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Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
05-15-2009, 11:43 AM,
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
developed by Japanese scientists has taken a class in a Tokyo school.

By Danielle Demetriou in Tokyo technology/ 5311151/Robot-teacher-conducts-first-class-in-Tokyo-school.html

Last Updated: 9:36AM BST 12 May 2009
[image: Saya the teacher robot, Japan: Robot teacher conducts first class
in Tokyo school] Saya, a humanoid robot is touched by school pupils as she
takes on a role as a school teacher at an elementary school in Tokyo Photo:

Saya, the female humanoid robot, taught a science and technology lesson to a
class of 10-year-old pupils at Kudan Elementary School in Tokyo.

With her neat brown hair, pink lipstick and skirt suit, the robot, created
by scientists at Tokyo University of Science, has been designed to resemble
as human a form as possible.

Using a range of programmed movements from eyebrow arching to smiling, her
face is capable of expressing six basic emotions in the classroom –
surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness and sadness.

While Saya's creator Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi said the robot's main
purpose was to highlight the joys of technology to children, he also said it
would benefit schools suffering from a shortage of human teachers.

"In the countryside and in some small schools, there are children who do not
have the opportunity to come into contact with new technology and also there
are few teachers out there that can teach these lessons," said Professor

"So we hope to be able to develop this robot so it can be remotely
controlled to teach these classes."

Saya was initially created to work as a receptionist in Japanese companies
five years ago but was recently reprogrammed by scientists into its latest
incarnation as a schoolteacher.
05-15-2009, 12:18 PM,
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
WOW, saya-sensei has more functions than the "human" english teacher zombies, with the godcomplex bug, hired by berlitz, nova and other culture bombing consorts, heheh would be great to see potential rapists replaced:P

"and none of them knew they were robots"
05-15-2009, 12:19 PM,
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
Quote:"and none of them knew they were robots"

LOL Touché
05-15-2009, 01:30 PM,
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
as whacko nietzsche, cosima wagner's official stalker stated in "beyond bier and schnaps":

"Wer von Grund aus Lehrer ist, nimmt alle Dinge nur in Bezug auf seine Schüler ernst, - sogar sich selbst."

"Whoever is fundamentally a teacher takes all things seriously only in relation to his students, including himself. " :LOL:
05-15-2009, 01:32 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-15-2009, 01:33 PM by ---.)
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
LOL not many do, in my experience I wonder if they've managed to write that into the software:geek:
05-15-2009, 04:51 PM,
Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
I guess it beats having to deal with teachers that actually want to teach their kids how to think independently. Just use a robot that only teaches what its been previously programmed to, I mean "teach":rolleyes:
"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research"
~William Cooper

07-22-2009, 11:50 PM,
Good morning Teacher Robot!
The US robot, made in the likeness of the great scientist, Albert Einstein, is poised to take over teaching young children and those learning languages.

Using artificial intelligence, scientists at the University of California, San Diego in the US, have made the first human-like robot that teaches itself and can make realistic facial expressions described as disturbingly lifelike.

But it is Japan which could roll out the first commercial robot teachers to the world with the first human-like prototype already taking roll-calls and giving homework to students at a Tokyo primary school.

Using robot teachers could save governments a lot of money, but cost hundreds of thousand of teachers their livelihoods.

Other than being a threat to the teaching profession, psychologists are warning that it may have negative effects on students.

According to Dr John Katee, human beings learn from models and at a young age, it would be important to have the children experience personal interaction with fellow human beings.

He notes that learning is more of what comes up rather than following instructions and manuals.

Dr Katee said that most of the learning in human beings is not structured, and therefore, the robots would not be spontaneous in their actions. He says this is because by use of artificial intelligence, robots are already set on what to do.

“A robot is programmed on what to do and, therefore, there would be no interaction with the children especially at ages of school entry,” Dr Katee told the Nation in an interview.

The US robot, which is said to also be able to react to real human expressions such as happiness or sadness, will soon be tested in schools.

Learning process

But Dr Katee argues that such a learning process may lead to lack of emotional maturity in children, leading to a feeling of alienation. The children, he says, after a while may develop feelings that no one really cares for them.
“Everything Popular Is Wrong” - Oscar Wilde
07-27-2011, 07:56 AM,
RE: Good morning Teacher Robot!
Endearing the children to Transhumanist Robots and "Stop the Human Plague" Greenwashing!

Quote:Robot shows up for class
Wednesday 27 July 2011

KIDS from schools across Batley and Birstall have met their newest classmate – a robot.

The metal man is an artwork designed by Mick Kirby-Geddes, and was unveiled at Batley Girls’ High School.

The sculpture is made entirely of recycled materials. It is now on show at Batley Art Gallery alongside work by local primary school pupils.

The exhibition, based on the theme of ‘Our Green Futures’, is part of the Batley Heritage and Arts Project.

Pupils from Fieldhead, Field Lane, Carlton, Warwick Road, Birstall and Mill Lane primary schools visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and took part in workshops led by staff and sixth form students from Batley Girls’ before creating their own work.

Project organisers hope to take the robot on a tour of participating schools after the exhibition ends on July 16.

but yeah it goes further than that elsewhere in the global program...

Quote:Korean schools welcome more robot teachers
December 28, 2010 5:14 PM PST

The city of Daegu introduced 29 robot teachers in 19 elementary schools as part of a large-scale project to robotize teaching. The ambitious effort envisioned robots in all 8,400 kindergartens in Korea by 2013.

Time Magazine named the robots one of the 50 best inventions of 2010.
Full Article + Video:

.. and yes in the US coming soon as described by this propaganda peice pushing robot teachers by the New York Times in their Smarter than You Think series on artificial intelligence.

Quote:Students, Meet Your New Teacher, Mr. Robot
Published: July 10, 2010

Researchers say the pace of innovation is such that these machines should begin to learn as they teach, becoming the sort of infinitely patient, highly informed instructors that would be effective in subjects like foreign language or in repetitive therapies used to treat developmental problems like autism.

Several countries have been testing teaching machines in classrooms. South Korea, known for its enthusiasm for technology, is “hiring” hundreds of robots as teacher aides and classroom playmates and is experimenting with robots that would teach English.


“I worry that if kids grow up being taught by robots and viewing technology as the instructor,” said Mitchel Resnick, head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “they will see it as the master.”


In a continuing study financed by the National Institutes of Health, scientists at the University of Connecticut are conducting therapy sessions for children with autism using a French robot called Nao, a two-foot humanoid that looks like an elegant Transformer toy.


This ability to monitor and learn from experience is the next great frontier for social robotics — and it probably depends, in large part, on unraveling the secrets of how the human brain accumulates information during infancy.

In San Diego, researchers are trying to develop a human-looking robot with sensors that approximate the complexity of a year-old infant’s abilities to feel, see and hear. Babies learn, seemingly effortlessly, by experimenting, by mimicking, by moving their limbs. Could a machine with sufficient artificial intelligence do the same? And what kind of learning systems would be sufficient?

The research group has bought a $70,000 robot, built by a Japanese company, that is controlled by a pneumatic pressure system that will act as its senses, in effect helping it map out the environment by “feeling” in addition to “seeing” with embedded cameras. And that is the easy part.

The much steeper challenge is to program the machine to explore, as infants do, and build on moment-to-moment experience. Ideally its knowledge will be cumulative, not only recalling the layout of a room or a house, but using that stored knowledge to make educated guesses about a new room.

The researchers are shooting for nothing less than capturing the foundation of human learning — or, at least, its artificial intelligence equivalent. If robots can learn to learn, on their own and without instruction, they can in principle make the kind of teachers that are responsive to the needs of a class, even an individual child.
Full Article and Video:

Welcome to the machines..

We hand over our children, our elders and our disabled to this machine experiment in indoctrination and efficiency.

Well at least we aren't giving them guns.. oh we already have with SWORDS and they opened fire on their own troops due to a malfunction. Well at least we don't let them decide who lives and dies of their own "free will" ... yet.

Pentagon exploring robot killers that can fire on their own

On the Tracker:

Adam Curtis: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

One Mainframe To Rule Them All

Lots more on this to search for on the tracker and forum.

Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
There are no others, there is only us.
07-27-2011, 08:05 AM,
RE: Good morning Teacher Robot!
Where I grew up, one of those robot teachers would be taken out of action pretty damn quickly, unless it had tasers and tear gas!
[Image: randquote.png]
04-23-2013, 05:20 PM,
RE: Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher
Not just teachers but service workers and labourers are being replaced by robots, particularily in ground zero China.

Quote:"Recently developed noodle-making robots have now been put into operation in over 3,000 restaurants in China. Invented by a noodle restaurant owner, each unibrow-sporting robot currently costs 10,000 yuan ($1,600), which is only three months wages for an equivalent human noodle cook. As the cost of the robot continues to drop, more noodle shops are bound to displace human workers for the tirelessly working cheaper robots."

Foxconn to replace workers with 1 million robots in 3 years
2011-07-30 01:42:14


Who Needs Humans?
There are no others, there is only us.
05-07-2013, 03:11 AM,
RE: Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school A robot schoolteacher

“Everything Popular Is Wrong” - Oscar Wilde

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