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Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
08-02-2009, 09:28 PM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
Freeman Fly - Radio Freeman - Season 2 - Episodes 1-25 (Audio)

[Image: 3zdsg.jpg]

Quote:“I admire your courage.”

This phrase never ceases to amaze and alarm me. This says to me that, you are aware of what is going on, but unwilling to do anything about it. People admit that they are afraid to know me. All I do is speak the truth, as I see it. I find life fascinating. The great enigmas on earth have always intrigued me. My life appears as a story book to others. Aliens, secret societies, witchcraft, even finding the holy grail, have all been a part of my life.

I don’t know, nor understand what you see as reality. I see the program, the “Matrix” if you will, that surrounds you, and I can extrapolate from this what I believe that you see as reality, but I will never really know. I’m given clues to your thoughts, however, with statements like the one above.

I know that you know your freedom is in peril. I also know that you believe there is nothing that you can do about this. It’s all concealed within that one statement. I don’t think that I use courage to do what I do. I’m a fascinated child expressing my joy of wonderment. I find life amazing, and I want to share with you all the things that have happened here on planet earth, that are awe-inspiring, in hopes of breaking you free from the mind-control that I now realize exists. If we treated life here on earth as an experience and not as a chore, we would all have a lot more peace in our lives. I don’t feel the peril because I know that I am eternal. These few turns around the sun are but one blip my being will experience. This knowledge allows me to experience life on earth more fully. I’m a constant child in a toy store.

Do you remember when you could just sit there without self consciousness. Now, we feel the weight of “Big Brother” starring down on us, and we recoil in fear. It shows in our actions and in our words. Can you project from this, what our future will be like? People already don’t want to show their face on the internet. We know we are being monitored. Do you think that you could shrug off the over-powering program of “Big Brother”-pressure? Could you cast off the shackles that civilization has placed on you, and go out and experience life. Forget the programming, have the mind of a child, and believe the world is working for your benefit. It doesn’t take courage, it takes faith and love. No, I’m not a courageous man, I’m a Freeman.

Quote:01. Season 2 Premier
02. Hold on Tight Through the Crumbling
03. Episode 3
04. Won't Get Fooled Again
05. Esoteric Agenda and the Occult
06. Love to Change the World
07. Disney Exposed
08. Manly P. Hall on the Zodiac
09. Chemtrails
10. Scott Stevens on Weather Wars
11. Solutions
12. Isaac Bonowitz
13. Making a Living
14. Obama Inauguration Analysis
15. Episode 14
16. Manly P. Hall's Secrets of Cabala
17. Manly P. Hall's Secrets of Cabala part 2
18. My Strange Life
19. The Lost Episode
20. Urantia and Other Subjects
21. Intro to Zeitgeist Guy
22. American Awakening
23. Sorcerers of Atlantis
24. The Obama Dynasty
25. The King of Pop is Dead

08-02-2009, 11:32 PM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
Freeman Fly - Obama & The Sorcerers Of Atlantis

[Image: 51qxdh.jpg]

Quote:Freeman gives an Excellent Presentation in London at the Alternative View II Conference on Obama, The Coming Space War, Human Cloning, the Royal and Egyptian Connection, Akhenaton, HAARP, the Sorcerers of Atlantis, Stargate Atlantis, The Antichrist, Apophis, Mabus and much more.


This is a realloy good lecture, but I wish Red Ice Creations would have put more time into editing this one, I mean it's better than like MTSAR's "Architects Of Control" which they obviously put a lot of time into.
08-03-2009, 05:16 AM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
Texe Marrs - The Green Barbarians

[Image: b6razo.gif]

Quote:Buy the DVD from and support Texe's great work.

Quote:For years, they claimed to love “Mother Earth” and wanted only to protect her. They lied. Now, Texe Marrs fully reveals their monstrous hidden agenda. He documents their plans to blow up dams, bulldoze and graze over roads, savagely cut down millions of trees, kill off countless millions of birds and animals, and obliterate tens of millions of acres of green vegetation and plant life. Worse, however, is the fanatical environmentalists’ barbaric design against human life—they fanatically are plotting a holocaust and genocide that would result in the slaying and massacre of nearly six billion innocent men, women and children. The crimes of Stalin and Hitler are miniscule compared to the bloody carnage for which the environmentalists lust. If they succeed, the environmentalists will have become the greatest destroyers in all history. No wonder that Revelation 11:18 declares God’s wrath against destructive environmentalist renegades and reveals His intent to "destroy them which destroy the Earth."

08-06-2009, 06:59 PM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
William Cooper On The Metaphysical Experience (1992)

[Image: 281uhpl.jpg]

Bill Cooper - New York (1992)
The Metaphysical Experience
With William Cooper
New York City

Data Rate: 615kbit
Format: mp4
Size: 480x360

In this video from Bill Cooper's early days, Bill discusses his discoveries while in Naval Intelligence, and his book "Behold A Pale Horse".

Nothing spectacular here. This is for fans of Bill Cooper.

Behold  Pale  Horse  Bill  Cooper  Hour  of  the  Time  Conspiracy  William New York 1992 Hour of the Time Metaphysical Experience Naval Intelligence Book discussion discoveries 

Quote:original torrent by DonnieD

08-06-2009, 07:30 PM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
David Icke On News for the Soul

[Image: qq8orp.jpg]

Quote:David Icke interviewed by Nicole Whitney from News for the Soul

This is a lengthy interview from David's experience in Brazil on Ayahausca.

09-03-2009, 05:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-03-2009, 05:35 PM by BlindTheAllSeeingEye.)
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
Do You Believe In Magick? (9/11 As A Masonic Ritual)

[Image: j6lwdc.png]

[Image: 20qi5he.png]

[Image: 15gczk1.png]

Length: 00:57:05
Files: 6
Size: 151mb
Format: .mp4
Was 9/11 a masonic ritual?  How does astrology fit
into this? See for yourself.

09-03-2009, 06:22 PM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
Dylan Avery On Talk Sport With Mike Graham - Loose Change 9/11 An American Coup (Auguest 9th, 2009)

[Image: 2eev51c.png]

-Dylan Avery On Talk Sport With Mike Graham-
-----Loose Change 9/11 An American Coup-----
--------------Auguest 9th, 2009-------------
Size: 63.2mb
Bitrate: 64kbs
Length: 02:18:05
Dylan Avery talks to Mike Graham about the
forthcoming release of Loose Change 9/11 -
an American Coup, and fields a myriad of
questions from the audience and also his host.
Original MP4 version downloaded from youtube,
(Thanks to bobzimmerfan), joined and converted
to .mp3 format.
Purchase The DVD @

09-03-2009, 07:13 PM,
Download Links To Various NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy/etc. Documentaries/Audios/Videos/etc.
Recent David Icke Audio (08-09)

[Image: 97petz.jpg]

David Icke 08-09 Four Interviews (This file is a joining of 4 interviews in 08-09 on Obama)
David Icke in Zagreb

Quote:Originally uploaded by "jomsicker"


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