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In Honour of Copenhagen Talks Starting Today
12-07-2009, 05:19 PM,
In Honour of Copenhagen Talks Starting Today
Let's call this what it is - a global tax under the guise of environmentalism and cooked science based on pre-determined conclusions and fear mongering. Mainstream media has silenced the skeptics at large and biased the debate, in some cases even where there was a clear conflict of interest - NBC / GE for example. It has been promoted it for years through our own publicly funded schools. Funding for opposing scientific views has been choked off at every turn and gobs of public money have been directed to climate science institutions like the University of East Anglia and the IPCC. Global warming, climate change or the environmental apocalypse, whatever you want to call it, has piggybacked on real environmental issues like deforestation, pollution, factory farming and desertification. Well before the climategate fraud was exposed at CRU there were plenty of doubts as to the diagnosis and the solutions tabled. The smoking gun that it was is being brushed aside, spun as a hacking story or downplayed as irrelevant with nary mention of the implicating content of the emails or modeling code.

This global tax will cripple economies, limit energy consumption and nations abilities to feed themselves with infrastructures based on the most efficient and readily available form of energy right now - fossil fuels. Advancements in wind, geothermal and solar look promising but are a long way off even if they are heavily subsidized. Grants have been given to big oil and coal to upgrade their systems with little effect on CO2 reduction even if the claims are true, past wind farm projects have wasted billions already, subsidies are being given to mega-corporations such as GE to allow them to monopolize this market -- all at the taxpayers expense. On top of that, the cost of energy is forecast to double.

A new Wall Street has emerged, The Chicago Climate Exchange, and it will and use old mechanisms to manipulate a new market. It will create a large bubble and everything will be rosy until it bursts like every other bubble before it - The 1929 stock market, the dot com bubble, the mortgage crisis and the impending derivative crash and burn.

The source data has been hidden from freedom of information requests for years, the peer review process is tainted and data has been destroyed and/or manipulated. The science needs to be transparent and accountable, the modeling programs need to be open source, the data sources and collection methods need to be uncorrupted. A real scientific review needs to consider all factors of a complex climate system to accurately quantify human influence on climate to have a real audit for our energy production methods.

A green job stimulus is an illusion. Are we creating anything new or more of it? Are we creating anything more efficiently or with less effort? If not we have a net loss in productivity that hurts every nation's ability to sustain their populations and quality of life. We'll have to work harder to get less - to pay for our purported carbon sins as we've been told and many of us have believed. I believed it too at first until I dug a little deeper and saw behind the curtain of the incomplete and exaggerated science, the media bias, the collusion and the solutions to be imposed that have us all at the bottom of this pyramid scheme.

This global tax will be collected and re-distributed by an unelected global government free from audit or prosecution. Poorer nations will sign because they think there is money in it for them but it can potentially, and will very likely, be used as a control mechanism by withholding/granting funding to bend them into compliance with other unrelated agendas (it's called politics). Developed nations have been duped and lobbied by multi-national corporations and others at the top who stand to benefit from this blatant plan to centralize uneleceted unaccountable power and socialize world governance. It will ultimately serve widen the wealth gap between ultra-rich and poor creating an enormous class of serfs. This disproportionate tax scheme will bring the nations that have a chance to oppose this system to their knees economically and by greatly diminishing their ability to power their nations through reliable proven forms of energy.

There has been no referendum on this agreement anywhere, this is not democratic - although in Copenhagen they are trying to paint this picture of democracy. Our 'elected' leaders have no right to subject me or my fellow citizens, our children and future generations to this type of binding agreement without our consensus since we are the ones that are paying for it.
There are no others, there is only us.

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