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cannabis has beneficial effects on creativity,without inducing schizotypy
03-10-2010, 09:05 PM,
cannabis has beneficial effects on creativity,without inducing schizotypy
Hyper-priming in cannabis users: A naturalistic study of the effects of cannabis on semantic memory function

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Celia J.A. MorganCorresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, Emily Rothwell, Helen Atkinson, Oliver Mason and H. Valerie Curran
Received 2 October 2007;
revised 13 March 2008;
accepted 9 September 2008.
Available online 1 February 2010.


Psychotic symptoms have theoretically been linked to semantic memory impairments in patients with schizophrenia. Little is known of the effects of cannabis, the world's most popular illicit drug, on semantic memory and whether they are linked to the psychotomimetic states elicited by the drug. Thirty-six cannabis users were tested whilst under the influence of cannabis. They were then tested again when not intoxicated and compared with 38 non-drug using controls. Semantic memory was assessed using a semantic priming task with a long and short stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) to differentiate automatic and controlled processing. Under the influence of cannabis, users showed increases in both automatic semantic priming and schizotypal symptoms compared with controls. When abstinent, cannabis users exhibited hyper-priming at long SOAs. Cannabis users did not differ from controls in either trait schizotypy or state schizotypy when not intoxicated. Acute cannabis use increases schizotypyal symptoms and may increase automatic semantic priming in recreational users of this drug. When drug-free, cannabis users did not differ from controls in schizotypy but did show hyper-priming at the long SOA. The acute increase in automatic semantic priming may be one factor contributing to the psychotomimetic effects of cannabis.

Keywords: Cannabis; Drug abuse; Psychosis; Semantic priming; Cognition; Schizotypy
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