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Israel warns people against travel to India
10-23-2009, 10:37 AM,
Israel warns people against travel to India
Israel warns people against travel to India;prd=th&

JERUSALEM: Israel has warned its nationals against travelling to India, saying there was a “concrete” threat of terror attacks on Chabad centres and synagogues in the country.

Its Counter-Terrorism Bureau said the threat of attacks has become “significantly more severe” since a stark travel advisory was issued last month.

The CTB said there was a “concrete” threat of attacks on Chabad centres and synagogues throughout India and sites frequented by Israelis and westerners.

Israel’s Channel 10 said the new warning was based on fresh intelligence received by Israeli officials, indicating that a ‘Global Jihad’ group had teamed up with the Pakistani terror cell responsible for the 2008 Mumbai massacre and was planning an attack. — PTI

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10-25-2009, 12:58 AM,
Israel warns people against travel to India
It could be construed in many ways though...

There are a lot of young Israelis..a lot of them straight out of army service with fucked up supremacist shit poisoning the world around them, of course. Its not such a leap of logic that it might be getting more of a dangerous environment for them.

I know you are just making note of it.

but just because a government warns travelling to a certain country is dangerous doesn't mean the situaton has suddenly become amazingly hazardous.

A number of countries I have travelled to were accorded summary information from 'my' government advising me against it.

It's good that this might reverberate amongst Israelis in a way that doesn't increase the siege mentaliy and perhaps gives impoetus to anti State sentiments in Israel but it looks unlikely, all considered.

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