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Reichstag 911 (new world order terrorism)(2007)
03-05-2010, 05:56 PM,
Reichstag 911 (new world order terrorism)(2007)
This is the shocking video documentary Reichstag 911 (2007) which focuses on terror attacks and their effects on the populations which suffer from them. When Hitler was rising to power in 1930s Germany, somebody did him the favor of burning the Reichstag - the German Parliament. Its widely believed the Nazis torched it themselves. Hitlers cynical minions turned that fire into a horrific wave of terror. They blamed "the communists" and the Jews, the trade unionists and the homosexuals. With the support of a terrified populace, they suspended civil rights and civil liberties, fattened their war machine and rode the fascist tide into a full-blown dictatorship. The rest, as they say, is history. The neverending White House-sponsored orgy of 9/11 rhetoric, recrimination and retaliation has become a treacherous parallel. Few Americans believe the Bush Administration itself brought down the World Trade Center in 2001. But the conviction is widespread throughout Europe and the Muslim world, and for good reason. This unelected regime (Hitler also came to power with a minority of votes) has used the terrible tragedies of September 11 in much the way the Nazis jumped on the Reichstag fire. Bush has failed to capture or try 9/11s alleged perpetrators. But he has used the tragedy to push an extreme rightist agenda aimed at crushing civil liberties, silencing all opposition, fattening a war machine, and arrogating the right to unilaterally attack other countries without tangible provocation. With this has come an assault on the natural environment, womens rights, gay rights, organized labor, a wide range of international treaties, and the need of the public to know about and prosecute corporate crime and fraudulent stock dealings, which seem to involve at least half the Bush cabinet, including its two ranking members. Fittingly, just as the nation was mourning those who died in one of the most twisted acts of terrorism imaginable, Bush's brother Jeb made another mockery of the electoral process. In Florida, where the 2000 election was most blatantly stolen, faulty voting machines were again foisted on districts filled with primarily with blacks and Jews. While the nations eyes were elsewhere, major (perhaps fatal) chaos was injected into the Democratic primary meant to choose Jebs fall opponent. As the unusable ballots, dysfunctional voting machines and manipulated poll hours again shredded the democratic process, one could hear Republicans smirking from Tallahassee to DC. Meanwhile John Ashcroft has shredded the American Bill of Rights as Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein could never imagine. Under the cloak of terror, the new Grand Inquisitor has virtually eliminated the first ten amendments to the Constitution... except the second, which guarantees that he and his gun lobby sponsors (and innumerable potential terrorists) can continue to carry guns. Indeed, while professing staunch hatred of Big Government, so-called Patriotic conservatives have trashed virtually every guarantee of individual freedom on which American greatness has been built. In the name of fighting terror, the right has become the ultimate anti-Constitutional terrorist. Ashcroft has arrogated the power to arrest virtually anyone he deems unfit, "disappear" them without public notice, deny them access to a lawyer, and try them in secret, if at all. Under certain interpretations of military procedure, the Bush Administration clearly believes it has the right to execute people with no Constitutional guarantees. Bush's administration has been happy to fling the "terrorist" label against those environmentalists and other activists who might question its penchant for secrecy or oppose its corporate-dictated policies. History teaches us that it would be an illusion not to expect the worst. Permeated with economic failure, personal scandal and an obsession with secrecy, it has become the most oppressive of all US administrations. With a bought media, a compliant Congress and a spineless Democratic Party, it has turned the horror of September 11 into a tawdry excuse to bury the core freedoms that have made America great. 4 hours long. A must see for everyone.

Video specs:
Video codec: divx, 320x240, 537 kbps
Audio codec: MP3, 44kHz, Stereo


Please share this video with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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