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Top 25 MSM Censored Stories for 2009
12-28-2009, 08:33 AM,
Top 25 MSM Censored Stories for 2009
My List of the Top Lies (Spin) and Omissions of 2009 by the MSM (in no particular order):

- Climategate/ Copenhagen Global Warming Scam
- Joseph Moshe / Bioweopon Swine Flu
- Vaccine Propaganda
- Ukranian Plague
- Big Pharma, Auto and Wall Street Bailout
- Demander in Thief Obama wins the Nobel
- Bernanke's Time Thief of the Year
- Drone Strikes in Pakistan
- Federal Reserve audit push*/scandal
- Healthcare Scam & ACORN Fox news Neocons Hijack Tea Party
- Organ Harvesting in NJ and Israel
- Lisbon Treaty Ratification
- Private Armies Blackwater/Xe
- Un/Underemployment
- Inflation / Gold
- Unconstitutional Tsars, Signing Orders and Committees
- Charges Laid on Baxter for Tainted Vaccines
- Gates Foundation / Monsanto in Africa
- ACTA and Other Copyright Law (Soon)
- INTERPOL Co-Op and US Immunity
- Codex Alimentarius (Dec 31st)
- Gaza/WB/Israel Lies and Omissions
- The Iran War Setup
- Weather Weapons Exposure
- EPA Ruling on CO2 as poison
- NBC + Comcast Merger
- Australian Internet Censorship
- Net Neutrality FCC Trojan
- Chinese Pollution, Slave Labour and Lauding
- H.R. 4173 US Gov't Financial Control
- Civilian Net Spies: iWatch LA and Internet Eyes
- Renewal of the US Patriot Act
- Troops / Contractors deployed in the Middle East
- Oath Keepers painted as militant treasonous radicals
- The FBI's Hal Turner Racism Subsidy

Other Noteables:
-S.579 Federal Tobacco Act of 2009
-zero investigation on Soetoro citizenship
-federal mandate on analog to digital cable television
-Ft. Hood terror attack by the Muslim soldier
-confirmation of racist Hispanic Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
- U.S. Debt to China and Japan
- Manipulation of the gold market and the gold theft of this nation
- Rahmbo Emanuel and financial ties to Fannie/Freddie collapse as well as his dual citizenship

Directly Applicable Canada:
- Bill C-6 Food and Consumer Product Safety Act Power / Privacy Grab
- Bill C-61 Copyright Law Worst on the Globe (not passed yet)

Yeah I know I went over 25 but I couldn't leave some out and 25 was a tight number. Maybe I'll make a top 100 when I'm done.

Inspired by:

Note: There is a noticeable trend on both lists towards leftist policies not necessarily partisan with political party bias but certainly with their highlighting of the anti-right sentiments on issues via the omission of a solid left critique. Good on them for calling out what they did though.

Feel free to add to or critique the list. List all you can I'll be compiling as many as possible (HTML ZIP, PDF, MHT .. not sure on the archive format yet thoughts?) and putting out a distribution for bitTorrent.
There are no others, there is only us.

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