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Time for us to immediately form a post-Internet Study Group (Fidonet, Packet Radio)
02-11-2010, 09:56 PM,
Exclamation  Time for us to immediately form a post-Internet Study Group (Fidonet, Packet Radio)
Time for us to immediately form a post-Internet Study Group (Fidonet, Packet Radio, SneakerNet).

It looks like that within the year, the current Internet will be destroy (in whatever manner, that does not matter). We need to gather people who have REAL Information Technology skills like Assembly, C, C++, PIC, Electrical Schematics/Soldering, Packet Forwarding/Storage, and etc (I think you get the idea about the level of expertise desired).

When Internet1 is turned off and everyone is forced onto Internet2, in the beginning, there of course be plenty of opportunities to circumvent the extreme moderation and filtering (Software bugs in the software they use, Steganography, Encrypted Files), but eventually, we will have to create our own networkS (<-- notice the captial S, emphasis).

I foresee that each home will be connected with regular Ethernet to a central neighborhood hub that connects by way of WIFI to a ward station DSL or even ISDN (still copper wires) connected to a central city server that in the beginning will only have sporadic connections to other cities by way of Ham Packet Radio. Forget about networks larger than the State or Provence level.

After enough people decide to join the group, we will start off having informal discussions leading to concrete plans with the goal of designing an information package to be burnable onto a DVD for distribution.
04-06-2012, 12:44 PM,
RE: Time for us to immediately form a post-Internet Study Group (Fidonet, Packet Radio)
How are you going to do this when they own all the major routing hardware and cables?

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