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Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
03-04-2010, 09:38 PM,
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Reading about it, not a bad organization if you break through the Israeli propaganda surrounding it.

"Origins in the ANM
The PFLP grew out of the Harakat al-Qawmiyyin al-Arab, or Arab Nationalist Movement (ANM), founded in 1953 by Dr. George Habash, a Palestinian Christian, from Lydda.

In 1948, 19 year old Habash, a medical student, went to his home town of Lydda during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War to help his family. While he was there, the Israel Defence Forces attacked the city and expelled its civilian population, who were forced to march for three days without food or water until they reached the Arab front lines. Israeli historian Benny Morris writes that "all the Israelis who witnessed the events agreed that the exodus, under a hot July sun, was an extended episode of suffering for the refugees, especially from Lydda...Some were stripped by soldiers of their valuables as they left town or at checkpoints along the way. Hundreds of civilians died in the scorching heat, from exhaustion, dehydration and disease.[2][3]

Habash finished his medical education in Lebanon at the American University in Beirut, graduating in 1951.[4]

In an interview with US journalist John Cooley, Habash identified the Arab defeat by Israel as "the scientific society of Israel as against our own backwardness in the Arab world. This called for the total rebuilding of Arab society into a twentieth-century society," (Cooley 1973:135).

The ANM was founded in this nationalist spirit. "[We] held the 'Guevara view' of the 'revolutionary human being'," Habash told Cooley. "A new breed of man had to emerge, among the Arabs as everywhere else. This meant applying everything in human power to the realization of a cause." (ibid.)"

[Image: terroristdes.jpg]

Campaign to remove "terrorist" designations
In the European Union, Canada and the United States, numerous organizations - including many national liberation movements and organizations - are listed as "designated terrorist organizations." This status is used in an attempt to criminalize popular resistance and national liberation movements, equate those movements with "terrorism," frighten and silence communities' support of their national movements, and potentially penalize supporters of the Palestinian cause, as well as other national liberation movements.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is, alongside a number of other Palestinian political organizations, listed and designated as a "terrorist organization." This designation, while doing nothing to change the fundamental character of our movement, is an attempt to isolate the resistance, strike fear in the hearts of our people, and enact U.S. foreign policy of massive support for Israel through the false use of a "terrorist" designation.

This designation is illegitimate, and an attempt to use the legal system to criminalize and demonize the Palestinian cause. It is an attempt to silence our people in exile through the use of fear and intimidation. Furthermore, it goes hand in hand with the funding, arming and support of Israel by the United States; the so-called "terrorist" designations are merely another weapon placed in the hands of the occupiers of Palestine.

Furthermore, this designation is a dangerous threat to freedom of speech and association, threatening all - especially immigrants and refugees - with unjust persecution merely for working to bring justice for Palestine.

These unjust designations can and must be undone. But a de-listing cannot and will not happen without loud voices speaking clearly to the use and abuse of "terrorist" designations to criminalize a people. Our movement is a just movement for national liberation, a cause supported by vast reams of international law and fundamental human rights principles, and our resistance is a just resistance against a brutal occupier on our land. This designation harms popular movements for freedom and justice in Palestine, and it is a mechanism of unconditional support for the occupation of our land and the dispossession and oppression of our people.

Please join us today to demand an end to the listing of the PFLP as a so-called "terrorist organization." We are collecting statements, petitions and letters in support of a call to end this designation. Contact us and select "Support the campaign to remove 'terrorist' designation" and send us your letter of support today!

Their website
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]

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