918. The day before, the Paris Freemasons newspaper ‘Le Matin’ wrote that a patriotic secret society had offered a high price for the head of Echhorn. One can certainly imagine what kind of society supplied this information to ‘Le Matin’.

“In Italy Umberto I was murdered by the anarchist Pressi, who as a Freemason belonged to a lodge in Paterson, New Jersey, United States, even though he himself had not been to America. Thus the declaration that, in certain Degrees, arrogant men gave of the inscription on the cross, was transformed into its opposite: I.N.R.I. = Justum necare reges Italiae: it is just to murder the kings of Italy.

“On 26th March 1885, the Duke Carl III was murdered in Parma; the assassin, Antonio Carra, had the day before been chosen and incited at a secret session, whose chairmanship Lemmi performed; Lemmi was later all-highest Grandmaster of Italian Freemasonry, and as it appears, also of world Freemasonry. A certain Lippo had prepared a doll in order to illustrate how the most deadly dagger thrusts could be given, and the executioner was chosen by lots.

“On 22nd May, Ferdinand II of Naples died; he was given a poison in a slice of melon, which caused his terribly painful death. The instigator of this king’s death was a Freemason who belonged to one of the most criminal branches of this sect, to that of the so called ‘sublime and perfect Masters’. He was a disciple of Mazzini and one of the most respected persons of the royal court. Margiotta does not risk giving his name. (Marg. A. L. 21-34) With this author one can read about further countless crimes that were committed by Freemasonry in Italy. In Portugal, King Charles and his son Louis were murdered. The Freemasons prepared the fall of the monarchy. The venerable H. Magalhaes de Lima travelled in December 1907 to Paris, where he was solemnly received by H. Moses, the member of the Grand Lodge. Magalhaes held lectures, in which he announced ‘the fall of the monarchy in Portugal’ and the ‘imminent foundation of the republic’. The well-known opponent of Freemasonry, Abbé Tourmentin, wrote then that the Freemasons were clearly preparing a blow against the Portuguese royal family. He gave expression to his fear that within a short time King Charles would be driven out or murdered. Ten weeks later Tourmentin’s fears were fulfilled, and he openly and clearly accused the Freemasons of this murder. The latter preferred to keep silent. In America, one can read various details by Eckert concerning the persecution and murdering of Morgan in the United States, because he wished to publish a book revealing the secrets of Freemasonry; further, concerning the destruction of printing works and the persecution of the printer as well as other hateful crimes that followed upon this murder; concerning the public alarm that broke out when it was learned what favour the authorities, who as a rule were Freemasons, afforded the murderer and the support with which the Lodges regarded them (Eckert, II, 201 and sequel). Also known is the murder of the President of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno.


“It is necessary to read the description of the freethinker Taine, in order to have an idea of what happened in France, when in the year 1789 and the three following years the Freemasons conducted the government: more than 150,000 refugees and fugitives were imprisoned; 10,000 persons were killed without trial in a single province, that of Anjou; there were 500 dead in only one province of the west. In the year 1796, General Hoche wrote to the Ministry of the Interior:

“ ‘The present ratio to the population of 1789 is one to twenty. There have been up to 400,000 prisoners at once in the prisons. More than 1,200,000 private persons have suffered injury to their person and several millions, with property, in their goods and chattels.’ ” (Taine, mentioned by Benoit, F.M. II. 268, remark.)21

Whoever desires more information should read the work of the most dignified Cardinal Caro, “The Secret of Freemasonry.”



The Archbishop of Port-Louis, Monsignor Leon Meurin, says in his work “Philosophy of Freemasonry”:

“In the year 1844, Disraeli placed the following words in the mouth of the Jew Sidonia (Coningsby VI. XV.): ‘Since English society has begun to stir and its institutions are threatened by powerful associations, they see the formerly so faithful Jews in the ranks of the revolutionaries... This mysterious diplomacy, which so disturbs the western powers, is organised by Jews and for the greatest part also carried out by them... the monstrous revolution, which is prepared in Germany, and whose effects will be still greater than those of the Reformation, is carried out under the protectorate of the Jews. Leading its preparations and effects in Germany I see a Lithuanian Jew, in the Spanish Senor Mendizabal, I see a Jew from Aragon; in the President of the French Council, Marshal Soult, I recognise the son of a French Jew; in the Prussian minister, Graf Arnim, I see a Jew. As you already see, dear Coningsby, the world is ruled by personages who are very different from those who are regarded as ruling and do not work behind the scenes.’

“During the revolution of 1848, which was led by the Grand Orient of France, its grandmaster, the Jew Cremieux was minister of Justice. In 1860 this man founded ‘the Israelite International League’ and announced with incomprehensible insolence in the year 1861, in the ‘Israelite Archives’ (page 651), ‘that in place of Popes and Caesars, a new kingdom, a new Jerusalem, will arise.’ And our good Freemasons with their blind eyes help the Jews in the ‘great work’ of building up this new temple of Solomon, this new Caesarean-Papal kingdom of the Cabbalists!

“In the year 1862, a Berlin Freemason had a leaflet of eight pages printed, in which he complained about the predominance of Jews in the lodges. Under the title ‘Signs of the Time’, he alludes to the dangerous character of the Berlin elections of 28th April and 6th May of the year in question. ‘An element’, he said, ‘has appeared on the scene and has exercised a dangerous influence which causes disintegration on all sides: the Jew. The Jews are leading in their writings, words and deeds; they are the most principal leaders and agents in all revolutionary undertakings, even in the building of barricades. One has seen this very clearly in Berlin in the year 1848. How is it possible that, in Berlin, 217 Jewish candidates were elected, and that, in two districts, only Jews were elected with the exclusion of any Christian candidates?’

“This position of things has worsened more and more. The Jews form the majority in the city government, so that Berlin with justice could be called the capital of the Jews.

“In the press the Jews speak of the ‘people’ and of the ‘Nation’, as if there were only Jews and no Christians existed. The explanation for this could be given by the ‘Freemasonic inciters’ who, following Brother Lamartine, introduced the revolutions of 1789, 1830, 1848, etc. This explanation is confirmed by ‘Brother Garnier Pages’, a minister of the Republic, who, in the year 1848, publicly declared that the revolution of 1848 represents the triumph of the norms of the Freemasons league, so that France was dedicated to Freemasonry, and that 40,000 Freemasons had promised their help to conduct to an end the glorious work of the erection of the Republic, which had been chosen to spread out over the whole of Europe and in the end over the entire earth.”

“The high peak of all this is the political and revolutionary power of the Jews, according to the words of J. Weil, leader of the Jewish Freemasons, who in a secret report said: ‘We exercise a powerful influence on the movements of our time and of the progress of civilisation in the direction of the Republicanising of the peoples.’

“The Jew Ludwig Boerne, another Freemasonic leader, said likewise in a secret document: ‘We have with mighty hand so much shattered the pillars upon which the old building rests that they groan and crack.’ Mendizabal, likewise a Jew and the soul of the Spanish revolution of 1820, set through the capture of Porto and Lisbon, and in 1838, by means of his Freemasonic influence, realised the revolution in Spain, where he became Prime Minister.”

And his Excellence, the Archbishop, goes on to say:

“The Jew Mendizabal had promised as minister to improve the insecure financial position of Spain; but in a short time the result of his machinations was a frightful increase of the national debt and a great diminishing of the State incomes, while he and his friends accumulated enormous riches. The sale of more than 900 Christian institutions of a religious and charitable kind, which the ‘Cortesa’, upon the instigation of the Jews, had declared to be national property, created for them a magnificent opportunity for the unparalleled increase of their personal property. In the same manner church property was dealt with. The unskilful mockery of religious and national feelings went so far that the mistress of Mendizabal dared to flaunt herself in public with a wonderful necklace, which a short time previously had served to decorate an image of the Holy Virgin Mary in one of the churches of Madrid.”

“The Berlin Freemason, whom we mentioned at the beginning, said further: ‘The danger for the throne and the altar, which are threatened by the Jewish power, has reached its highest point, and it is time to sound alarm, just as the leaders of German Freemasonry did when they said: ‘The Jews have understood that ‘the kingly art’ (the Freemasonic art) was a principal means to erect their own secret kingdom... The danger threatens not only our Order, Freemasonry, but the State in general... The Jews find manifold opportunities in the lodges, to exercise their old familiar systems of briberies; by their sowing confusion in many affairs. If one bears in mind the role that the Jews played in the crimes of the French revolution and the illegal Corsican seizure of property, if one also bears in mind the tenacious belief of the Jews in a future Israelite kingdom which will rule over the world, as well as their influence on a great number of ministers of State, one will recognise how dangerous their activity can become in Freemasonic affairs. The Jewish people forms a tribe, which hostilely opposes the entire human race, and which believes the God of Israel has only chosen one people, to whom all others must serve as ‘footstools.’

“Let it be borne in mind that among the 17 million inhabitants of Prussia there are only 600,000 Jews; let it be borne in mind with what convulsive zeal this people of Oriental and irrepressible activity works to attain the overthrow of the State with all means; to occupy the higher teaching institutions, even by means of money, and to monopolise the government offices in its favour.

“Carlile, one of the most authoritative Freemasonic personages, says (page 86): ‘The Freemasonry of the Grand Lodge is at present through and through Jewish.’

“The ‘Kreuz-Zeitung’, the principal organ of the Prussian conservatives, published, from 29th June to 3rd July 1875, a series of articles, in which it elaborated that the chief ministers in the German and Prussian government, not excluding Prince Bismarck, found themselves in the hands of the Jewish kings of the Bourse, and that the Jewish bankers were those who in practice ruled Prussia and Germany. These facts caused the Jew Gutzkow to assert: ‘The true founders of the new German Reich are the Jews; the Jews are the most advanced in all sciences, the press, the stage and politics.’

“In the year 1860 M. Stamm wrote a book on this theme, in which he proves that the kingdom of all-embracing freedom on earth was founded by the Jews. In the same year, Sammter published a long letter in the ‘Volksblatt’, in order to demonstrate that the Jews would very soon take up the place of the Christian nobility; the rule of the nobility was falling and will lose its place in this epoch of all enveloping light and of all embracing freedom, to which we have drawn so near.

“ ‘Do you not understand’, he writes, ‘the true meaning of the promise, which was given by the Lord God Sabaoth to our father Abraham? This promise, which will be fulfilled with certainty, namely that one day all peoples of earth will be subject to Israel. Do you believe that God referred to a universal monarchy with Israel as King? Oh no! God scattered the Jews over the entire surface of the globe, so that they should form a kind of leaven over all races, and in the end, as the chosen, which they are, extend their rulership over the former.”

“ ‘It is not likely that the terrible repression that the Christian peoples of Europe have suffered — who have been made poor through the usurers and the greed of the Jews and lament about this, so that the national wealth is accumulated in the hands of the great bankers — will be satisfied with isolated anti-Semitic upheavals. The monarchies, whose firm foundations are still not shattered through the Freemasonic hammer and whose ruling houses are still not at the position of the ragged and barefooted Freemasons, who have their eyes bound, will join together against this vile sect and destroy the ranks of the Anarchists.’ ”

“Carlile, himself a fanatical Freemason, horrified at the fate of mankind in the hands of the Jews, says: ‘When the legislators busy themselves again with the secret societies, they would do well to make no exception in favour of Freemasonry.’

“The privilege of secrecy is allowed to the Freemasons according to law in England, France, Germany and, according to our recognising it, in most countries. The fact that all revolutions emanate from the depths of Freemasonry would be inexplicable, if we did not know that, with the present exception of Belgium, the ministries of all lands are found in the hands of leading Freemasons, thus fundamentally, of the Jews.”22

One of the most interesting proofs is undoubtedly that of the “Freemason” Haugwitz, who was inspector of the Lodges of Prussia and Poland. In the year 1777 he wrote in his Memoirs:

“I took over the direction of the lodges of Prussia, Poland and Russia. There 1 have gained the firm conviction that everything which has occurred since 1789 in France — in a word, the revolution — was at that time not only arranged, but was also prepared by means of meetings, instructions, oath-taking and signs, which leaves the intelligence in no doubt as to who thought it all out and directed it.”23

As far as the murder of Louis XVI is concerned, we likewise possess the evidence of the Jesuit father Abel:

“In the year 1784”, he declared, “there took place in Frankfurt an extraordinary assembly of the Grand Eclectic Lodge. One of the members placed for discussion the condemning of Louis XVI, the king of France, and Gustav III, the king of Sweden. This man was called Abel and was my grandfather.”24

After this gathering, one of the participants, the Marquis de Visieu, declared as follows:

“What I can say to you is that a finely spun and a most deep-reaching conspiracy has been instigated, so that your religion and governments will succumb.”25

“The existence of this conspiracy and its plan to murder the king of France and the king of Sweden, are likewise confirmed by the greatest number of authors, who have made serious investigations into the Freemasonry question26, and the tragic events do the same. On 21st January King Louis XVI died, executed through the guillotine, after a mock trial, at which the majority of judges were Freemasons. A year later, King Gustav III of Sweden was murdered by Akustrem, a pupil of Condorcet. In the same year the Emperor Leopold vanished in a mysterious manner.

“In order to live, France must not sacrifice what is most rational in its existence: the philosophical, political and social ideals of its predecessors of 1789; it must not extinguish the torch of its revolutionary spirit, with which it has illuminated the world.”

The same speaker adds:

“The worst humiliation for France would occur if the work of the revolution were cursed... at least it should be possible to perpetuate it without the loss of its ideals.”27

“One must never forget that it was the French revolution which realised the principles of Freemasonry, which were prepared in our temples”, said a speaker at the congress of Freemasons of Brussels.28 In an assembly of the Lodge of Angers, which took place in 1922, one of the brothers proclaimed: “Freemasonry, which played the most important role in the year 1789, must be ready to supply its fighting groups for an always possible revolution.”29

Let us pass over the stage of participation of the Jews in revolutions in general. Already in the year 1648 the great revolutionary leader Cromwell was supported by the Jews; a deputation, which came from remotest Asia and was led by the Rabbi Jakob ben Azabel, appeared before the English dictator. The results of the conversations which took place were not long in coming and “Cromwell used his entire power in order to abolish the laws that placed restrictions upon the Jews in England.”30 One of the closest collaborators of Cromwell was the Rabbi of Amsterdam, Manasse ben Israel.31

Ernest Renan, who cannot be accused of Antisemitism, wrote the following:

“In the French revolutionary movement, the Jewish element plays a chief role and it is very difficult to deny this. It is true that around 1789 the Jews went to work with much caution and concealed themselves behind the Freemasonic organisations and the philosophical associations; however this did not prevent several of the sons of Israel from taking an active part in the revolutionary events and making use of these from the material standpoint. The first shot against the Swiss Guard of the Tuilleries was fired, on the 10th August 1791, by the Jew Zalkind Hourwitz Land.”32

But since this zeal for war carries with it many dangers, the Jews prefer to devote themselves to other, less dangerous and above all rewarding activities. The old Hebrew, Benoltas, a millionaire of this city (Cadiz), was from now on named as General Treasurer of the Order and already reckoned to possess a disposable capital of three hundred thousand Thalers. (Rule 44 of the Grand Spanish Orient of 10th April 1824).33

The supplying of the Republican armies was carried out through the Israelites Biderman, Max Beer, Moselmann and others. This gave occasion to the complaints which were made by Colonel Bernanville of the army of the Moselle, because for the troops he had been supplied with boys’ shoes with cardboard soles, children’s stockings and completely moth-eaten sailcloths for tents.34

Soon after, the laws that restricted the rights of the Jews were lifted, thanks to the mediation of Abbot Gregoire, Mirabeau, Robespierre and others (this is done on the first occasion by all revolutionary governments), and soon afterwards, when the ideas of 1789 gained the upper hand, a veritable flood — according to the words of Capefigues — of foreigners discharged themselves over France from the banks of the Rhine.35 Then appeared in the political arena such names as Klotz, Benjamin Veitel Ephraim, Etta Palm, etc. “The Messiah has arrived for us on 28th February 1790 with the Rights of Man”,36 wrote the Jew Cohen, “and in fact the awarding of all rights of citizenship to the Jews was one of the great victories of Israel.” “The revolution of 1830”, says the Jew Bedarride, “has only perpetuated these happy results.”

When, in the year 1848, the rule of the peoples reached its last limits, the same author cynically added that Israelite names appeared in the highest realms of power. These chosen ones, these representatives of the people, often took on such French names as Fould, Ceriber, Cremieux, etc. The custom of there being at least one Jewish representative in the government of the Republic is something that, apart from rare exceptions, has been preserved up to our days.

However, not only in France did the Jewish people play a predominant role, but with all revolutionary movements. “The revolution that shook central Europe in the year 1848”, writes Lambelin, “was spread and supported by the Jews, as the countless facts and documents prove.”37

Among the instigators of the revolution of 1870 and among the members of the Commune appear likewise the Jews, who were represented through Ravel Isaac Calmer, Jacob Pereyra, and others. The afore-mentioned author remarks of the presence of 18 Jews among the principal leaders of the Commune.38 It is interesting to establish that, during the burning of Paris in the year 1871, the revolutionaries left untouched the 150 buildings that belonged to the Rothschild family.

If we proceed with the study of these movements in Europe, we again find Jews, the poet Heine, Karl Marx, Lasalle and many others.

“In order to destroy the former society, which rejected him”, writes Drumont, “the Jew has understood how to place himself at the head of the democratic movement. Karl Marx, Lasalle, the most principal Nihilists, all leaders of the worldwide revolution are Jews. In this manner the Jews represent the leadership of the movements, which suits them.”39 Let us not forget that the founders of the International in the year 1864 were the Jews Marx, Neumeier, Fribourg, James Cohen, Aaron, Adler, Franckel, and the sole non-Jew (?) Gompers.

In order to direct the revolutionary movement in France, the so-called newspaper “L’Humanité’’ was founded. For this purpose a subscription was opened, which brought in the sum of 780,000 Francs. Let us mention the names of the twelve contributors who “by chance” were all Jews: Levy Brul, Levy Bram, A. Dreyfus, L. Dreyfus, Eli Rodriquez, Leon Picard, Blum, Rouff, Kasevitz, Salmon Reinach and Sachs.

After one has read the preceding, one cannot wonder that, at the Jewish Synod of Leipzig on 29th June 1869, the following resolution was accepted:

“The Synod recognises, that the development and carrying through of modern (read: revolutionary) principles are the firmest guarantee for the present and the future of Jewry and its members. They are the most important conditions of life for the expanding existence and the greatest development of Jewry.”40

“In many respects the revolution has only been the application of the ideal that Israel has brought to the world”, as Leroy Beaulieu,41 writes, an author who is in no way accused of Antisemitism. One must give him justice, for the importance of Jewish infiltration in the revolutionary work cannot be denied.


We have seen the League of Nations, which was founded and maintained by the same secret forces, which we have already encountered, when it was a matter of destruction; today Freemasonry, their helpers the Left Parties, and, behind everything, the Jewish people, attempt to destroy national feeling and the sovereignty of the state through the creation of an international super-government and at the same time to demoralise the peoples with an anti-militarist and pacifistic propaganda. If national feeling is lost, we will see those peoples standing completely defenceless against this secret and cunning power, as the “Jewish-Freemasonic striving for power” can be described.

Brother Eugen Bertraux has recently proposed to the “Grand Lodge” of France that Article 17 of the Constitution of the said “Grand Lodge” should be abolished, which prescribes to all its disciples that they should obey the “laws of the land in which they have permission to freely assemble, and that they be ready for all sacrifices which their country desires of them”; for, “according to the principles of a universal morality, every Freemason is by definition an essentially free man, who only acts according to his conscience, and our Freemasonic conscience cannot compulsively demand of its disciples that they be ready for all sacrifices which the country desires.” The abolition, which he proposes, will suffice in value in protecting the individual conscience; whereby is to be understood that, in the case of an increase in tragic conflicts, those individual consciences, according to their own responsibility, will obey or disobey the call of their reason and their belief in the highest truth.42


The most dignified Cardinal Caro assures us in this connection, that: “It is beyond doubt that the activity of Freemasonry against the Catholic Church is only the continuation of the war against Christ that has been waged by Jewry for 1900 years, naturally adjusted to the situation of the Christian world, by which the former has to conduct itself by means of secrecy, cheating and sanctimoniousness.”

“Let us not forget that Rabbinic Jewry is the declared and irreconcilable enemy of Christianity”, says Webster. “The hatred against Christianity and against the person of Christ is no occurrence of recent date, nor can one regard it as the result of persecution: it forms an important component of Rabbinical tradition, which has arisen before any kind of persecution of Jews through the Christians took place, and which lasted in our land very much later than after this persecution ended.”

On its side, “The British Guardian” (13th March 1925) makes this assertion: “The Christian Church is being attacked as never for centuries, and this attack is almost exclusively the work of the Jews.” (Rev. of S.S. Sacr., p. 430, 1925). For the rest, the relations of Freemasonry or of Jewry with Bolshevism and Communism in Mexico, in Russia, in Hungary, persecuting the Catholic Church and with it the whole of Christianity (and the threat of doing this all over the world), are a universal occurrence.”43



Among the abundant documentation which his most Reverend the Cardinal Caro quotes, to show that Jews and Communists spread Communism, we select the following:

“According to the ‘Russian Tribune’ which appears in Munich in the Russian language, Jewry in its fight maintains, according to various plans, the following combat organisations, all for the purpose of preparing the triumph of the Third International.”

1. The Golden International; see Chapter III.

2. The Red International; see Chapter III.

3. The Black International or Combat Association of Jewry.44

“A very similar work is performed by Russian Jewry. We, the emigrant Russians, have seen with our own eyes the enormous number of Jews who play a role in the ranks of the instigators of revolution.”

If we pass over the work of preparation of this revolution and the events of 1905, we will at once see what the Vienna Jewish paper “Der Hammer” wrote on occasion of the Beylis Affair (an affair of ritual murder in Kiev). The judgment in favour of Beylis, through the jury, amounted to his exoneration; but the character of the ritual murder was proven. “The Russian government had resolved to declare war on the Jews of Kiev. Now, they must know that, upon this war, the fate, not of the Jews, for the Jewish people is unconquerable, but of the Russian people depends. For the Russian government it is a question of life and death. Its victory in this affair will be the beginning of its collapse. May the Russian rulers exercise caution! We will provide proof to the whole world that one cannot meddle unpunished with the Jews, whether the latter are of Kiev or any other place.” (Der Hammer, No. 254, 1911. Mentioned by General Nechovolodof in “Czar Nicholas II and the Jews”; and by Msgr. Jouin in “The Jewish-Freemasons Danger” and “The United Front”, 1927, edition of “Petit Oranais”.) Unfortunately for Russia and the entire civilised world, this threat was not without consequences. Six years later it was turned into a fact. We will quote some figures. The first Workers and Soldiers Council (Soviet) was composed of 23 members, of whom 19 were Jews; the Council of Peoples Commissars of 1920 had 17 Jews among its 22 members; among the 43 high officials of the War Commission, 34 were Israelites; on the Commissariat of the Interior there were 54 Jews among the officials; in that for foreign affairs, 13 Jews and 17 members. In the financial department of the government the percentage of Jews rose to 86% and in the court system up to 95% etc.

In order to briefly summarise this statistic, let us remark that, among the 545 most principal agents of the Russian revolution in question, 447 belonged to the “chosen people”, 68 to different nationalities (Latvians, Germans, Poles, etc), and only 30 were of Russian nationality.

These figures, which are taken from Bolshevist information sources, appeared in a pamphlet under the title “Who Rules in Russia?” which was published in New York in 1920. (See Msgr. Jouin, “The Jewish-Freemasonic Danger”, II, page 108 and seq.) We should add that, at present, there are 16 Jews among the 22 trade agents of the Soviets abroad. “Report of the Urbe Agency”, of 25th August 1927, which was quoted by R. Lamelin in “The Victory of Israel,” page 170.45

In his book “II manganello e l’aspersorio”, the lay writer Ernesto Rossi disputes violently with the already mentioned periodical “Civilta Cattolica”, from which he reproduces the following paragraph, with the intention of refuting it:

“We see ‘heroes’ of the sect, who are not able to resist a gift of two millions, perpetuated in all cities through statues. We see the sons of these ‘heroes’, who pocket large sums while despising the dominant misery. Mazzini involved himself with the synagogue, whose fruits of love are very well known in the Campidoglio of Rome; Garibaldi, Cavour, Farini, Depretis were modest servants of the synagogue, and so are still many of those ‘great men’ to whom the good will of the peoples has erected and still erects memorial stones, busts and monuments, in order to glorify their love of ‘freedom’ and of the ‘Fatherland’.”46

Many writers of the most different directions have asserted that the Jewish question in Italy did not represent the features of a national disorder. We do not share this opinion and limit ourselves only to recalling that those who introduced Communism into our land, Modigliani, Treves, Della Seta, Musatti, Momigliano, Donati, etc, were Jews.47

“And did not the renowned Togliatti, the leader for many years of the Italian Communist party, marry the Jewess Montagnana? And was not her brother, Mario Montagnana, in the directorship of the newspaper “L’Unita” in its Milan edition? It should be known, in addition, that likewise those who directed the Communist press in Italy were Jews: Longo (Vie Nuovo), Alatri (L’Unita of Rome), Tedeschi (L’Unita of Milan); Cohen directs the ‘Paese Sera’, Levi the ‘Lotta Sindicale’, and Jachia the paper ‘Republicia’, who came from there into the directing of the press of the Communist party.”48

[1] Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Humanum Genus, 20 April 1884.
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[3] Adolphe Ricoux, L’éxistence des loges de femmes. Paris, Téqui, 1891, pp. 78-95.
[4] Monsignor Leon Meurin, S. J., Archbishop, Bishop of Port-Louis, Simbolismo de la masonería. Madrid: Editorial Nos, 1957, pp. 201-202.
[5] “Revue Internationale des Sociétés Secrètés” (RISS). Paris, 1913, no. 2, p. 58.
[6] Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Anno mundi 5641 (1881).
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[8] Rabino Benamozegh, Israel y la humanidad. Paris, 1914. p. 71.
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[17] Monsignor Leon Meurin, S. J., Archbishop-Bishop of Port-Louis: Philosophy of Fre
05-11-2010, 06:37 PM,
Very interesting article.
Freemasonry is certainly very nefarious, especially at the top of the pyramid, although most masons aren't aware of it. A lot of secret power has been exerted through masonry, but I do think their numbers are dwindling. I see a lot of dilapidated or closed Masonic halls in my travels.

The Jewish origins of Freemasonry are pretty clear to most people who have looked into this subject. Most Masonic ritual rooms are adorned with Hebrew lettering.

Several years ago, I came across the book A Ritual of Freemasonry, by Avery Allyn, published in 1831. It is a fairly rare book, and was a bit pricey, but I purchased it anyway. The author was a high ranking Freemason. One day, he was at his local lodge and overheard several members bragging about taking part in the killing of Captain Morgan. (The famous scandel where Morgan had revealed some masonic secrets and was ritually killed. Freemasons have long denied this.) He joined in the conversation, and was totally shocked. This book is the only first hand account of the killing that I have ever seen. The author reveals other secrets about Freemasonry, including all of their rituals, complete with drawings and diagrams. There were several attempts on his life, and was forced to live in fear and secrecy.
05-11-2010, 06:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-11-2010, 06:52 PM by ---.)
the "hermes.avi" file on the tracker goes into Capt. Morgan, I believe... I intend to watch it again soon for noting some claims down on paper for investigation. blah blah

The whole Coral Castle is quite an enigma in terms of higher freemasonic knowledge.

I heard/have read that Hebrew derives from ancient Egyptian script - the actual writing script not the pomp and circumstance hieroglyphics.
07-14-2010, 11:45 PM,
(05-11-2010, 06:49 PM)nik Wrote: The whole Coral Castle is quite an enigma in terms of higher freemasonic knowledge.

How's this, pray tell?
07-15-2010, 12:23 AM,
(05-11-2010, 06:49 PM)nik Wrote: the "hermes.avi" file on the tracker goes into Capt. Morgan, I believe... I intend to watch it again soon for noting some claims down on paper for investigation. blah blah

The whole Coral Castle is quite an enigma in terms of higher freemasonic knowledge.

I heard/have read that Hebrew derives from ancient Egyptian script - the actual writing script not the pomp and circumstance hieroglyphics.

Juri Lina - In the Shadow of Hermes
is not actively seeded.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
07-15-2010, 11:19 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-15-2010, 11:53 AM by standvast.)
I can't tell what Nik sees as the links between the two, but
here's an article with a lot of info linking Coral Castle to "Freemasonic knowledge" of magnetism.

On the article posted by Nik,
Interesting, but likely quite skewed in perspective by
the old feud between the Catholic church / Jesuits and Freemasonry.
It seems like a summary of evidence , but it does not convince me
of anything besides someones wish to oversimplify things and point
out a single "culprit" being responsible for "the evil whch is freemasonry" .

Many of the Kabbalistic / Hermetic streams in Europe in the 1700/1800's
were as much "Christian" or "early scientific" in interpretation as "Jewish" , and certainly not tradition-bound.
Many symbols and allegories were simply borrowed and explained
according to the mindset of the individual interpreter and his/her biasses, or made to fit a particular explanation already present in
philosophical and metaphysical approaches.
What i mean to say is there is nothing inherently "jewish" about adopting
the conceptual idea of Temple building, working geometry, using
allegorical tales situated in the Middle East or adopting pictography/Hebrew language.
If Thine I that I spy with my own little I Doeth Offend thee ; Pluck It out.

07-15-2010, 12:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-15-2010, 12:16 PM by h3rm35.)
too much scrolling involved to make the lvl39 article of interest...

I've got a seed now for the hermes torrent.

I'm sure that most would see why I might be interested.

full disclosure:
my father was a 4th generation freemason. I haven't been initiated. I've learned quite a lot though.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
07-15-2010, 12:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-15-2010, 12:45 PM by standvast.)
Nik Wrote:I heard/have read that Hebrew derives from ancient Egyptian script - the actual writing script not the pomp and circumstance hieroglyphics

Not that i'm a language expert in any manner,
but that sounds way too simple, and at least partially incorrect.
the way i understand it :
Very early Hebrew was mostly pictographic,
it was (mostly) derived from Proto-Canaanite pictographic script.
Ketav Ivri (early written Hebrew / pre-exodus_)
stems from a proto-Aramaic script, and was written in (something closely resembling) the Canaanite or Phoenician alphabet.
This (the phoenician alphabet) was in turn based on the Egyptian hieroglyphic script,
not on the heiratic writing script of Ancient Egypt at those times.
The both are connected and Early hebrew numerals did likely
come from heiratic forms of Middle Egyptian.

If Thine I that I spy with my own little I Doeth Offend thee ; Pluck It out.

07-22-2010, 09:14 PM,
07-22-2010, 10:17 PM,
^nice, thanks .
If Thine I that I spy with my own little I Doeth Offend thee ; Pluck It out.

07-22-2010, 10:34 PM,
: ) np
09-20-2010, 02:56 PM,
THank u. This here is to be very intersetring for reading, I think.

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