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gig video
05-20-2009, 11:47 PM,
gig video
Hi ,
I have lots of vids on my HD some as big
as a gig.... 1000 meg

I was wondering , is there any way I could edit out the junk
and just save the good bits ? or would this need advanced video editing
and big bucks to buy the software ?
05-21-2009, 12:17 AM,
gig video
The editing itself is pretty easy. Mark and cut if all you are doing is taking some bits out.

The complicated part is finding software that will be compatible with the file extensions. Most formats like .avi are just containers that contain a separate video and audio streams that are handled by various algorithms like mp3 mpeg divx xvid and so on.
You have to import the compatible file into he program as it will do an on the fly conversion to an editable format. THen you do your edits and save. Once it's saved then you have to re-encode to an .avi or.mpeg or .wmv or whatever so it is playable outside your editing software.

The better pieces of software are pretty expensive but there are usable freewares as well. If you use freeware, you might have to use several different programs due to file incompatibilities. They work though you can definitely see a quality difference in the final product.

One other thing to consider is that encoding video can be a tremendous system hog. Depending on the video resolution and length and encoder used, you may need to use a pretty beefy machine and it can take many hours.

I suggest trying some of the free ones and play with them to see how they work on your system. I'm all about the free stuff but it just takes some experimenting to find out if what's out there is usable.
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05-21-2009, 12:54 AM,
gig video
PITY theres not something simple, like audacity

I can put a sound file up there, highlight the bits I dont want
hit the space bar and delete it .... job done !
05-21-2009, 02:47 PM,
gig video
For avi files i'd suggest VirtualDub (freeware). If the audio is not in VBR you can easily mark & delete the passages you don't need, then set Audio and Video to "direct stream copy" and safe the new avi without big rendering time and CPU stress. If you have a VBR audio (the prog will give a note) set Audio to "full processing mode" and choose a compression (Video again -> "direct stream copy"). It will take a few seconds more but it's still real fast.
07-14-2010, 10:06 AM,
RE: gig video
I feel thick. I have looked in the reviews and accessories links and cannot find anything for the 30 gig video Ipod.I want a nice hard case to protect it.Sounds great. Yeah LS rocks. Great playing as well.

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