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02-06-2010, 10:51 PM,
Here is a link to the FOIA release on MKULTRA subproject 8 which involved a few years of LSD research including the combined effects with neurolinguistics and LSD 'stress'.

I've summarised the first half, and given directions to the main description of subproject 8 as it was explained within the CIA. Feel free to ask questions and discuss it.

SUBPROJECTS 8 & 10 involved a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and covered a time from June9th 1953 to September 15th 1955

The hospital recieved a grant from the project's funding, documents and accounts of travel cost were made to look like they conformed with 'the accepted practices of that institution'

The hospital was entitled to keep all equipment purchased for the sub projects.

Technical reports 'reflecting the progress of the progress of the research program' were made at 'mutualy agreeable' times.

This agreement was signed and aproved by


chief, TSS/ chemical division

Substances used involved trichloro-tert-butyl-alcohol which was to be sent to the hospital with the label,
"This chemical will not be used for drug purposes or sold by us for such use."

The main area of chemical research was LSD and related drugs, and antagonists for these drugs,

Overall description from 9th June 1953;

"Subproject 8 is being set up as a means to continue the present work in the general field of L.S.D"

"This project will include a continuation of a study of the biochemical, neurophysiological, sociological, and clinical psychiatric aspects of L.S.D., and also a study of L.S.D. antagonists and drugs related to L.S.D. such as L.A.E.

The director of the hospital was 'cleared through top secret' and was aware of the true purpose of the research.

The funding was disguised as 'a philanthropic grant for medical research'

You can read the main documents here; ... 000017481/

The proposals and directions for the experiments can be found on pages
0018 - 0032
and whilst the subject covered might be shocking to people who haven't heared of MKULTRA before, it's no where near as evil as officialy revealed LSD subprojects such as 'artichoke'
12-09-2012, 04:52 AM,
DEATHCULTREJECT... another ex IOT whistleblower here.. please message me. I have major media interest we can BLOW THIS WIDE now.

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