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Finland is under attack!
02-25-2010, 01:27 AM,
Finland is under attack!
Finland is under attack.

Here is a video about it:

On 1st of February 2010, Marko Sihvonen came and started a hunger strike in front of the Finnish parliament building.

He is protesting against the corrupt government who is selling our ground waters away to offshore corporations, all of this behind our backs.

In short: 3 local companies (Atria (food), Altia (government alcohol monopoly company), Valio (largest milk and cheese company in FInland)) are building a water pipeline that is built using ISO22000 standard. Nestle (nestle is worlds largest food&beverage company), Kraft (second largest), Danone, and Unilever are behind that standard. They are planning to pump so much water that no local city or municipality can use it so it must be for export.

Many families have been thrown out from their land with the use of eminent domain. Military says it want's their land for training purposes or helicopter bases but after land has been seized, they built a pipeline through it. about 55 miles of pipeline has already been built in the municipality of Karvia. In middle of Finland. Something 20-30 families have already been thrown out from their lands and about 8 are left.

We have had many corruption scandals in the past years, even involving our priminister. These relate to campaign contributions that they gave to themselves. For example the priminister gave money to himself from a mostly taxpayer upheld public foundtion like "RAY nuorisosaatio". He said he didn't know its corruption so he will not resign.

We have a small Icelandic movement now growing in front of our parliament and many Finnish people want new parliament elections for 2010. They would normally be held in 2011.

Here is a short 7 min video about the situation. We Finnish people humbly ask if you could spread the video and message around.

Here is a video about it:

There is also a support website at
support facebook site:

Please join.

(this demonstration is under threat every day. Even today, the police called and said you have 2 hours left to move the camper trailer and leave. After 2 hours, police came and removed one of the trailer campers (there were 2) and arrested tne hunger striker (who was freed after 2 hours).

Demonstration for our freedoms is currently continuing and it can be seen live here:

Short history of Finland that many don't know: in second world war, Soviet union and Stalin attacked us with 1 million men while we had half of that. Soviets had 3000 tanks we had 32.
Soviets had 3800 airplanes, we had 114

All other nations that Stalin attacked either were half destroyed (stalin killed over 60 million) or occupied. We were one of the rare countries to fight back stalins communism and didn't loose.

So, we can handle foreign attacks but this corruption comes from inside our country so we need desperately some help and publicity!
02-25-2010, 05:32 AM,
RE: Finland is under attack!
There are no others, there is only us.

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