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Skull and Bones - The Catholic Connection (Anthony Hilder)
02-15-2010, 01:10 PM,
Skull and Bones - The Catholic Connection (Anthony Hilder)
This is Anthony Hilder's shocking video documentary Skull and Bones - The Catholic Connection which features an interview with William David Cox who exposes the hidden forces behind the Catholic church in America. Cox, former seminarian and relentless researcher, has spent the past 30 years uncovering the sinister forces behind the vicious attack upon the Catholic faith. Discover that priests, preachers and politicians are being used by the Illuminati against Christianity - in the fight for the satanic New World Order. 1h 45 min. long. A must see for everyone.

Video specs:
Video codec: xvid, 352x256, 721 kbps
Audio codec: MP3, 48kHz, Mono


Please share this video with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.
02-22-2010, 06:44 AM,
RE: Skull and Bones - The Catholic Connection (Anthony Hilder)
Anthony is a personal friend, I could do a DVD-Rip of this and put it up on the tracker. He also has a new one called Frankenfed. Anthony exposes the criminal corporation call the "Fed." I can do that rip as well.
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