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2010: the coming tragedy
01-02-2010, 10:44 PM,
2010: the coming tragedy
2010: the coming tragedy

The foreword to the annual Interpretation, 2010, for the next tragedy

Siegfried Schmid

As an introduction to my lyrics that I write a rule to the end of the new year respectively. Again, I was writing in the consciousness of the following award:

Firstly, it is different, and secondly, than you thought.

No one can accurately predict in detail what's coming. However, in the direction you can, if one understands the Mundanastrologie while the life, economy and humanity in the world not only focused, but sees in the opposite direction from a funnel out, but Some predict and understand quite well.

In the new year than what the final number has again a zero, we must be economically global, learn, contrary to the predictions of certain major economic forecasters and policy makers with wishful thinking, a large zero point.

For next year I want to draw attention to the causes of these "mega" economic crisis. For without knowledge, we can learn nothing from the past. This, despite the tragedy that the majority of Mankind learns nothing from the past, otherwise it would be so many mistakes, not repeating and thus show that so many people have learned nothing.

For example, the great slogan for the largest slaughter of human history from 1945 to 1950:

No more war

It is time to tell me why anyone should live today 1 million people in Iraq are among the most miserable circumstances, which did not exist under Saddam Hussein. Or the man is now spending 1.2 trillion a year in their arms. Or peddled by the U.S., which for years as an apostle of peace, have the general prohibition of Trettminen still not signed. Now I content myself with a provocative proverb

Only an idiot always has the same opinion

Historically, a forest begins to grow more before we see the forest.
Ram Aleph

If you understand it, things are as they are, if you do not understand things, they are as they are.

The mills grind the universe differently than the approximate times of the earth.
Ram Aleph

The law of all laws

Everyone is involved at the birth of an individual collectivity, where he has to do something else from the past. Just what he is doing there in the individual or collective, he is later individually responsible for it again. Alone, the idea is already engaging the first act. We are always responsible for the deeds. What you sow you will reap according to further maintenance in return. What will die and what dies, again. This is a universal law of circulation. It is a continuation of "That Contributed to the added" in terms of ongoing progress, for each of itself, is partly responsible, depending on the deeds. But the cause or causes must be jointly responsible as the effects, will be processed again, then, in between the factor of time.

This triangle must be the law of nature over time through this equilateral triangle to the clearing. Matter how discordant the triangle in the cause is, it is only the middle, which compensates for it again. But the big issue is the time, this man has bad or no control. Mistakes must be individually or collectively, although the details will be used again even then, depending on the holdings. The time is difficult to control, it often goes beyond the earthly time. These are the approximate times of the time that people will understand denote simply as destiny or absence of integrative knowledge willed by God. Interestingly, man is afraid of the swine flu, or before the tsunami, but not before his deeds.

The creatures have in the backpack of the Incarnation always wants to even the balance of his past deeds, and is now free to choose what they add in the future to do so. He learns a lot of patience and diligence music, then he did the next time the music knowledge in the form of gifts in a backpack. He murders, but he has the karma of the unfulfilled karmas of those killed also in the backpack. The death of non-repayment of these things, he even prevented the murder victim in order to work on his karma. This Zeitklau is now even further in its balance sheet. Do you think we have accidentally "by God" wanted so many unhappy and dissatisfied, frustrated, sick people who can not meet because they provide a wealth of old "willed by God" malice in my backpack in the world carry around with them. But it already begins to stop with the thinking and subsequent actions in each new life.

Where is he then allowed the love of God, so what?? In origin it was the inauguration of the shaman, from which emerged the education which recognized on the basis of observation and use of human talents these Hermetic Laws and lined up. It was a time when there were no one God. Since there is one God, humans have developed the narcissistic admiration, the cult of the hero, while his own role and the self-development and forget the ownership.

The less one has become all the more admired performers or heroes. Christian thought: Dear God, I place the responsibility into your hands? I'll wait until something happens to me or anyone helps.

The change is the only resistance

But for what we ourselves change or cooperate collectively, we are proportional again responsible. Cause suffering to the "polluter pays back more hardships, until it is eliminated as the cause of suffering old again. We're not for the Grandmother in the world, unless I am myself again the Grandmother. What now linked in this social and economic crisis, the man who has to learn. It's you is ancient old, time-cause-effect (related to) the way to the Zeitäonen. It stake in this crisis, most people at work and money. But our education is focused in general and not globally Zusammenhangsdenkend. This is why most people do not understand what is going on and why you served them to satisfy their frustrations heads rolling scapegoats and heroes.

The solution of human destiny is always in the "self", this is the only reasonable solution. You can only write with a pen, because it gave them previously. Ultimately, thanks to the ink in pens, which came from oil and this was formed approximately 65 million years ago) thanks to the meteorite, which crashed into the Gulf of Mexico (see additional text below. Everything here is written, is ultimately only to better understand what are the reasons of suffering in any form whatsoever. The incentive of awareness that individuals can understand in hindsight, is the desire. To understand where the original keys are incurred, such as individual and global things and meet individually or collectively, is the second request. And presenting the third party's complex global networks in the form of event actions of history so that they are useful for the persistence, understanding will be. The topic is the impending economic crisis and the related forecasts.

About 65 million years ago a large meteorite struck ten kilometers in the Gulf of Mexico and caused a crater of 180 kilometers in size. His speed around 90km per second. Previously Europe and America was a continent, and since then they drift apart a year or about 5 cm. 75 percent of the animals died, including the dinosaurs. The planet changed for decades in a cold desert. What if the disaster would be repeated at that time? Had the man a chance?

Decisions to change the world, it was once

It's been a long time and yet, this initial action, the world still shaped. After this Ersthandlung yielded much further and add to the added and there was the added Contributed to. And now, astrological transits the below-mentioned burden onto massive currency soon. I can only recommend you, to you as soon as possible to increase the dollar ownership in Swiss francs or euros. All dollar purchases in support of the various national banks are stupid, they undermine the Treasury of these countries unnecessarily. Switzerland has 56 billion spent in 2009 by the Treasury for monetary subsidies. Every country needs in the future, this money urgently because of the state itself are these great tools is a "Kalberei. This is monetary school children, America must help itself. Humanity can the devaluation of the U.S. dollar would no longer meet. The new banknotes are printed in the U.S. and wait in the state safe.

Every crisis is also an opportunity for the best inventions are always made in times of emergency

A perfect world does not exist and can not exist, because each of his free will in every incarnation of his or group contributes fate. These are theories that spread from the major world institutions of any kind are. The major objectives of these community agencies serve the atomization of the mass. Because most of the people to join groups of different species, are then halt the karmic connections that arise from the origin, why it is a "Heal the world" can not give.

For Radix interpretation of the origin of the dollar: the ASZ in trine to Uranus on the moon gave the world the people that trust. Saturn brought from the beginning this immense economic power in the dollar and gave him such a long endurance. Mars is in Virgo in the work and character in the 2nd House. This gave the dollar the fundamental resonance of who is actively and diligently, who comes to money. Sun applies even here the principle of "no pain no gain without using no pay". The many acts of improper Gewinnmaximierer, the idle and lazy, and the Sharholder Absahnen have entered this principle with the shoes and this is actually the true root of the financial and economic crisis. This, of course, plays the demotivated by the struggle of many people in the workplace, even a central Mitverursacherrolle. You can see the meaning of work is no longer so motivated, because one is effeminate in prosperity and because of envy and greed, the modern Denkkredo is too many people.

Neptune Conjunction Jupiter in Libra in the 3rd House says that there are a lot of philosophizing with the equitable distribution of money has to have priests, but said this karmic position that it has just received, only those elites which karmically necessary groundwork done. But life goes on and the current transits bring new turnaround times. Before such a great we are now.

The Synastry with Uranus entering the ram, a huge new era is coming

Nine conjunctions take place in the time frame from March to June. The biggest danger is from the 10th May 09th Note the many differences, the 7 oppositions, in particular the opposition Jupiter Nessus. (Late revenge) asides Today 26/11/2009 4:18 Belek. It is the beginning of the end of the United States as the strongest superpower in the world. Money makes the world and the U.S. are now Bankrot with its 12 trillion (as of 11.11.2009) debt in their karnavalesken debt. All countries in Asia and grandpa, pension funds, annuities and buyers of government bonds in the U.S., from April 2010 will lose their money invested with hope for the most part in a time frame of 1-7 years. So if possible exit before. Reason: The Uranus Jupiterkonjunktion and its entry into Aries brings a totally unexpected new situation.

The world has always paid for the U.S.. Before the Vietnam War was the dollar on Friday 4:25

The Vietnam debacle is forgotten. The U.S. promised when they began the dollar as a world currency to buy any time the surplus dollars back into gold. Because the U.S. the Vietnam War, America was financed by printing banknotes economically bleed to death. Ousted President Nixon of the United States raised the promise to save the dollar. It was certainly the right for America and clever indeed, but the bills paid for the rest of the world. Since then, people have always bought dollars abroad which lost to the currency (except the foreign exchange dealers)

The Vietnam debacle, the war ended, the United States. The first great war which the U.S. lost. The suffering that they have left it in the surrounding states, such as in Laos is terrific. The mills of God grind slowly in Nessus and Pluto. Other losses and debacle will follow, such as Iraq, Afghanistan. See above, the radix of the war's end: watch the radix of the Vietnam debacle on the ASZ on Pluto (in Libra justice policy) in the application-square to Nessus in families and nations sign of Cancer in the 9th House in the vicinity of the MC. Saturn is the ruler of the 4th House in Capricorn is in conjunction with the Sun is also in Cancer in the 10th House. Then the sun Saturnkonjunktion says in cancer but also the shame of a nation in the 10th House in a T square to Chiron in conjunction to Jupiter in the 7th applicative House. That means those in power politics have a huge karmic Mahnmahl produced which will be collectively avenged by the polluters and again. Here beats in time the karma back so cruel, as the Americans fought the war.

The lobby of the respective governments of the United States government to government durchschlängelnde corrupt Waffeninteressensvertreter. An example from Vietnam, how crafty the taxpayers while fleecing the world community have been: The Americans practically sunk the entire helicopter fleet, the Vietnam War in the Gulf of Vietnam. The excuse of the repatriation costs too much is an excuse. There are people in power in the U.S. who earn their dirty money in weapons and wars.

Istanbul 23/11/2009

The final year forecast for the year 2010 can be ordered at: bound to the service charge of 25 Swiss Francs - in book form, à 40 pages in A4 format and buy.

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