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Alternatives to the internet
04-23-2014, 01:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-23-2014, 02:34 PM by CharliePrime.)
RE: Alternatives to the internet
Imagine you are in Miami and want to send a text message to your friend in Seattle, but the "authorities" have shut down all the cell phone towers.

With a Meshnet, cell towers and corporate carriers are unnecessary. Everyone's cellular telephone is running peer-to-peer software which makes each individual phone act like a server, exchanging data with all the cell phones in radio range around it.

You send your text message. The message jumps onto your neighbor's phone across the street. His phone sends it to another phone 1/2 mile down the road, ...and so on.

Your text message dances across ten thousand phones, making its way across the country, until it reaches your friend's phone in Seattle. He decrypts it and reads it.

No monthly bill. No government censorship.

Here is a video from a company trying to develop this concept. It will help you visualize the network.

Now. Screw those guys, and have everyone running open-source, P2P communications software on their phones and we get this video from the Meshnet folks...

04-23-2014, 07:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-23-2014, 07:49 PM by phredo.)
RE: Alternatives to the internet
Thanks. I guess I didn't understand Meshnet at all, because I thought it was more on the "secret internet" side of things. (Even though the post about it mentioned buying up old antennas, which should have been a tip-off.) So is it a similar to Commotion or is it the broader category to which Commotion is a part, perhaps? (I haven't had a chance to watch the video -- maybe that will answer the question.)

As a side comment, it seems to me that a likely scenario is that, rather than closing down the whole internet, the "powers that be" might create something like the No Fly list, where certain people would be prevented or highly restricted in their internet use. In that case, one would look for more "stealth" type solutions that would allow ways around that, perhaps a combination of getting access to a "permitted" node coupled with ways to disguise the user.
04-23-2014, 08:58 PM,
RE: Alternatives to the internet
I think you are right. Today large corporations depend on the internet to haul their data around. No way they could just shut it down.

I anticipate they will do what they always do, death by a thousand cuts.

My Grandfather was angry when he had to get a license to drive a car in his twenties. He had been driving for years before laws were passed. Today the idea of no licensure of drivers would seem insane to most people.

The internet will be the same way. Gradualism. To protect the children, stop terrorists, and prevent crime, they will first require that people link a verified identity to internet use. Over time those laws will become more comprehensive and restrictive.

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