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The emporer wears no clothes
03-22-2010, 04:41 PM,
The emporer wears no clothes
I am currently reading" The emporer wears no clothes" and find it to be very educational as far as exposing the truth about the marijuana laws and it's link to hitler.
How odd that hitler came to power in the thirties and that is when the marijuana laws came into affect.?

You find that the the commi hitlers actually came to america and silently won ww2 by spreading hitlers way of life in northamerica.
The world need to wake up and realize it is time to round up all these hate monger hitlers that fight to keep his way of life and jail them all.

Today america is loosing all those thing that the country was built on, "freedom" funny how america likes to go around telling everyone it is the freeist country in the world yet they will throw you in jail for a joint of

The world is full of rapists and child abductors and molesters because the government only cares about making money and not protecting it's citizens against real crimes.

It is a book that in my oppinion should be mandatory reading in our high schools as it explains all the lies about the marijuana and explains all the evil people that make it happen and why?

Main stream society has brain washed many people that marijuana is a bad thing and students are being taught by parents who are uneducated in the subject and it sets up continueation of hate.

So this way it gives the child the abilitity to change mom and dads opinions and hatred on the subject.

The religious church goers cannot be stopped or controlled and these are the ones who are the quickest to say that marijuana is bad and tell their children god is against marijuana.
We must remember that those that can be fooled into believeing they should lead life according to a book can be easily brainwashed into believing marijuana is a bad thing.
So with this kind of hatred being silently bred into the youth of today they should be educated about the truths of the drug.
I feel if there was more education on drugs it would be less important to our youths and not as many would be doing them.

I once remember as a teen being told it is a bad thing by the system and now all the teens are doing the drugs that the "system" is pumping out.
I mean with all those man made drugs out there it makes you wonder if perhaps the man wants us to do the drugs he makes and not the ones we can grow in our back yards.

If the teachers were to start telling the student marijuans is ok and they can go ahead and can go ahead and use the parents would be upset thats for sure lol.

So realy all we can do is give them the facts so if george washington or abbe lincon smoked or used marijuana or hemp then we should not be afraid to talk about it with our youths.

We need to point out who the liars are and where their lies are and expose these people and we should let the children be involved in it.

If it just so happens that hemp is the plant that can fix our global warming issues then we should use it and crush anyone who tries to stop it.

If it is true the children are our future then we need to teach them how to stop using fossil fuels and use other things that are renewable like hemp but again we need to educate them on how to crush the people who try to enforce the current laws.
We need to teach our children how to stop hatred and only real education can do this.

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